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IOTA News, November 2000

from Roger Balister, G3KMA on November 7, 2000
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IOTA NEWS by Roger Balister, G3KMA, RSGB IOTA Manager 3 November 2000

All IOTA number references are on the basis of the listing in IOTA Directory 2000.


AF-088 C9 Nampula District group (Mozambique)

AS-152 R0Q Respublika Sakha: Laptev Sea Coast West grp (Russian Fed)

NA-219/Pr C6 Cay Sal Bank Cays (Bahamas)

OC-235 DU8-9 Mindanao's Coastal Islands (Philippines)

OC-236/Pr YB8 Celebes's Coastal Islands (Indonesia)

OC-237/Pr YB0-3 Java's Coastal Islands (Indonesia)


AS-150/Pr BY4 Shandong Province South group (China)

NA-214/Pr KL Nome County South group (Alaska)

NA-215/Pr KL Northwest Arctic County group (Alaska)

NA-217/Pr W1 New Hampshire State group (United States)

NA-218/Pr CO8 Las Tunas/Holguin/Santiago de Cuba Province group (Cuba)

NA-219/Pr C6 Cay Sal Bank Cays (Bahamas)

OC-232/Pr 4W East Timor's Coastal Islands (East Timor)

OC-236/Pr YB8 Celebes's Coastal Islands (Indonesia)

OC-237/Pr YB0-3 Java's Coastal Islands (Indonesia)

SA-088/Pr PP5 Santa Catarina State South group (Brazil)


AF-029 ZD9/ZS1B Tristan da Cunha Island (September/October 1999)

AF-030 ZD9/ZS1B Gough Island (September/October 1999)

AF-088 C91RF/P Mocambique Island (September 2000)

AS-041 JI3DST/4 Nakano Island, Oki Islands (July & August 2000)

AS-117 JI3DST/3 O Island (September 2000)

AS-147 JI3DST/8 Okushiri Island (September 2000)

AS-152 R0/UR8LV Bol'shoy Begichev Island (September 2000)

EU-181 LZ2FV/1 Sveti Anastasiya Island (August 2000)

EU-181 LZ3FN/1 Sveti Anastasiya Island (August 2000)

EU-181 LZ3SM/1 Sveti Anastasiya Island (August 2000)

EU-185 UE6AAD Dzendzik Island (September 2000)

NA-011 FO0AAA Clipperton Island (March 2000)

NA-064 AL7RB/P Attu Island, Near Islands (September 1999)

OC-063 FO0/F5JJW Mangareva Island, Gambier Islands (October 2000)

OC-063 FO0MOT Aukena Island, Gambier Islands (July 2000)

OC-114 FO0MOT/P Raivavae Island (September 2000)

OC-150 YC9ID Lombok Island (resident)

OC-235 DU9BCD Camiguin Island (resident)

OC-235 W3PID/DU9 Camiguin Island (resident)

Note: This list includes operations where validation material was volunteered, ie not specifically required for credit to be given. In all cases, cards now submitted will be accepted by Checkpoints if they meet normal standards. This means that the island name must be on the card.


AS-150/Pr BI4S Lingshan Island (July 2000)

EU-063 JW5RIA Hopen Island (July 2000)

EU-179 UR3GA Orlov Island (resident?)

EU-187 SV9/SV1CID/P Gavdos Island (July 2000)

EU-187 SV9/SV1DPL/P Gavdos Island (July 2000)

NA-155 TE6U Uvita Island (May 2000)

NA-184 KQ6XA ?????? (July 2000)

NA-214/Pr KL7/W6IXP Stuart Island (July 2000)

NA-215/Pr KL7/K6ST Chamisso Island (July 2000)

NA-217/Pr WF1N Appledore Island, Isles of Shoals (September 2000)

NA-218/Pr CO8OTA Moa Grande Island (September 2000)

NA-219/Pr W5BOS/C6A Dog Rocks, Cay Sal Bank Cays (October 2000)

OC-202 DX4RIG Tinaga Island, Calagua Islands (April 2000)

OC-232/Pr 4W6GH/P Atauro Island (July 2000)

OC-236/Pr YC8RSW/P Lembeh Island (October 2000)

OC-236/Pr YC8TXW/P Lembeh Island (October 2000)

OC-236/Pr YC8UFF/P Lembeh Island (October 2000)

OC-237/Pr YB3ZMI Madura Island (October 2000)

SA-088/Pr PV5IOTA Santana De Fora Island (August 2000)

SA-088/Pr PV5L Santana De Fora Island (August 2000)

Note: Checkpoints are not authorised to credit QSL cards for an operation where validation is required.


Islands that have been found to qualify since publication of Directory 2000 are added to a list of Additional Qualifying Islands on the IOTA Manager's website at Check this and a copy of Directory 2000 before putting your questions to others. It could save everyone a lot of time as well as provide you with the right answer!

Please note a change to the Directory listing for NA-071 that affects Boca Brava Island shown as a non-qualifying island. Following further research based on a more detailed map we are now prepared to accept that it meets IOTA qualification rules. The operation by HP3/F5PAC from Boca Brava Island will therefore now be allowed to count. An amendment has been made to Part 3 of the Conversion Sheet. [Thanks F5PAC].


The Greek National Society RAAG has informed the IOTA Committee that only nationals of European Community countries (plus Norway) may operate under the terms of their CEPT licence in Greece. This means that nationals of the following CEPT countries may not use their CEPT licence in Greece but must obtain a licence from the Greek Ministry of Transport and Communications or operate under an existing reciprocal licence arrangement:

Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Iceland, Israel, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Malta, Moldova, New Zealand, Peru, Poland, Romania, Russian Federation, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, South Africa, Switzerland, The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Turkey, Ukraine.

The IOTA Committee will, in the case of operations by nationals of these countries from Greek islands valid for IOTA, expect to see licences before accepting them for credit.

All questions should be referred to MINISTRY OF TRANSPORT AND COMMUNICATIONS Dept. of Communication Control Att. Mrs Bardaka (Tel.01- 6508555) 2 ANASTASEOS & TSIGANTE STR. 11510 HOLARGOS ATHENS GREECE


Please note that, if you wish to operate from one of the UKs overseas territories, you need to obtain a licence or other authorisation issued by that territory's administration. The CEPT licence is not valid. The UK signed up to CEPT on behalf of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man only and NOT on behalf of the UK's overseas territories. The same applies to reciprocal agreements between the UK and other countries unless they specifically state that they have been extended to the UK's overseas territories. The IOTA Committee reserves the right to ask to see copies of licences.


We continue to hear occasionally visitors to the UK using the prefix G/, GD/, GI/, GJ/, GM/, GU/ or GW/ followed by their callsign when operating temporarily under the terms of their CEPT licence. This is wrong and we regret that, in future, operations with such callsigns will not be accepted for IOTA. The correct prefixes are M/, MD/, MI/, MJ/, MM/, MU/ or MW/. The suffixed /P or /M is to be used as appropriate - this is not optional. Contesters should in particular note the need for a correct callsign.


At the RSGB HF and IOTA Convention at Windsor on 13 October 2000 the IOTA Committee was pleased to announce the following winners of the IOTA Shell Trophies for the year 1999:

Most Courageous IOTA DXpedition in 1999

Awarded to: Giuseppe de Gasperin, I2YDX/E30LA and Roberto Zanchin, IK2WXZ/E30MA for their Eritrean operations from the Dahlak Islands AF-038, Sheikh Said Island AF-080 and Gerebsasa Island AF-081 in January/February 1999.

Most Outstanding IOTA DXpedition in 1999 in Africa, Asia and Europe

Awarded to: the team of Tunisian and Italian operators led by Giovanni Bini, I5JHW, for their Tunisian operation from Djerba Island AF-083 as 3V8DJ in June 1999.

Most Outstanding IOTA DXpedition in 1999 in North and South America and Oceania

Awarded to: James Model, K9PPY, Samuel Pimenta, CT1EEN, Stephen Pall, VK2PS, and Malcolm Johnson, VK6LC for their Australian operation from Rowley Shoals OC-230 as VK9RS in September 1999.

Background: Each award is a pearl shell trophy mounted on polished hardwood. It is in the same style as a number of trophies generously presented to the IOTA Programme by Malcolm Johnson, VK6LC at the URE IOTA Convention in May 1998. These annually awarded trophies have been funded from a generous contribution by Victor Rusinov, UT8LL, and are retained permanently by the winners.

Details on how to vote for the 2000 DXpedition winners will be published early in 2001. The IOTA Committee was also pleased to present the following Premier IOTA Awards to:

Wolfgang and Annegret Dattenberg, DL2SCQ and DL1SCQ - for their numerous successful IOTA DXpeditions in Europe, North America and Oceania and honouring Annegret who so sadly became a Silent Key earlier this year.

Mike Crownover, AD5A - for the creation and operation of the Island Radio Expedition Foundation, Inc. dedicated to funding IOTA DXpeditions.

The Royal Omani Amateur Radio Society - for IOTA DXpeditions in Oman and Tanzania and for support and encouragement to the IOTA Programme.

Hearty congratulations to everyone concerned. All have provided outstanding service to the IOTA community. And, of course, our thanks and appreciation go to all IOTA DXpeditioners in 1999.


Only 2 months to go before the new IOTA rule comes in about the need for island names on QSLs. Have you checked that your cards are valid and will be accepted after 1 January? It's a very simple test. Just check to see if your card bears the name of an island listed in Directory 2000* as qualifying for your IOTA group? If not, then act now to prevent the real possibility of it being rejected.

If you are getting new cards printed for contacts made after 1 January, ensure that the island name (of course, one appearing in the Directory listing) is printed on them. If however you are intending to use your current stock of cards and they don't mention the island name, you have the following options. You can have the cards overprinted with the island name, you can get a rubber stamp of the island name and stamp each card individually, or you can print the island name on the computerised QSL label. Whichever route you choose, the island name must be reasonably prominent and the card must be totally unambiguous as to the location at the time of contact - this may require a few extra words of clarification on the card. Do not try and deal with the problem by relying on adding the island name in manuscript. Furthermore, please do not try to move the problem on to us by asking us, for whatever reason, to tell our checkpoints to accept your cards exceptionally!

The reason for this tightened procedure is to move IOTA to a position where checkpoints can routinely reach a decision on each card submitted on the basis of the information on that card and in the Directory. We have to move checkpoints away from constant reference to atlases, maps, personally maintained lists and HQ back-up facilities. It follows that the name of a town or village cannot be an acceptable alternative to the island name since, by requiring reference to an atlas, it multiplies processing time many times over. Nor is the IOTA reference number by itself enough, or the IOTA group name taken from the Directory (except in relatively few cases). So, Island Stations, please remember that careful attention to QSL design can save your contacts a lot of disappointment and IOTA Programme administrators a lot of time. We can no longer operate on any other basis. SO PLEASE SPECIFY THE ISLAND, FIRST CHECKING IT IN THE DIRECTORY.

* A list of additional qualifying islands is now available on the IOTA Manager's website.

Roger Balister, G3KMA RSGB IOTA Manager 3 November 2000 Email: WWW:

***** Visit the website for the latest IOTA information *****

Note to DX Bulletin Editors: you are free to publish this in part or full on an attributable basis.

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