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I Hate 75 Meters

Michael K. Wingfield (W8MW) on July 31, 2001
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Here on eham and elsewhere, we are never far from another complaint about the sickening state of affairs on 75 meters. They say it's like the bad part of town, inhabited by all things evil and ugly. That is absolutely true. It is a disgrace to amateur radio. There is a long list of things I hate about 75 and this will barely scratch the surface.

I Hate The Propagation

With reasonable antennas, it is too easy to make short-haul contacts up to several hundred miles on 75 meters. Signals are too strong. I hate that because it's not a radio contact unless it's a struggle. I like to repeat myself and use phonetics a lot, as all real radio operators do.

I Hate The Conversation Environment

Let me repeat: Radio contacts on 75 come too easy. Maybe that's why it turned into this un-natural environment that supports free-flowing conversation. They use VOX and the pace of their QSOs is too fast. They don't even wait for overs. That's not real ragchewing.

Why are they so hung up on conversations? Five minutes into a new contact I'm still not finished with my first transmission. In five minutes on 75, they've already covered the basic information, made 60 back and forth exchanges and now know personal things about each other. Hams should trade pleasant chatter about equipment and weather. Getting personal is a no-no.

I Hate Reality Radio

75 is a waste of radio spectrum. The same people talk to each other day in and day out. You would think they became close friends or something, especially since they are far too open and real in the way they talk. We all know that on-air conduct should be dignified and always polite. But 75 exposes the personalities of the people behind the microphone, revealing human beings, imperfections and all. If that isn't offensive enough, 75 seems to reflect changes in society. This has to be stopped. Reality is too shocking to be part of amateur radio.

There are far too many types of people on that band. You run the risk of hearing operators who are funny, offensive, courteous, rude, interesting, egotistical, helpful, belligerent, inquisitive, grumpy, pleasant, disrespectful, knowledgeable and downright stupid. It's too much of a mixed bag, too much like life. We need to approach life with a grain of salt, a sense of humor, perspective and sometimes thick skin. I certainly don't intend to do those things while enjoying my amateur radio hobby.

I Hate Their Attitude

The most upsetting experiences I ever had with amateur radio happened on 75 meters. I broke in on a group where 8 people were having a rapid-fire, fast paced QSO. When they gave me an opening, I triggered the foot switch and made a transmission. As usual, I was careful to repeat all my important information. When I gave the over and switched back to receive, they were talking to each other like I wasn't even there. How rude. They missed everything I said about refinishing the cedar chest.

Another awful experience: One evening I felt like running QRP and had 4 watts going to my mobile whip mounted on the chain link fence out back. For a whole hour I kept trying to get recognized but they acted like they couldn't hear me. I know that's not true since some of the stations had 40 over S9 signals (much too strong). I was about to give up when one of them got part of my call sign and told me to Come back when you get a signal. Who do they think they are, telling me my signal is not good enough? It's good enough for me and that's what matters.

You don't need to listen long to know these people have an attitude. There I was ready to transmit like a real ham and they only wanted to talk the same way people do in person. That's not amateur radio.

I Will Never Go Back

They must think they are cool with those un-necessarily strong signals and all that fast-paced interactive conversation. Between you and me, I bet the typical 75 meter operator wouldn't know how to make a good, solid 5 minute transmission.

Let me close with this heartfelt advice. WARNING: Engaging in fluent conversation via amateur radio appears to become addictive. Stay away from 75 meters.

Member Comments:
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I Hate 75 Meters  
by AB0NF on July 31, 2001 Mail this to a friend!
Well I'm not a big fan of 75 for other reasons. It's always got about an S9 of noise in my part of the world. There are too many foreign stations, also.

I call CQ on it occasionally, but never get any responses.
Fluent Conversation, My Goodness!  
by AK6DV on July 31, 2001 Mail this to a friend!
What's happening to this ham world of ours? This epidemic of natural conversation is breaking out on other bands and modes, too. Check out the PSK31 operations on 20 meters. Even I, who complain incessantly about ragchewers taking up spectrum, have gotten the bug. You know, this conversation "thing" can be pretty engaging!
I Hate 75 Meters  
by WA4JAF on July 31, 2001 Mail this to a friend!
Having had visitors in the shack while tuning around some of the bands, proved to be rather embarrasing
on one particular occasion when a couple of 75 meter ops were having a very crude conversation. I also have found this to be somewhat the norm on 20 meters as well, especially on a few of the nets. Seems that there are more of these "psycho" types appearing every day. I put away my microphone many years
ago and enjoy conversing on CW and PSK31. These modes seem to filter out the undesireable types.
I once heard a CW op say that CW was the "mind over mouth" mode.
73 - Ken WA4JAF dit dit
I Hate 75 Meters  
Anonymous post on July 31, 2001 Mail this to a friend!
Sounds like you need to find a new hobby Mike
I`ve heard you and the boy`s on 3.850 and god
forbid anyone get close to that frequency and
you stick out your chest and you love to chase
those general`s away instead of explaining.
you should try the OFF switch more often
RE: I Hate 75 Meters  
Anonymous post on July 31, 2001 Mail this to a friend!
<<You run the risk of hearing operators who are ... downright stupid.>>

No risk whatsoever, it's guaranteed.

I stay below 3800. It safer lower down (like on most bands).
RE: I Hate 75 Meters  
Anonymous post on July 31, 2001 Mail this to a friend!
<<The same people talk to each other day in and day out.>>

...and they think they own the frequencies...
I Hate 75 Meters  
Anonymous post on July 31, 2001 Mail this to a friend!
Not much different than some of the forems in the speak out section here on EHam. How about cleaning up your own act!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I Hate 75 Meters  
by VE3BHZ on July 31, 2001 Mail this to a friend!
Can nobody recognize sarcasm ? It's the lowest form of wit Hi.

I Hate 75 Meters  
by WB2WIK on July 31, 2001 Mail this to a friend!
I hate all the bands, and everybody on them, for similar reasons.

Unfortunately, my stamp collecting books are full and I've already caught every butterfly in the neighborhood. I set the kitchen afire while trying a new meat loaf recipe, and developed pneumonia after hypothermia set in from too much time undersea diving, looking for treasure that isn't there, anyway.

I can't always be at work, because the building closes at 7:00 each evening, and I can't sleep well, thinking about work. I drive the XYL nuts and she wishes I'd go back to ham radio.

So, I'll try to play nice and really like everybody once again.

But to really enjoy 75 meters means having antennas far larger than the ones I've got up right now. Where's that pesky 5000' spool of wire...?

I Hate 75 Meters  
by KC8CON on July 31, 2001 Mail this to a friend!
I have always thought that Amateur Rado is to be fun. So what if you get on and have a rag chew, especially if it isn't a DX station. The frequencies and bands belong to everyone. I do get upset listening to the trash on 75 Meters. When I was asked why I got into Amateur Radio I stated because of the fun of being able to talk worldwide and also the fun of building things, like antennas and accessories for my station and the big thing was that Amateurs were a better crowd than you find on the CB bands. Well I tuned into 3865 and the stuff that was going on there was really something I wish I could of hidden from my friend. The first thing out of his mouth was that sounds like CB to me. The cussing, arguing and the deliberate carriers. We will always have a few bad apples in every crowd or hobby. The one thing is not to encourage the activity we do not like. Don't get on a freq. and start arguing your point of view about how radio conduct should be, because this is the fuel that most of the time they are looking for. Also, it isn't just on 75 Meters, it is on all the bands, it just happens to be that 75 is the worst because after dark that is where people go. If the FCC wants to help Amateur Radio, they would just take a month and monitor 75 Meters, listen for the bad stuff and start recording. These guys who do this stuff are not afraid of the FCC and don't care one bit to put out there callsigns. If the FCC would do this, then a stop to the really bad stuff that hurts Amateur Radio might start happening.

I like to get on the bands and work DX, PSK, SSTV and CW. I like to get on and just ragchew with my buddies 75 to 100 miles away. I like to find out what they have done the past week and how things are going with them. I just don't like working a station and getting a 59 report and 73. I know when working DX that is usually what happens and I can live with that. But, I like working PSK and finding out what the other guy is using for his setup. Whether he built it or bought it and the other things he likes to do in the hobby and what other hobbies he may have.

I don't stay away from 75 Meters but I do stay away from the frequencies where the bad stuff is and the guys who think that they have to run 1500 to 2000 watts just to talk 100 miles. I figure these guys haven't looked at the FCC rules when it comes to power. We only need to use the power necessary to make the contact and maintain the contact.

This is just my 2 cents worth.
RE: I Hate 75 Meters  
Anonymous post on July 31, 2001 Mail this to a friend!
I am taking my exam soon. I plan to take the good with the bad. There are some out there who will agree with you, and you can talk to them on a regurlar basis, if you get the urge to chew the rag with them. But you end in the same boat, talking on the air. It is my view that generating a conversation brings out the dark side of the undesirables. I personally want to do quick contacts, WAS, etc on CW. Venturing into SSB will undoubtably bring the same disgust you are getting.
RE: I Hate 75 Meters  
Anonymous post on July 31, 2001 Mail this to a friend!
To all you ham radio operators syaing " I tuned into 3865 and it sounded like CB", bla bla bla, whatever:

The fact of the point of the matter gentlemen is simply this. 75 meters on ham radio is as diverse as life is itself. If you don't like that you can hit the road.


RE: I Hate 75 Meters  
by KB1HAP on July 31, 2001 Mail this to a friend!
hihihi... this is preety funny. The author of this article is beign SARCASTIC about the things he LOVE about 80 meters, and almost nobody read between lines, and kept trashing the band with their comments. Many years ago, I was licensed in Argentina (LU6AUW) and I remember loving 80 meters. And yes, the band has exactly the same characteristics in south america than here. I love 80 meters (well... 75 here) mainly because is a place to relax, relate, and have a nice, non-hectic QSO.

73's DX
I Hate 75 Meters  
Anonymous post on July 31, 2001 Mail this to a friend!
I think the FCC ought to take some tips from the old Russian Communist Party, remember the USSR ?

Radio operators would only be allowed to operate from the club station supervised by an elected club overseer.

The only comments allowed on the club radio would be about the station radio and antenna, and the weather.

The supervisor would then pull the plug and let Big Joe have his "go" That would soon stop the bad language, trouble making, frequency hogging, bad mannered and loutish behaviour. And........ if a person did persist and try to be a radio pest he wouldn`t get another go on the radio for a month.
Then he would have to go and tend the flowers outside the clubhouse and pull weeds to get it out of his system.

Good idea, Eh ?
RE: I Hate 75 Meters  
by KC8CON on July 31, 2001 Mail this to a friend!
75 may be diverse, but the bad language is not necessary. How do we encourage new hams especially youth when most decent parents would not tolerate there kids subject to the kind of filth I have heard. I am not condeming getting on and having fun, but the language should be watched. I know that the everyday world is full of it and our kids are subjected to it everday, but we should respect others and ourselves enough not to do it on the air.

If I cuss I have enough respect not to do it in front of my kids or my wife. This is being civilized and respectful to others.

And again this is my 2 cents worth.
RE: I Hate 75 Meters  
by KL7IPV on July 31, 2001 Mail this to a friend!
I love the sarcasm. I first fell in love with ragchewing and 80 meters in 1960. It was when topless bathing suits first appeared on the scene and some older hams ( now I am one ) were talking about seeing their first topless suit and if they remembered what it caused. The gents were in Texas, NY and CA. It was a hoot and went on for hours as other old gents joined in the discussion. I was listening on an old WW2 Super Pro and and short piece of wire for the antenna. When I finaaly got licensed, the 1st and only award I worked to get was ARRL's RCC Award. Roundtables were and still can be fun but we need to send more than just RST, QTH and name. So the foul mouths seem to inhabit the bands!? The fix? Outnumber them!! If we all got back to the "roots" of hamming, they would disappear or clean up their acts. I refuse to give up my hobby and bands to those who would pervert them. Speak up and speak out. The bands are ours as well, it is time we let the foul mouths know it. The fun won't go away unless WE let it. I am now using SSTV and PSK31 because they are fun. Ragchewing is too. Go for it.
RE: I Hate 75 Meters  
Anonymous post on July 31, 2001 Mail this to a friend!
If you were raised in a middle or upper class neighborhood in a large town or a city, you learned that there were neighborhoods or areas that you should stay out of if you didn't want to get infected, get busted, or get shot.

The same is true of the ham bands, except that your risks are virtual instead of real.
I Hate 75 Meters  
by NB6Z on July 31, 2001 Mail this to a friend!
Wow! Look at all the fun I am missing by never using the MIC! Hmmm, maybe I will stick with the keyboard. ;-)
I Hate 75 Meters  
Anonymous post on July 31, 2001 Mail this to a friend!
Boy, some of these comments seem rather elitist. Some of the people act like ham radio should be a cut above everyone....I say, good for them! I'm glad that some of these comments would have us try to police ourselves, and conduct ourselves on the air in a manner that would reflect good operating practice. That's just one of the things that set us apart from CB....that and ability to build antennas, work on rigs, proficiency in several modes, and ability to get a station up in trying circumstances, curiosity to work all the way around the world on equipmnet you made.....hmmmm. Yeah, these things are why I got interested in ham radio, and yes, I do know it takes all types of people in the world, but there is nothing wrong with the desire to have our operating practices be the very best. We are supposed to be the cream of the crop, and there is nothing wrong with that, and that also means that we can and should disapprove of some of the practices going on on 75 meters. The author's article has some great merits. 75 is a great band. It's big, and most of the time reliable, and a nice band, especially in the Winter. However, the behavior of some of the operators, while not illegal, is not in the best taste, and doesnt put the amateur service in the best light. Some of those people really should have stuck with CB.
75 Meters  
by KD7LDH on July 31, 2001 Mail this to a friend!
Ok let's just remember what ham radio is primarily for in a non-emergency.
I Hate 75 Meters  
by KD7LDH on July 31, 2001 Mail this to a friend!
I Hate 75 Meters  
by K3FT on July 31, 2001 Mail this to a friend!
Great tongue in cheek article. I read it and 'got the hint' right away. Laughed at some of the comments (and you know what.. I even laughed at myself because I saw 'me' in a couple of those examples of the guy who got mad at something silly.)

Thanks for the fun article. I read the other posts that missed the point and seemed to take it seriously. I dunno.. Have we lost our general streak of being able to recognize it when someone is poking good clean fun at another through the use of a bit of 'poke you in the ribs and say GOTCHA! technique? I hope not! Good clean sarcasm is a valuable tool.


Chuck K3FT
I Hate 75 Meters  
Anonymous post on July 31, 2001 Mail this to a friend!
I have to laugh at the guys that think some of us are missing the "tongue-in-cheek" sarcasm....if most are like me, that got it just fine, but the sadest part of all is how true it is with the tongue in the other cheek! It is, for the most part, a horrible piece of band spectrum to listen to...I always think of the ham who has his young son or daughter in the shack to listen to amateur radio in action (fortunately, most of the hams have learned this is NOT smart), and run across the "good ole boys" cussing or making very rude racial remarks (they just won't accept that the war is over). It's a sad situation and only recordings of conversations and persistance in pointing out this crap to enforcement officials (this is the persistance part) will ever make things better! And believe me, the odds are against you....they have made licensing a joke (my dog could get a license) and the VE structure is the absolute worst thing they have going....about 75% of them are illegal. So, yes I get the sarcasm, but it hits a lot closer to home than a lot of us (the ones that aren't "instant" hams and imported cbers that refuse to become hams and just stay cbers) care to think about.......
I LOVE 75 Meters . . .  
by K1IR on July 31, 2001 Mail this to a friend!
. . . because I avoid going above 3800. My European, Canadian and northeast US friends can hear me just fine, and they are a pleasure to speak to.


RE: I Hate 75 Meters  
by KE4SHC on July 31, 2001 Mail this to a friend!
hmm seems to me IF this is truly sarcasm an article like this shouldn't really appear here. Simply because there may be prospective hams who come by and read this article and take it to be serious then it would scare them away. I think maybe every band may have its own problems the biggest I've seen is the language problem and that's not too common. Of course I've not listened 24/7 or have yet to operate on there either. I personally rather like the personal side to people being shared as long as they keep it clean and such. To me talking about radios and the hobby and other not so personal stuff would get boring after a while. Also the signal reports, ever think they may have good antenna systems? or have you bothered to look their calls up? maybe they're in the same state as you. Also there are a lot of nets where a lot of the people do know each other in person or are friends outside of the hobby at least. So what's the big deal about being personal as long as it's by the rules which it is really being they most if not all the time know each other. The only part I see wrong with that band is around 3898 or so. Though I bet if you can hear the nets on 3960 you would be welcomed to check in.

If this was truly sarcastic then fine but I doubt it and it should never appear in print anywhere, or be broadcast or anyhthing. If the author meant it for real then see my comments above. I think if he did he needs to open his ears up and open his mind up for the most part. Avoid the language problems there are about and there is no ohter true problems, other than the ones over the legal limit for power, but unless they admit it there's no way an average ham can know for sure.
I Hate 75 Meters  
Anonymous post on July 31, 2001 Mail this to a friend!
I Hate 75 Meters  
by W6EZ on July 31, 2001 Mail this to a friend!
I love 75 meters! I love the way you can cover a lot of distance with little wattage. I love the fact that many of the ops there have been around for many years and actually know each other. I love the nets.
I love radio.
I don't love the very, very few that think they can do anything they want ,just because they have been on a particular frequency for elebenty six years. I don't love those that brodacst music.
I love the band. I only have problems with those who don't respect it. All I ever wanted to do when I first go into radio was get on 75 meters. I'm staying.
Thanks for the tounge in cheek look at my favorite band.
I Hate 75 Meters  
by KD6NXI on July 31, 2001 Mail this to a friend!
Perhaps no one has noticed but this guy is simply a 75 meter troll who's apparently convinced someone to let him post his flamebait here on Plus he even managed to insult the qrp crowd in the same article.

Good show........

RE: I Hate 75 Meters  
by W5DCT on August 1, 2001 Mail this to a friend!
wah wah!! 73's kd5jzn
I Hate 75 Meters  
Anonymous post on August 1, 2001 Mail this to a friend!
I am hungry for an apple... Any objections?
I Hate 75 Meters  
Anonymous post on August 1, 2001 Mail this to a friend!
The NerdNet & the CockaRoaches have ruined ham radio as we have known it. Those dirty birds!

Jackkkkkk, I loved you
I Hate 75 Meters  
by RobertKoernerExAE7G on August 1, 2001 Mail this to a friend!
Well Mike.

That is the whole problem.

You triggered your foot switch. Everybody knows, you take the return spring out of it, and just stomp DOWN on it. Its in the official rules for 75 meter operation -- been there for years. Next paragraph after it explains that since 75 is so congested and noisy, you can run your normal amplifier into a 8-20KW one -- to keep the squirrels away from the edges of your turf.

Most of the new hams, those with less than 2 sun spot cycles, donít realizes, that the first incentive licensing the ARRL came up with, was to get your own 75 frequency. As soon as you modified your rig to go from AM, or DSB, to SSB, you could apply for a specific frequency, with 20 alternate ones, if you were a 20WPM EXTRA.

Hams called it a tough frequency, because it was tough to modify the AM rigs to meet the new specs. But because those Old Timers who did it, used to chew on rags soaked in coca leaf juice, they sounded like there were saying turfff frequency -- hence it was called "keeping your turf". That's also how the term rag-chewing came about. From 1870 until the end of the war against alcohol, during the 20s, you could buy juice of the coca leaf legally. But when half the population was walking around chewing rags, they ended the war against alcohol, and banned coca leaf products (Coca Cola had to change their receipt form real Coca, to caffeine -- the FIRST change from REAL COKE).

When all of the rigs in use had SSB, they dropped the program, but allowed non-extras to apply for sub-bands on a shared basis.

That is when the OO program started. The OOs had to observe the modifications to the rigs and certify they heard your SSB signalís carrier was at least 160 db down from your peak envelope power, measured into a coaxial cable that had 1.2 VSWR when either shorted at the far end, or unterminated (course, you re-attached that co-ax back to your 75 meter antenna).

The ONLY part of 75 where you don't do that is in the narrow "DX window". In the window, you use a recording of what you said to the DX the last 15-20 times you worked him in a pile up. Then you break the pile up, and play back your side of your favorite QSOs with him, but using VOX, so that you can hear all of the GROOOOAAAAANNNNNS.

Unless, of course, you live in the mid-west to left coast area and play in the DX window around your sunrise. Then you get in the middle of the window, and hit your digital recorder so that it can send you yelling "CQDX Loooooooong Path", at least 10-20 times. Then you talk to your imaginary friends on their noon-time lunch breaks.

Have FUN
I Hate 75 Meters  
by KC4IWO on August 1, 2001 Mail this to a friend!
was this written just to stir people up. Or it could just be a big joke.
Well I must say I stay below 3.825 and never venture any where above. And if you cannot figure out why no one can hear you on your mobile wip ant, well most guys run a KW anyway, the noise floor is always abouve 7 s units, and i don't care what pushes your s-meter over 20 s-units, rare at all to ever get a contact at all unless you have at least 60ft of wire out there, go back and study your ant. books. Don't like 80m, well as far as I can tell it seems like we have usable spectrum way up into the Ghz. Can't be happy there either, well try the "off" band.
I Hate 75 Meters  
by K1OU on August 1, 2001 Mail this to a friend!
Hey Mike,

Nice job!! The anonymous posters to your article remind me of another part of 75 meters...the toilet tick...the person who needs attention but is not secure enough as a person to give a call sign. And most of the time the toilet tick is running eight watts and an untuned G5RV at ten feet.
I Hate 75 Meters  
Anonymous post on August 1, 2001 Mail this to a friend!
Maybe if all you have to talk about is the weather and signal report this could be a wake up call why ham radio activity is drying up. Whats wrong with this picture, its boring and 75 mtrs has some life to it, people with some kind of pulse, there minds think instead of doing the same ole same ole thing over and over. I work 75 mtrs and you can have a local chat or work dx at the wee hours of the morning, and its a big band. Because you have a melting pot of what all is on the HF bands on this band you hear stuff you would not on other bands. My advice to you is grow up, this is year 2001 not 1960, if you want to complain about everything in this hobby, get out. There's and old saying that started in the 60ies " America, love it or leave it" well its time with the hams that all they want to do is bitch well " Ham Radio, love it or leave it". If we don't use these bands were gonna go bye bye for good and get gobled up by SW broadcasters. Maybe you might try to have a real chat with onother ham besides yer 59 my name is XXXX and its clear and sunny.
You never know it might make it more interesting and fun. Good Luck yer gonna need it.
I Hate 75 Meters  
by W5HTW on August 1, 2001 Mail this to a friend!
This is SO FUNNY!

Well, the article is cute. The responses are what are so hilarious!

Right now, 75 meters is pretty unusable for me due to summer thunderstorms and propagation. Noise level is well above S9, and if I can even find a station in the mess it's rare.

There appear to be those here who "tune into 3865", for example, and think that is the only frequency on 75 meters. They listen a few hours or days to that freq and decide 75 is all bad. Others tune in 3950 and get the same kind of impression. Presumably these people are using crystal-controlled radios with only the single "channel" in them.

Without any exaggeration at all, I find it very difficult (when atmospheric conditions permit me to listen to the band) to locate these distasteful conversations. Once in a while I hear a few profane words, words I regret have entred the ham radio vocabulary. But they are far, far, far from being the dominant presence on this band, and they show up equally on 40 meters and 20 meters. The reason they don't show up on still higher bands is those bands are used mostly for short-QSO DX contacts and contesting. No-one has time to curse, unless someone tunes up on "his" DX. Then the radio turns blue.

Sometimes I sit at the computer, located in the ham shack but used for business, and find an interesting round-table on 75, and just listen while I work. Most of the time, guys and gals, I hear ordinary conversation about homes, trucks, dogs, beer, radio, boats, motorcycles, weather, antennas, amplifiers, hunting, fishing, traveling, photography, computers, and most of the time with no profanity stronger than an occasional "damn." I don't want my wife to think negative of this hobby, so if I were hearing the kind of trash you people are describing, I'd have the radio off, because her desk is next to mine.

Now I'll admit, maybe here in New Mexico the signals from these horrible stations can't get across the border. Maybe there's another 75 meters somewhere and I can't hear it.

I think what is happening is there are a few envious people who can't get on 75 and work DX-All-County-Rubber-Duck-Contesting, without having someone say "this frequency is in use, old man, how about moving up a bit?" So they get a bad impression immediately, and they go to 20 meters and bad-mouth a band that does not deserve the reputation.

All that said, about three years ago I would NOT listen to 75 meters if my wife was in the room. She's heard the bad language - I'm not Father Theresa. But I didn't want her to get a bad impression of this hobby I spent money to enjoy. In fact, I often wouldn't listen to it when she wasn't in the room. Just wasn't my style of radio. Even then, though, I could find good ham radio activities if I used my brain to find the tuning dial. I didn't HAVE to monitor 3950 and get frothy at the mouth. There are other frequencies available. Lots of them.

There are people who go down to 75 to (a) agitate, and then complain about it, or (b) to come away agitated, so they can complain about it. They are 'searching' for something unpleasant, and they choose what they believe is the "old timer's" band. Well, it isn't. Many newer and/or younger hams are there, too, enjoying the rag chew aspect of 75 meters. There are the ones who go to 75 meters to conduct the hobby of ham radio, without the profane, obscene language, or the 'hate-radio' tactics. This band is an escape from the constant "CQ DX" noise on 20, 15 17, 12 and 10. But, it is just another ham band, folks, that's all. It is populated by hams, a few creeps, (people who migrate downward from 20 and 40 as darkness falls) and mostly just guys and gals who like to chat with each other. Sure, the boys who come down there to "5-9, 73, QRZ" operate, are not going to find this a great band, and they'll leave either disappointed, angry or both. But for hams who want to just sit back and talk, normally, like people in a room, or around the table at the local cowboy cafe, this is the place to be. Oddly, the majority of round-tables I hear are running barefoot rigs, a few with 600 watt amps. Very rarely do I hear of some guy on there running "legal power," and if so, a bit of listening will show he is usually (not always) a newer ham who is exerciseing his right to run legal limit. When I'm on 75, I am usually running around 150 watts to a simple dipole, and, though I have a near-legal limit amp, it is almost never turned on. If I had to guess, though, I'd say about half the hams on 75 are running 100 watts, and about a quarter are running power levels of about 500-700 watts. Ameritrons, Drake L4, Collins 30L1, etc.

The absolute truth is, for me, I can't find, on any given night, more than two frequencies on 75 meters I think are distasteful. And then only for the moment.

The article, of course, was totally tongue in cheek. I would not call it sarcasm at all. It was satire, and that is a horse from a very different barn. Some of the responses were sarcastic, some hateful.

Bottom line for me? I operate mostly CW. But when I want to work at the computer and listen to a good roundtable of fun and interesting conversation, 75 meters is where I'll be, that is, if I'm not listening to a CW contacton 40 or 20. Certainly I won't be monitoring the repeaters, where inanity is the hallmark of fame.

So revisit 75. If you find a "bad'" frequency, check your tuning dial. It may have other places to go. Tune across the band, and listen for two or three minutes to more than the "rage" QSOs. If you open your ears, you'll find dozens of them. And you can get in if you wish. But please don't dive in to prove you are "not of their ilk" and to start arguments or incite problems. Be a good ham, and join in.

On the other hand, it's crowded enough, and if you don't want to go there .....


RE: ...My Goodness!  
Anonymous post on August 1, 2001 Mail this to a friend!
"Johnny Walker Red Radio"...

It's fun to listen...
I Hate 75 Meters  
by K6TPL on August 1, 2001 Mail this to a friend!
Man you are so right! I have been stuck on this Band for almost forty years, talking with the same basic people! I was even forced once to join a Net called the Saturday afternoon uplift and drinking Society Net which didn't even meet on Saturday! Then there are people that I talked with that helped me find jobs and insisted that my signal could be better and they even came over to my house and helped with my antenna! How rude! Many times I have had to drive hundreds of miles to meet these people during the summer. For what they called functions and get togethers.
I dial around at night trying to find a wife talking to her husband about what they should pick up at store, Or Uncle Harry's latest health problem, only to end up going to the local two meter repeater for my what will they have for dinner fix.
For those that are worried about the creeps that use big bad words, here is my advise, Almost every radio I have used of late has at least two knobs that will solve the problem, Volume and Tuning knob, try one of them. Also if one has people in the shack they don't have to be on the band for forty years to know which groups allow the four letter words, don't listen to groups that are unstable.
I Hate 75 Meters  
Anonymous post on August 1, 2001 Mail this to a friend!
Told myself I'd never get on 75 meters.....those old guys just moan and groan , complain about every ache and pain they have .... bitch about the wx......bunch of cry babies etc !!!!! HECK I'm on there every morning now doing the same.
RE: I Hate 75 Meters  
by W8LX on August 1, 2001 Mail this to a friend!
K1OU pontificates:

"And most of the time the toilet tick is running eight watts and an untuned G5RV at ten feet"

Of course he is Jerry. A signal report of 59+40 should be a mark of shame - I just read those words of wisdom on the tin can and string reflector. When I went to buy my amplicator a few years ago the sales dude said "we don't stock amps because the knowledgeable ham just runs what his rig puts out".

Life would be much better with weak signals. I think I'll go out and buy some attenuators and put them in line with the antenna feeding the teevee. Ought to be much happier watching a picture that is barely above the noise floor.
I Hate 75 Meters  
by W4UDX on August 1, 2001 Mail this to a friend!
It's a sad day in amateur radio when licensed hams actually chastise someone who is troubled by the conduct of LICENSED AMATEURS on a band that should resemble all the other ham bands, but doesn't. I realize that ragchewing can be fun, I have engaged in it also. But to ragchew for hours and hours everynight, using obscene and vulgar speech (just because others on the band are doing it and haven't been busted by the FCC yet), and running legal limit to talk 300 miles, no wonder so many people are complaining. And the answer in return is "turn your radio off" or "get lost"? How is that making 75 enjoyable for everybody?
No wonder the number of hams is dropping off. And those stubborn hardheads who refuse to act sensible are loving it, soon they will have the phone bands all to themselves, because people who are more discreet and have self-control of their speech will be forced to move to CW and the digital modes to get away from potty mouths.
I have done ragchewing on all the bands, but only 75 sounds the way it does. That tells you a little something about the character of those who have infested it.... Somebody bring back the Russian woodpecker!
I Hate 75 Meters  
Anonymous post on August 2, 2001 Mail this to a friend!
Some of the operators on 75 meters make the freebanders on 10 and 12 meters sound positively intelligent!
I Hate 75 Meters  
by KJ6ETL on August 2, 2001 Mail this to a friend!
Its just like CB
Milions of people like it very much and have a great time. Are all telephone conversations that serious?

Its like a bad tv show, turn it of if you don't like it.

Beside the rag shew sqo's there are many other chalanges on 75/80 mtrs.

Futher its a nice playground for newbees, in order to pracitice cw.


I Hate 75 Meters  
Anonymous post on August 2, 2001 Mail this to a friend!
Fortunately, the crystals in Riley's radio for 75 are obviously broken so the band can play on. Hams policing themselves? Not on 75. Dyslexics of the world: Untie!
I Hate 75 Meters  
Anonymous post on August 2, 2001 Mail this to a friend!
It's truly amazing to read how the very ones being targeted by the truth will try and defend their wrong- doings!! Of course the newer hams go to 75 meters, that's where the majority of the types of people they are familiar with are..the old cbers that have no common sense, no regard for anyone else and definately no regard for the hobby. And yes, they are on other bands also, just more of them on 75 because that's where the cesspool of ignorant, inconsiderate people are, and it's like a magnet that attracks the newer "instant" hams that didn't have to learn anything and don't want to have to learn anything. It's like breath of fresh air for them...."hey, here are stupid people like me...a place where I can cuss and be a real jerk to society, just like I was on 11 meter"!! And all of you bleating hearts that try to spill out your philosophy that this is not the case are just fooling yourselves. And the idea that if you don't love it, then leave it or turn your radio off just enforces how really ignorant folks are! So, it makes sense that the hams that really do love the hobby and are concerned about where it's going (down the toilet) and try to get the word out to help makes things a little better are the ones that should turn their rigs off..GIVE ME A BREAK!!! Yes, it's always easier to join the wave of just fit right in and go the way of 11 meters..only the ones that do care will take the tough road and continue to bitch, complain and not turn their radios off and be penalized for doing the right thing! Hang in there guys and give them hell for their cussing and total disregard of proper use of the are NOT the ones that should have to turn your rigs off, you are NOT the ones that should have to give up the hobby you love because of others that trash it up!! What is really neat is some comments that will follow... you can always spot a newer "instant" ham that has found the 75 meter "safe" haven and the old 11 meter "fixed" 75M "lifer"..they will defend their turf regardless of how wrong they are and tell you how if you don't like it, just turn the dial...wrong answer, if anyone should have to to turn their rig off, it's the ones that are the problem, not the ones that have to listen to them!
I Hate 75 Meters  
by N0AH on August 2, 2001 Mail this to a friend!
If you want to big awards, you have to face the reality of working DX in between the idiots-

The band is a wonderful teacher of grayline propagation, in between the government low band radar test sites and ragchewers hanging on and/or in the puny 10KHz of DX window between 3.790-3.800MHz. The CW window is ok but apathetic-

The problem with 80 meters is that it's too wide- You need either two verticals or an antenna system big enough to cover just at least the DX ssb and cw windows- As for any activity above 3.800MHz- gaghhhh-

Covering the entire band is just about impossible without a tuner etc.....we should sell off 1/2 of it to get an exclusive allocation on 40 meters-

WASTE is defined by this band. Who really hangs out between 3.550MHz and 3.750MHz anyway? Thats 225Khz of wasted space, a grave yard of an occasional novice calling CQ with the 12 or so old timers just waiting to work little Joey-

I've put in a lot of work to earn countries on this band- I put up a 4SQR array, strung out beverages- I enjoy the DX. But again, at what price? Top 10 questions pertaining to 75 meters:

10. Why does the SE USA AA meetings park here?

9. Does 3.787MHz really have to be the place to go to discuss North Carolina pig farming?

8. Whats up with low band radar test in the morning beginning at 13:00Z right in the middle of the 75 meter DX window??

7. Whats wrong with asking a DXpedition to move to 75 meters??

6. Is a dipole really worth the effort when a top loaded vertical with 2 radials matches performance?

5. Not fair to judge GAP antennas on this's not the antenna's fault that s20 QRN is in place 6 months out of the year-

4. Why is there not a 75 meter DX contest of any type for 80 meters.....10/10 vs 80/80, or 75/75??

3. Why is there not another name for a band that covers 500KHz, like the Jumbo Band, or MegaBand?

2. Where's the MFJ monoband 80 meter QRP rig?

1. Why is there not an abundance of activity from stateside ops here?? In Europe, this band is always active with reasonable operators who at least unkey the mic before spitting, burping, farting, etc......
I Hate 75 Meters..not really  
by N2LH on August 2, 2001 Mail this to a friend!
Ok there is a LOT of comments about the 'activity' on 75M. I have been a ham since 1975 and have seen and heard a lot on the bands in general. True 75M does have it share of hams who use a kilowatt to talk to their next door neighbors and friends up the block, and there are the hams who get on with their group 'clic' and chat for hours, and a host of others. A few times over the past years, while working on an antenna for 75M (my homebrew 75M Vert, V3.0) I would ask for a break for a quick signal report. Most of the time, I would get a report and the group would quickly go back to their conversations. Sometimes I was invitated to join them and talk about what ever they were talking about. So, 75M isn't really my favorite band but its part of our frequencies. Now, so what do I use 75M for and my vertical, simple..the dx window..3.790-3.800. Each winter, I enjoyed many dx contacts with several ops that I have had the pleasure to work and become friendly with. My antenna is tuned for that slot and the only time I move the tuning up the band is for contests, Arrl phone SS and DX contest, to be specific.
So, ladies and gents, thats my say about 75M. Oh, one more thing, I have had many nice rag chews on 75M in my years with some very nice polite ops.
73's to all and CU in the window this winter.

Larry ..N2LH .- .-.
RE: I Hate 75 Meters..not really  
Anonymous post on August 2, 2001 Mail this to a friend!
"Is a dipole really worth the effort when a top loaded vertical with 2 radials matches performance?"

Verticals stink for NVIS. Some of us don't want to work DX on 75.
I Hate 75 Meters  
by KB8ELK on August 2, 2001 Mail this to a friend!

You sure stirred one up. Now if you could get this going on the air, we'd have some fun.

One thing I have just thunk up reviewing all the comments : Everyone has the same signal on the 'net'.

Not so on hf. Too bad, but it's a welcome fact of life.

Life is too short for qrp.
RE: I Hate 75 Meters  
Anonymous post on August 2, 2001 Mail this to a friend!
I do see the sarcasm in the author's article, but those of you who take it seriously and then agree with it need to calm down. If you don't like it, nobody said you have to listen. If this hobby is going to stay alive you guys need to chill out and take the good with the bad. Criticizing others will just scare people away and kill off the hobby. There are plenty of other bands for you.
I Hate 75 Meters  
by KU4GW on August 3, 2001 Mail this to a friend!
You just have to learn how to ignore all the freakin idiots on 75. Things are much better thanks to K4ZDH Riley and the Compliance & Information Bureau of the FCC. I remember tuning into a white supremicist one time threatening to kill another ham over a different point of view..said he knew exactly where he lived from the QRZ database. Haven't heard any nuts as nutty as that since, but just in case, I'll be prepared!..I all in all enjoy 75 meters & 40 meters too(moreso after IRC 2004 when hopefully international broadcast stations will be history on 40 Mtrs.) Hey!...It only takes 1 bad apple to spoil a barrel of them, but also they make some damned good apple cider if you catch my meaning. If not, to the point, the majority rules.
" Amateur radio isn't just a hobby, it's a brotherhood!"
73 de KU4GW Cliff
I Hate 75 Meters  
by K9SOX on August 3, 2001 Mail this to a friend!
75 is the Citizens Band of ham radio. Recognize is as such and move on to a band where grown-ups operate.
I Hate 75 Meters  
Anonymous post on August 3, 2001 Mail this to a friend!
RE: I Hate 75 Meters  
by KB8ELK on August 3, 2001 Mail this to a friend!
Dear anonymous,

You lose respect because you type in all caps, and don't know the difference between "there" and "their".
There's not enough power in the world to make up for bad grammer. You just appear uneducated.
RE: I Hate 75 Meters  
by KG4ODX on August 3, 2001 Mail this to a friend!
I just recently became a ham, but have been active in short wave listening for years. Some of the things that I have heard on 80 meters, music (for hours) I persume used for jamming, foul language, the terms "BIG RADIO" "PUT SOME FIRE IN THE WIRE" ect, endless bickering and back biting, racist remarks on a regular basis.

One night during the flooding in Texas, one group of operators were told to move off their regular frequency as a FCC communications emergency had been declared. When the group did finally move (the bare minimum)I could still hear them on the emergency frequency (I don't know if this was a problem in Texas). One question from the test pool G2C10, "When the FCC declares a temporary state of communication emergency what must you do"? Hmm?

The type of activity that is taking place on some parts of the 80 meter band does sound more like CB radio (or Freeband) than Amateur Radio. Maybe a few of the bad apples should reread The Amateur's Code written by Paul M. Segal, W9EEA back in 1928 during the goldenage of radio they mention so much.

I guess my one question is that why is this allowed to
continue, the playing of music, jamming, foul languge these are all things that demand action by the enforcement division, though I'm sure that a investigation must be in progress!

A few observations by a new ham

I Hate 75 Meters  
by K8VI on August 3, 2001 Mail this to a friend!
Hellooooooooooooo Mike:
It really worked, didn't it.

When you e-mailed the article to me for preview, i got a Humumgus Chuckle out of it.

But why should we ever think that the idiot's out there are any different behind a keyboard

than the Toilet Ticks are behind a michrophone.

Brave, but not brave enough to stand up and give a name, or callsign. if they have one!

The GOOD OLD DAYS are long gone, along with that was a

real frequency.How well i remember "if you can take it,you can have it."It sure did inspire

a lot of amplifier construction, and if your tube didn't have handles it wern't no dang good at all.

Enough pontificating for today.

One of the old gang...................................73 & GUD DX.........................St
I Hate 75 Meters  
by KU4GW on August 4, 2001 Mail this to a friend!
If you hear violations of FCC rules on 75 meters, make an audio recording of the event and send it to Riley Hollingworth @ 580 Herrs Ridge Rd. Gettyburg,PA 17325 or contact Riley Hollingworth via his voicemail @ (717)338-2502 or complain via Email @ and you'll get a response. Believe me, I've use it before. It's amazing how fast you can get a persons attention when you take some money from their pocket, and FCC monetary fines are not small! Thank God for K4ZDH Riley Hollingsworth & the FCC's Compliance and Information Bureau!!!
I Hate 75 Meters  
by WA8TTZ on August 4, 2001 Mail this to a friend!
Your forgot one of the most improtant questions of every QSO. Did you get my E-Mail? Then discuss the contents of the e-mail sent. Or better yet, why your computer doesn't work. Get a life and Get on 75!
I Hate 75 Meters  
by WA8TTZ on August 4, 2001 Mail this to a friend!
Your forgot one of the most improtant questions of every QSO. Did you get my E-Mail? Then discuss the contents of the e-mail sent. Or better yet, why your computer doesn't work. Get a life and Get on 75!
I Hate 75 Meters  
by WB5TMD on August 4, 2001 Mail this to a friend!
There are other bands to operate on, so why complain if you dont like what goes on on 75. try something else, perhaps another hobby.
I Hate 75 Meters  
Anonymous post on August 4, 2001 Mail this to a friend!
Sarcasm or not there is a lot of Hate, Anger, and Rage here. This goes way beyond amateur radio. Better turn off the radio and look in the mirror.
RE: I Hate 75 Meters  
by AD6WL on August 4, 2001 Mail this to a friend!
This post is the funniest post of them all. I think that 99.9% of the people got what the author meant. It's so obvious that a 1st grader could get it. I wonder how long it took KB1HAP to figure it out. Well, I would like to thank him for explaining this to me and everyone else.


>RE: I Hate 75 Meters Reply
>by KB1HAP on July 31, 2001
>hihihi... this is preety funny. The author of this >article is beign SARCASTIC about the things he LOVE >about 80 meters, and almost nobody read between >lines, and kept trashing the band with their >comments. Many years ago, I was licensed in Argentina >(LU6AUW) and I remember loving 80 meters. And yes, >the band has exactly the same characteristics in >south america than here. I love 80 meters (well... 75 >here) mainly because is a place to relax, relate, and >have a nice, non-hectic QSO.

I Hate 75 Meters  
Anonymous post on August 4, 2001 Mail this to a friend!
Yeah, 75m does have it's problems. But you know what is really upsetting, is to think that for 30+ years Mommar Qadffi (did I spell his name right, don't matter I don't like the dude that much anyway) has never upgraded to the rank of general, talk about a upgrading problem, that test must be a real bitch.
RE: I Hate 75 Meters  
Anonymous post on August 5, 2001 Mail this to a friend!
"Mommar Qadffi (did I spell his name right, don't matter I don't like the dude that much anyway) has never upgraded to the rank of general"

Libya went through restructuring 30 years ago elimiated the General. Only two classes, Sandnitian (Sand Plus) and Colonel.
I Hate 75 Meters  
Anonymous post on August 5, 2001 Mail this to a friend!
Maybe we all need to get off of the computer and back on the radio!!!
I Hate 75 Meters  
Anonymous post on August 6, 2001 Mail this to a friend!
I think Mike,W8MW has a problem. perhaps he is thinking about the good old AM days, where he could key the mike and talk for five minutes or so and not really say anything except perhaps talk about his ingrowing toenail or inflamed hemorrhoids. Wake up Mike ,if you dont like 75 Meters go somewhere else, cut your antenna down, or find something else to gripe about.
I Hate 75 Meters  
Anonymous post on August 6, 2001 Mail this to a friend!
Jeeves, Why all the hate?

Put your antenna up higher than your neighbors want, stop using a tuner with coax on both sides (sweatbox) and get some (of your own) material. You too can be a player on 75. Otherwise, go back to the Century Club (Inc.)...
I Hate 75 Meters  
by W4ZV on August 6, 2001 Mail this to a friend!
What is 75 Meters?
I Hate 75 Meters  
by W0KDX on August 7, 2001 Mail this to a friend!
Well, I have use for 75 meters from time to time and if those types of individuals "hang out on 75 meters" as mentioned, I would prefer they stay there then migrate to other bands. Personally, I have found many of the mentioned "types" on 75, over-driven, over-modulated, over-compressed, over-opinionated, over-excessive, over-egotistical. It is a "unique" band to say the least. That is one reason I don't operate on it much. I do enjoy trying, I said trying, to work DX only to get some East Coast lid jump on top and talk to the European station "Nice to work you again Helmut.....". well of course, you are over 1000 miles closer, less QRM from a wall of illegal power in front of you, etc. What's the deal with that ?

In closing, 75 meters has it's place. I just haven't found out what is it yet. (PS: I don't hate 75 meters, I just don't understand it !!)
I Hate 75 Meters  
by W0KDX on August 7, 2001 Mail this to a friend!
Well, I personally don't understand why if anyone posts a concern, issue, etc., right away, the flames fly. No one can stick to the topic.

75 meters has always been a "loose cannon", a kind so anything goes.
I don't blame ARRL or anyone else. It was there during and after incentive licensing, during volunteer examinations, etc.
It just came on like everything else; a (gradual) breakdown in our society to show mutual respect for others.

Acting like an old timer now, look back when you went to school. What were the issues then vs. now. That changed. Why ?

Road rage ? Since when did that become something new ?

Hate crimes. Crime is crime. Why categorize it ?

I could go on but won't.

When the FCC got out of the rule enforcement business back when, and licenses were had thanks to the likes of W5YI and WB6NOA, individuals got into the hobby that should have been screened with better testing of the rules, regulations, etc. Who knows who got licenses unethically.

With the lack a true testing requirement, of enforcement, we have created alot of our own nightmares.

Simple solution to the rancor on 75 meters? Ignore it. Operate, have fun and try to work DX. If you hear some loud mouth, ignore him and his commentaries. Why is it so many individuals have listened in, whined about, and written ARRL and others about 14.313 ?

Because they are curious. They tune in, listen in to the rhetoric, and before long, are a part of the problem themselves by joining in, trying to be radio cops, etc.

Bottom line, use the bands and operate legally. Don't worry about how some lid operates (report it if you want). With the enforcement actions now being taken, some of them will be off the air (i.e. WA4D, WB2OTK, KV4FZ, just to mention a few of the self proclaimed saviors of amateur radio).

It takes time to clean up a "neighborhood", but in the end, it is a much improved environment for all and I think the FCC, amateur community and the ARRL know that.

Afterall, it didn't get this way in one night, one week or one year.

GL and CU on 75 !
RE: I Hate 75 Meters  
by IM4GAY on August 7, 2001 Mail this to a friend!
The same morons who like 75/80 meters are the same low brow idiots who post to the newsgroups.

I myself am glad for 75/80 meters, it keeps these brain dead bottom feeders off the rest of the bands.

I Hate 75 Meters  
by W8MW on August 7, 2001 Mail this to a friend!
Thanks for your posts to this article. Somebody said the posts were a lot more entertaining than what I wrote and he was right. Special thanks to those who offered helpful hints on what I should do and where I should go. Suggestions like using the off switch more often, cutting the antenna down or finding another hobby were thoughtful, indeed. But there was more merit in the ideas about putting up a decent antenna for 75, tuning around for frequencies inhabited by good folks, actually listening first Ö and then joining in on that conversation style of operating.

Some expressed concern about the language on 75. Yes, blatantly deliberate foul-mouths who keep asking for it ought to get it. But language other than outright obscenity is a matter of personal judgment. Examples of poor judgment are around us every day, including a few of the posts here. Could it be the best approach on 75 is to seek out people we enjoy and avoid the ones we donít? Kind of like what we do in life?

Thanks to the gentlemen who boldly told us that 75 meters is their band of choice. They found something there that keeps bringing them back. Things like radio contacts that became life-long friendships and humorous shenanigans in a not-so-uptight environment.
They said it is stimulating to go beyond the same old HF routine of name, QTH, rig, weather Ö and the same old VHF routine of tactical communications concerning tonightís dinner.

Many of the posts were from people who have never operated 75 meters. It made me think they obsessed too much over bad stuff they heard, while never having any personal experience with the good stuff. Maybe I was wrong when I said stay away from 75 meters. Maybe it looks different from the inside than the outside.
RE: I Hate 75 Meters - A Finale?  
by W5HTW on August 8, 2001 Mail this to a friend!
We Americans tend to gravitate toward the bad side of the news, the horror stories, the negatives. "Goodie" stuff just doesn't "do it" for us.

So I decided to check out this shady side of ham radio once again. Could be off-color exciting!

I started at 3999 this evening, about 8 PM my time. (Mountain.)

The first conversation was absolutely titillating. It was about a fellow who wanted to build a CW transmitter using a pair of 100-TH tubes. The discussion concerned the plate dissipation (wow, there's a dirty topic! Shame!) of these tubes. Could "bulbs" refer to female anatomy? Or might it be glass tubes? I made a note to check this out. Then someone jumped in and said they are much more impressive if they are behind a glass panel and have a light inside the cabinet. Wow! I never imagined that! How erotic. A bit of light in that darkened room! I wondered if it would be blue? I recall those tubes could have enough light of their own, if pushed properly. The procedure was "tune for proper color on the plates." Color? Embarrassed? Or was that a reference to racism? Well, they WERE red tubes, not white or black or brown or yellow. Or at least the plates were.

I moved on. Must be something hotter than this. Yep. Here it was. Three men talking about flying. One of them had to leave as he had a check ride in the morning and didn't want to be too sleepy to take that ride. I was hoping he would at least say "Damn, I gotta go." But, no, he just said he had enjoyed talking about the subject of flying (was that a code word for sex? Or maybe Patriotism? I couldn't tell) and he needed to get some sleep.

Then I found a REALLY hot conversation. About five guys were talking about a ham who had died some months ago. This is it! They weren't just talking behind his back - they were talking over his grave. I heard some really horrible comments. One of them said "He never believed in all this profanity and stuff. He was as good as any man could be." Another said, "Yes, he was a great ham." I know they were talking in code and were probably really discussing sexual organs, or how to conduct racist or anti-gay rallies, but I didn't have the code, so I moved on.

I found a conversation about antennas. Now I have to admit, if you are talking about "it's really tall", well, obviously that could be sexual in nature. Certainly it doesn't relate to that 80 foot tower. That's just code talk, to throw us off the trail. And another guy mentioned a "long wire." Well, I'm sure "wire" isn't the word he would have used, but they must have known I was listening and looking for something exciting.

I visited 3950, a well-known frequency for the patriot/anti-patriot group, all the yelling and incitement and screaming. Of course, I know I had heard most of that stuff quit about two years ago, but I am sure that isn't true. It is just disguised. I was RIGHT! That incitement and screaming group was on there tonight, going full bore. Since they knew I was listening, though, they had lowered their voices and were discussing some Collins S-line equipment, and an old National NC270. One of them had a Johnson Valiant in poor shape, he was keeping it for a "parts radio" for his other Valiant. Now I KNOW that is code. "Poor shape?" "Parts?" I'm sure that as soon as I tuned away, they went immediately back to screaming hate radio stuff.

Well, I went all the way down to 3850 before I got tired. These guys are just too smart. Every time I would cruise onto a frequency, they would switch to this hidden language and I would think it was a real ham radio conversation, instead of hate, cursing, racist remarks and deliberate jamming and interference. Obviously they would switch right back to their filfth as soon as I tuned away. In fact, a bit like trying to see that refrigerator light go out, I would suddenly tune back, really quickly, but there were too darned fast. These guys are good!!

Finally, around 3925, I heard one fellow, in talking about a ham he had known back in the Sixties, say "He was a hell of a ham." Wow. I did it! I nailed him! I got on frequency before he could switch to the profanity-free conversation. I caught a real "Hell" on the air! I marked it down on my calender and I checked my tape recorder, but it had run out of tape.

OK? This is for real. I listened to 75 meters from 8 PM to 10:15. I found no cursing, no hate radio, no off the wall remarks. I found conversations about radio, about pizza, about cars, about racing, about flying, about Silent Keys, about amplifiers (yes, some of these guys were running amplifiers) about boat anchor radio, about antennas, about DX.

I think we have here a serious case of penis envy. The strongest negative comments came from either "anonymous" who probably can't get on ANY ham band, until they eliminate testing altogether, and from Techs. Yes, I checked. They can't join it, so they will fight it.

One fellow reminds us of the mess on 14313. I'd say he needs to check that again. 14313 is the Pacific Seafarer's Net in the evenings, helping boats at sea. During the day I hear none of that old stuff that we used to hear. It's been gone a while. Seems to be WB2OTK was up for license problems. Haven't heard him in a while.

Yes, it used to be bad. There was indeed a time I would turn off the radio, or switch to CW, if my wife came into the room. I used to have a neighbor, about 12 miles from me, who was "king of the hill" on 3950. But the FCC shut him down, too. And a lot more of them. It's like visiting the old slum, people. It isn't a slum anymore. Back in the 50s and 60s 75 meters was a great band, but I saw the downhill slide in the early 70s. It was a reflection of society in general, not just hams. It has turned around.

Maybe there is a different bunch of hams on the East Coast. But here in the west, 75 meters is a much more pleasant band than "five five, fifty five, double fives, " on 20 meters. It is real people talking about real things, and not doing "you're 5-9, good QSO, 73, QRZ?" contacts. It is conversation, and that may be what a lot of people can't do anymore anyway, on or off ham radio.

I spent, seriously, over two hours looking for those nasty people. I didn't find a one. Not one. I think they have gone up to 20 meters for the night. I didn't - I stayed on 75.

But I'm going to check again, at random. They can't ALWAYS outsmart me. I'll catch them, eventually. For now, though, it's back to 40 CW, and good night.


RE: I Hate 75 Meters - A Finale?  
by K9AMZ on August 8, 2001 Mail this to a friend!
This is great, fun reading!

Reading all the stuff that was supposedly "going on" on 75/80m, I actually have been tuning around there in the evenings for a couple of weeks now.

You know what, the previous poster is right, they really *ARE* good: every time I tune to the frequency, they switch(ed) to "nice-talk" or maybe 'code-talk.' Maybe I'll have to get in there undercover to get learn their code and snitch them out to Riley "The Enforcer"?!

73 es cu on 75 de Alain k9amz
RE: I Hate 75 Meters  
by W0KDX on August 8, 2001 Mail this to a friend!
I love all the bands. Can't say I have been "run off" any band regardless of whether there was "bad speech", off-color conversations, etc. I tuned just the other night and regardless of what was noted, I did hear some "colored" conversations on 14.313, 3.898 and 3.901. I don't care. I kept on tuning and moving the dial.

Basically, what I have found, is some questionable stuff on 75, but lots of down to earth, rag chewing about everything from farming to radios, from electronics to computers, relatives to nets, etc. I think that 75 meters is and always will be the "general purpose" band for all to use.

Regardless of "off color" QSO's (i.e. racist, nasty, etc.) that do occur, one has the ability to turn the dial, unless of course, you old timers are still using crystals. I think that the concern about 75 is warranted, but not to the extent it needs a posting on the web. As to power, yep, I hear some pretty wide signals on there, but I don't park 1 kc from them either. I find a clear spot and go.

Bottom line, have fun. Do what it takes and work with the situation. If I didn't want to tolerate QRN, I wouldn't even think or dream of getting on the low bands during the Summer/Spring months, but I do.

You learn to work with the conditions present.

Get out there and heat up the ozone...get on 75 meters !!!

CU somewhere in the crowd....

RE: I Hate 75 Meters - A Finale?  
Anonymous post on August 8, 2001 Mail this to a friend!
Well, I don't know where one gentleman "Tuned" but just one pass across the band two evenings ago, I heard "QSO's" about blacks, gays, male and female anatomy (in detail), cussing, cussing out, cussed at, etc.

I then moved up the band to hear wierd noises, cat calls, music, reverberators, etc. about someone above 3.900 that was talking about the enforcement actions on past amateurs, etc.

What does all this mean, this contradiction ? Simply put, it goes on, and at times it doesn't. 75 and other bands have reputations for this kind of mentality. Best thing is what I did. I tuned away and ragchewed with a newer amateur on the band about low band antennas. I had a ball !
A parting thought (shot)  
by W5HTW on August 8, 2001 Mail this to a friend!
Mike (and others) I have enjoyed this topic immensely, I admit. Thanks to the original poster, Mike, who wrote that fine article (yes, I enjoyed your satire, and I did not meant to belittle it by saying the rest of the postings were funnier!)

For me, one good thing came out of this. I have avoided 75 meters for quite a while, but this topic sent me searching that band. For me - and this is opinion -- I found a nostalgic return to what I fell in love with so many years ago in this hobby. Real people with real conversations. It revitalized my own interest in ham radio. Now that I am again listening to 75 meters, I will probably find those bad boys. I can avoid them. But, for a few nights, I have romanced the stone again, a return to my roots in this hobby.

Then, this morning, I monitored two meters, and the following SATIRE is a statement of my opinion.


Kilo Tango Five zulu tango golf this is Kilo Tango Five zulu golf tango. Joe, you on the bye?

Kilo tango five zulu golf tango this is kilo tango five zulu tango golf, go ahead Tom, over

Kilo tango five zulu tango golf this is kilo tango five zulu golf tango Hey, there Joe, you going
down there to that there ham fest there this month there? (beep)

This is kilo tango five zulu tango golf. I don't know Tom. I've got to learn to program this rig
and get someone to help me build a J-pole antenna so I can put the rig in the house. And I have
to study my code sometime this week. Over.

Yeah, Tom, I know about that there code there. I been trying for twelve years and I can't get
that there code there, Tom. Man, I don't know. Over

Hey, Joe, you want to practice code tonight, over

You know, Tom, I'd like to but that basketball game is on tonight, you know, that there
basketball game, and I gotta watch that, for sure, there, roger? Over

Yeah, sure, Joe, maybe we can practice some code tomorrow night, over

Tom, I don't know about that, Tom, I mean I am not sure I can find my key there, and I think the
batteries in the code practice oscillator there have run down there and I got to get some new ones
there. Go ahead..

Well, OK, I'm going to practice a half hour next week and if you find you want to practice a bit,
give me a call, cause I'll be on the bye. Over

Yeah, Tom, OK, I'll do that. I'm going to be busy most of the week there, Tom, but if I find a
minute or two I'll give you a call there. For now, threes and I gotta go. This is Kilo Tango five
zulu tango golf


"Hey Tom?"
"Yeah, Paul."
"You get that engine running smoothly in your truck yet?"
"Yeah, I had the mechanic work on it. He found a bad sensor and it's doing fine now."
"Yeah, that'll do it. Was it under warranty?"
"Sure was. Didn't cost me a dime."
"Wow, Tom, hey with the money you saved you can buy that tower now, huh?"
"Naw, the wife says she needs a new sewing machine first. Guess ham radio is going to have to
wait a bit longer."
(New voice:) "Hey Bud?"
"Yeah, go ahead."
"You guys get that barn painted yet?"
"Naw. I 'm not going to paint it this year. Looks like it will last another year the way it is."
"That time already? KT5POT"

OK, neither of these types of QSOs are "always on." Some of us would enjoy the first. Some of us would feel more comfortable in the second.

I hope there are no KT5 call signs issued yet! If so, my apologies!

And THAT is ham radio! Different opinions. Me? I think I'll be on 75 for a bit.

My last posting on this topic, as I have other places to do and things to go.

RE: I Hate 75 Meters - A final Finale? ;)  
by K9AMZ on August 8, 2001 Mail this to a friend!
Well, ok. I s'pose it depends on the region and possibly the time? Anyhow, I'm pretty new to this HF game (upgraded on FD Sunday, 6/24), and found that my favorite bands so far are 17m (2-way) and 75m (so far only listened :).

I definitely will be around on 75m. If I do hear the bad stuff, that's why I have my tuning dial :)...

Enjoy, 73 de Alain K9amz.
I Hate 75 Meters  
by N1APC on August 8, 2001 Mail this to a friend!
It was a natural evolution which started in the 80's. First they made it easy enough so any CB nitwit operator could memorize a group of multiple choice questions.(with the blessing of the ARRL that had dollar signs in their eyes when the influx of new members would bring im a gold mine of new revenue).
Then that wasn't enough! NO CODE was the next scam to lure the dopes that could memorize a few questions but didn't have the mental capacity to learn a few code groups. And they made it easier!
Multiple choice was the answer! Not much fight from the ARRL again.
Think it's gotten bad so far, just wait until the no code techs arrive with and im sure you'll hear,
"yea 10-4 good buddy you always do a good job here"
Oh my god I almost wanna vomit just thinking about it!
Try buying some old boat anchors and get them on 75m AM, there are still a few good QSO's out there on 75m if your willing to revert to real ham radio and cast aside the vermin that have been sent upon us by our own ham radio organizations who we supported and turned on us.
Oh by the way I have the right to make my comment as I had to travel to boston by train on a hot summer day and sit in the customs building taking my test in front of an FCC examiner.
Try to get some of these idiots to do that today. You'd probibly get the reply,
(Boston Who?)
RE: I Hate 75 Meters  
by N6SVP on August 9, 2001 Mail this to a friend!
"First they made it easy enough so any CB nitwit operator could memorize a group of multiple choice questions."

So I guess you'd rather just see the service/hobby die out with the 2,982,333 word per minute old timers???? No users means we die.
RE: I Hate 75 Meters  
by KD5MAW on August 9, 2001 Mail this to a friend!
Where are all these "CB nitwit operator" types who would have the slightest interest in putting forth any effort whatever to get a license? Perhaps you're referring to some of the old-timer lids I hear on the bands now. A few of these characters act like part 97 doesn't apply to them because they got licensed in aught-nine. A lid is a lid, irrespective of the date on the FCC paper.
RE: I Hate 75 Meters  
by KU1V on August 10, 2001 Mail this to a friend!
i loved jack more than you!

jack, i loved you and you scorned me!

where's the nf1ob blimp?
I Hate 75 Meters  
by KA1ZFE on August 10, 2001 Mail this to a friend!
Maybee you all have not figured out how to take full advantage of Ham Radio as a hobbie. I talk to my frinds on 75 almost every night on 3.930. We then might sometimes chase DX on 20 together. I have NEVER not acnowledged any station that I could hear on that frequency. In fact ALL ARE WELCOME. That is the whole point of that frequency. No, we do not own the frequency, which is exactly why all people are let in to talk. Do not scapegoat all opperators on 75 with your phyco synopsis of opperators there. Yes, it is true, there are frequencies on 75 that you just want to stay away from. they will get there's in time. And remember if you are running QRP with a whip on a fence, even though you hear the signals 40 over, you most likely will not be heard. The noise levels on 75 are extremely bad most of the time. But in saying that, we have a gentleman on 3.930 that comes in QRP every now and then and we can hear him fine. It is also dependent an the antennas being run. Anybody can run 1kw into a G5RV but they are not going to hear squat. I never run an AMP but I do run a 367' horrizontal loop. I can hear plenty that others cant.

Besides 75M is the only band I ever got a Good Opperator Report from an OO.

"Fear not, for 75 is a nice place." If you are scared away from it, you most likely do not like contests either.

RE: I Hate 75 Meters  
Anonymous post on August 10, 2001 Mail this to a friend!
I hear so called hams saying that they have "UPGRADED" to extra ,general or whatever...I wonder if they realize that their "UPGRADE" is the equivalent to the "NOVICE" exam that so many of you took to get your start in ham radio.What do we have now,"EXTRA NOVICE" class ? Or is it "NOVICE EXTRA" class ? By the way,why as a group are the least qualified called TECHNICIANS ?
I Hate 75 Meters  
by KU4QD on August 10, 2001 Mail this to a friend!
Wow! N1APC, Thank You! Let's scare off all those nasty newcomers. Basically, anyone who was licensed after you had to "go to the FCC office", say, about 1984, are vermin,right? We don't want them infesting our ham bands, do we? Let's reinstate the 20 WPM code test, and make it a requirement for an entry level license while we're at it. That should make sure that only real radio operators can get on. For that matter, let's change the technical test so that it concentrates on those real radios you love, the ones to use on AM that glow in the dark. None of that newfangled solid state or, G-d forbid, digital stuff. No sir! Oh, and if you've even been in the same room with a CB you should be disqualified. That should make the bands safe for real radio operators, all 20 or so of them. Yep, that's the ticket. Then y'all could each have your own frequency for sure, and bash all the people you excluded all the time.

I was licensed in 1984 at a VE session. The Advanced Class text (now rolled into the Extra exam) required a real knowledge of electronics. The Extra test still does. No code is a scam, huh? Well... even the military has mostly abandoned code. It's an interesting historical mode is all. Oh, don't get me wrong. I'll argue to protect the CW band allocations. CW is something many hams really enjoy and are passionate about. Besides, it does get through when not much else can and requires minimal equipment. I owe some of my longest (distance) VHF/UHF contacts to being able to send and receive CW at a reasonable rate, and I encourage everyone to learn it and become reasonably proficient. Having said that, is it something you *must* know to be a good ham operator? Methinks not. Knowledge of digital theory is far more relevant to the real world today. Courtesy is something that is required, and is something N1APC and his ilk lack. Sadly, so do many of the folks on 75 meters, which is why I *do* avoid the band. I'd rather hang with the polite "vermin" than with the arrogant "real operators" any day.

Without newcomers we will die as a hobby and become little more than a footnote in history. We need to encourage young people to get interested in this hobby and to learn what it can teach. The attitude I've read here does just the opposite.

RE: I Hate 75 Meters  
by K9AMZ on August 10, 2001 Mail this to a friend!
Hey anonymous coward.

I guess you're referring to me as the "so called ham" who upgraded to general...

Guess what. I did not choose the requirements to get a particular license class. I passed my Element 1, 2, and 3 tests, and I am now a General; not a "General Light", not a "General Novice", but a General. I love it. If you have a problem with that, sorry OF, but that's how it is.

People like you are pitiful; guess Viagra doesn't help any more...

161 de Alain, K9amz.
RE: I Hate 75 Meters  
Anonymous post on August 10, 2001 Mail this to a friend!
"I was licensed in 1984 at a VE session. The Advanced Class text (now rolled into the Extra exam) required a real knowledge of electronics."

Negatory. All it required was the ability to memorize answers to published questions.

"Knowledge of digital theory is far more relevant to the real world today."

Yup. Take PSK-31 for example. It has a 50dB or so dynamic range and people are in love with it. As a result they want a world-wide limit of ten watts with a coathanger antenna so the crummy dynamic range of the system is hidden. If we tried to operate SSB or CW with a 50dB dynamic range, we would face the same silly idea that power is a problem....oh wait, the 75 meter bashers think that now.
I Hate 75 Meters  
by KG4FMQ on August 10, 2001 Mail this to a friend!
I understand this fellows concern about 75M. (I DO NOT SPELL WELL) I have been a General for about a year now. Yes I agree, there may be a bit of POOR OPERATING Practice. BUT, why STIR up all this comotion and start taking CallSign's and recording conversations. I also agree that we need to POLICE ourselves more closely. Everyone has a right to MAKE THEIR STATEMENT!!! Some of those Freq's. on 75M are like TV Channels. If you do not like what you SEE and or HEAR, TURN the DIAL!!!
BUT, why complain when we can be taking matters into our own hands, and HELP Mr. Rilley Hollingsworth! I BELIEVE that is how to spell his name. ALL FORGIVE me if I do not spell it right. We need to preserve this WONDERFUL HOBBY. I plan to upgrade to EXTRA. It will be nice.

73's to all!
RE: I Hate 75 Meters  
by KB9YYJ on August 10, 2001 Mail this to a friend!
RE: I Hate 75 Meters  
by W8MW on August 11, 2001 Mail this to a friend!

Hey Matt, the thing to do is make up your own mind by checking out the bands yourself. A thread like this can be misleading because some of the posts are from losers just looking for another place to complain. Did you notice how some of them couldn't even track with the topic being discussed, but they still had plenty of things to moan and groan about?

In a lot of cases, there is a big difference between what you read online and what you actually hear on the ham bands. Take people's keyboard opinions with a grain of salt. Belive your own experiences in front of your radio.

The great thing about amateur radio is how diverse it is. The trick is to find the bands/modes/people you like. Most of us start out wanting to try a little bit of everything since it's all so new and novel. Then over a period of time, we might find out there are some bands or modes we like more than others.

You might even find some people you can have fun with and will want to talk with them regularly. That's the main attraction of 75 meters. If you hear something you like one day, you'll probably find it again the next day. Propagation is super reliable out to several hundred miles.

I wrote this article using satire to point out some of the cool things about 75 meters. I don't hate it, I love it!

73 and welcome to the hobby!

Mike W8MW

RE: I Hate 75 Meters  
Anonymous post on August 12, 2001 Mail this to a friend!
I have read a number of these post and i will have to admit that some of them iritate me a little.I guess that it is a sign of the times.The references to older hams as old f.....s and lids leaves one wondering just what type of sub human would come up with a statement like that.Having been active in amateur radio for
sixty five years i guess that i must be one of those but for some reason i never thought of myself as any other than a reasonable good operator that is careful with my language while on the air.I don't know what one considers an old operator.Is it that he has been on the air a year,five years or ten years?One thing
that I do know is that when the present generations parents embraced the drug culture and lost their social skills and then didn't have anything to pass along to their children it begin to show up in all walks of life amateur radio included.When i got my ticket i was very proud of it and still am.I had a lot of respect for the hams of previous years that paved the way for me.I can't recall ever hearing a ham complain that
he hated a band.I imagine that they must have been smart enough to move to one that satisfied them.I can't help but wonder,do these people buy automobiles that they hate and keep them ? This is a lot like some of the younger people complaining about poor public facilities,bumpy roads and highways and many other tax supported projects that they never paid a penny to build.The same with amateur radio,not one particle of contribution but a lot of whining,crying and bellyaching.There is a place for these people,they can go back to the cb band or internet.
RE: I Hate 75 Meters  
Anonymous post on August 13, 2001 Mail this to a friend!
Thank goodness someone else caught the original article was just tounge-in-cheek. I was wondering for the first two or three paragraphs, then realized what a brilliantly written column it is.

I enjoyed it, and your underscoring it for those who missed the tone and point , so well.

The scary thing is how many people actually agreed with the original article and missed that it was all a farse to begin with!

hi hi hi
A Brilliant piece!
RE: I Like 75 Meters  
by N8MIS on August 17, 2001 Mail this to a friend!
RE: I Like 75 Meters  
by NF0A on August 21, 2001 Mail this to a friend!
Well, I like conversing other things besides "wx ,Equipment,rst,digestion,bad breath,etc,.. as gets pretty old same subject over and over and over and over ad nauseum and i like using psk-31 to chew the rag on ??? as long as subject is`nt offensive,etc... to anyone. Lie an old saying says, If you can`t stand the heat,Get out of the kitchen!
RE: I Hate 75 Meters  
by KN0YNE on December 5, 2001 Mail this to a friend!
I agree that 75 meters is getting pretty bad as time goes on. Also, I agree that no one answers a cq on 75 meters in the evening, even if there is a space open. Rude operators are expanding about as fast as rude drivers. It is just how we deal with one another in todays soceity. I was a SWL back in the late 50's and I remember the "gentlemens band" on 160 meters. You could hear 3 or 4 operators passing the conversation around in an orderly manner and they did quite well in doing that. I mostly listen on 75 meters now a days, since I believe you have to be some sort of blood brother to the rest and run a kilowatt of power to maintain a place in a group. I guess if you don't like 75 meters, find another band and operate on those.
I Hate 75 Meters  
by KF4DEW on June 24, 2002 Mail this to a friend!
I am a T no code but i hear a lot of trash talk. Sometimes they get to talking about there wives and get into to some things that should not be talk about on the air. 75 meter that is and extra CB channel. I thought by passing the code that kept those kind of people off ham radio. That just prove my point. It's not how many dah & dits you know it's the kind of person you are. 73's So down with the code for ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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