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ARRL Posts Amateur Radio Parity Act FAQ:

from The ARRL Letter on August 10, 2017
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ARRL Posts Amateur Radio Parity Act FAQ:

The Amateur Radio Parity Act of 2017 is now in the US Senate (S. 1534). ARRL has developed and posted a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs), "The Amateur Radio Parity Act: Setting the Record Straight," to explain and to clarify what the passage of the legislation would accomplish -- as well as what it would not.

"There has been so much misinformation floating around on forums, blogs, podcasts, etc. regarding the Amateur Radio Parity Act, that we realized a listing of facts as to what the bill is and what it does was long overdue," said ARRL Hudson Division Director Mike Lisenco, N2YBB, who chairs the ARRL Board's ad hoc Legislative Advocacy Committee.

ARRL General Counsel Chris Imlay, W3KD, prepared the FAQ on behalf of the Board of Directors and its ad hoc Legislative Advocacy Committee.

"We trust that this will address any concerns you may have had about the legislation," Lisenco said. "Let's buckle down and get this bill passed. We can only do this with your help."

Senators Roger Wicker (R-MS) and Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) co-sponsored S. 1534, which was introduced in the US Senate on July 12, marking another step forward for this landmark legislation. The measure will, for the first time, guarantee all radio amateurs living in deed-restricted communities governed by a homeowner's association (HOA) or subject to any private land-use regulations, the right to erect and maintain effective outdoor antennas at their homes. Senate bill S. 1534 is identical to House bill H.R. 555, which passed in January.

In a message to ARRL members this week, ARRL President Rick Roderick, K5UR, thanked all who have written their Senators in support of S. 1534. "If you have not done so, please do," Roderick said, referring to the bill's Rally Congress page.


The ARRL Letter

Member Comments:
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ARRL Posts Amateur Radio Parity Act FAQ:  
by W8LV on August 10, 2017 Mail this to a friend!
Thanks for this Post...

It really does clear up the misinformation that's being spread around by the Detractors of the Bill.

Now let's get this thing passed into Law!

73 and All the Best!
DE W8LV Bill

RE: ARRL Posts Amateur Radio Parity Act FAQ:  
by N6TV on August 11, 2017 Mail this to a friend!
ARRL volunteer counsel Fred Hopengarten, K1VR, author of the book "Antenna Zoning for the Radio Amateur," strongly OPPOSES this revised bill (HR-555/S.1534) as it is currently written.

For Fred's rebuttal to Chris Imlay's remarks, please see (redirects to my web site and downloads a PDF file written by K1VR named Just_Say_No_to_S.1534_v4.pdf).

Based on Fred's arguments, and the opinions of other ARRL volunteer counsels, I am convinced that bill will do far more harm than good, giving HOAs even more power than they have today.

I have asked my two Senators to OPPOSE this bill.

Bob, N6TV
RE: ARRL Posts Amateur Radio Parity Act FAQ:  
by W8LV on August 11, 2017 Mail this to a friend!
That may be, but the ARRL's Council DOES recommend it,
and has asked it's constituency to RECOMMEND the Bill,
as stated: It's in the FAQ as to the details why...

Thanks just the same, though. ;-)

73 and All the Best!

DE W8LV Bill

RE: ARRL Posts Amateur Radio Parity Act FAQ:  
by N6TV on August 11, 2017 Mail this to a friend!
Of course ARRL's Chief Counsel Chris Imlay, W3KD, supports it, as this is required by his employer. All ARRL directors are also required to publicly support it, even if they privately oppose it, due to the new ARRL BoD "Loyalty and Secrecy" policy (see

I understand that W3KD was mainly responsible for negotiating the new language of the bill, to make it acceptable to HOAs.

K1VR's document clearly explains why this new revised bill will do hams more harm than good. I encourage you to understand his arguments, which are a response to Imlay's FAQ. Read them here please:

Bob, N6TV

RE: ARRL Posts Amateur Radio Parity Act FAQ:  
by W8LV on August 11, 2017 Mail this to a friend!


It's a pretty common Parliamentary Procedure
to maintain organizational confidentiality.
And an expectation to support an employer's
goals and values.

To attempt to wrench out of this some
"Hidden conspiracy" for the ARRL to
"sell out" the constituency seems to me,
to be a bit of an absurd Conspiracy Theory

I'd say that it's more probable that the ARRL was behind that Roswell Weather Balloon thing, or maybe disappearing the USS Eldridge, and kept it all under wraps for years, than selling out their members.

As for the rest of us, I'm pretty sure the FAQ's will suffice to allay any "ARRL Conspiratorial Fears" that you might have about the ARRL!

Please just read the FAQ's and then decide, because I'm CERTAIN that no one in the "ARRL Inner Circle" needs to be subjected to the Hot Copper Wire,Propane Torch,Petri Dish Blood Test to see if they are real or not.

73 and All the Best!
DE W8LV Bill

RE: ARRL Posts Amateur Radio Parity Act FAQ:  
by N6TV on August 11, 2017 Mail this to a friend!
I'm not promoting any conspiracy theory. I'm just saying we cannot find out how our elected ARRL directors truly feel about the revised Parity Act, because they are no longer allowed to tell us if they didn't like it. It's right there in the new Code of Conduct:

"The duty of loyalty means that the Board member must act in the best interests of the corporation and its mission, rather than in the Board memberís own interest or in the interest of another person or entity."

In other words, ARRL Directors are now required to give primary loyalty to the ARRL, instead to the wishes of ARRL members who elected them.

And for now, we can't find out how well they're representing us:

"6.c. A Board member may not, in disclosing anything about the Boardís deliberations, discuss or disclose the votes of the Board or of individual Board members (including his/her own) unless the Board has previously made the votes public."

To my knowledge, the Board votes on this very controversial issue have never been made public, and may never be made public.

"8.d. A Board member must not take actions publicly or with respect to the ARRL membership that have the purpose or effect of undermining or discrediting the decisions or actions of the Board."

"8.e. If a Board member is ultimately unable to accept a Board decision and is unable to influence a change, the Board member should consider voluntarily resigning his/her position on the Board."

"8.f. A Board member may not publicly oppose a Board action prior to the effective date of his or her resignation from the Board."

In other words, if a Board member really doesn't like a decision of the board, they have to keep quiet about it, or resign. That just doesn't seem right.

For another opinion on why the so-called Parity Act is bad for amateur radio, please read this post by former Southwestern Division Vice Director N6VI titled "The Case Against HR-555" (S.1534):

Bob, N6TV
RE: ARRL Posts Amateur Radio Parity Act FAQ:  
by W8LV on August 11, 2017 Mail this to a friend!
Hi Bob,

The ARRL's Corporate Mission is:

To Promote Ham Radio.

So everything's Okie Dokie.

Please encourage everyone to Support the Amateur Radio Parity Act.

READ the ARRL President's Questions and Answers.

They're Clear as a Bell!
(Like the old Sonora Jingle...;-))

73 and All the Best!
DE W8LV Bill
RE: ARRL Posts Amateur Radio Parity Act FAQ:  
by N6TV on August 11, 2017 Mail this to a friend!
The ARRL is under new leadership. The new leadership has stated that the revised Amateur Radio Parity Act (ARPA) is "the best we're going to get."

Many are not convinced. Experienced attorneys I respect like K1VR, and at least three other ARRL volunteer counsels, have compelling arguments against it. So does former vice director N6VI. They have explained that the bill could do hams far more harm than good, which is why we all must OPPOSE the Parity Act, as amended. The intent is fine, but the language of the bill itself, as amended, is terribly flawed, and we should go back to the negotiating table with the CAI (an HOA lobbying group that negotiated the final wording of the bill).

I am aware of at least four volunteer counsels (ham lawyers), including K1VR, who are OPPOSED to the ARRL on this one, as am I. I'm a Life Member and long time supporter of the ARRL, but I think they got it wrong this time.

I encourage you to read K1VR's document, which among other things explains that the act allows an HOA to decide what "an effective outdoor antenna" is, instead of the ham. And hams will also have to get prior HOA permission to string up a wire. How can any ham accept something like that?

Please read and tell me why you don't find it convincing.

Bob, N6TV
RE: ARRL Posts Amateur Radio Parity Act FAQ:  
by W8LV on August 11, 2017 Mail this to a friend!
Hi Bob,

I have read it.

And here's The Rub:

The New, Current Management of the ARRL includes the CURRENT President.

And HE RECOMMENDS that the Amateur Radio Parity Act be passed.

It's a Compromise, the likes of which were JOINTLY negotiated by the CAI and the ARRL: They BOTH agree on it. And Indeed, at the negotiating table: That's the Best deal that we can get. And the Best deal that the CAI can get.

It gives us a seat at the table, one that we currently do NOT have. And then there's those Ridiculous CC&R's.

Add to this the addition of those who counter with: Well you shouldn't have bought in such neighborhoods
Or that you shouldn't, an almost impossibility today with 90% boilerplated communities. Who THEN turn THAT "argument" on it's ear by THEN exclaiming that we should just toss the Act out completely and start all over. Again.

Not too suprisingly, THEY haven't introduced a Bill of their own to Congress. Or done ANY of the negotiating. Ever.

But Amateur Radio Parity Act represents about thirty five years of getting just to... HERE, and a LOT of hard work on the ARRL's part.

Have you got another thirty five years, Bob?

During which, the HOA's will become even MORE entrenched? And set yet MORE Precident in THEIR favour, and NOT ours?

Now, I've been to Court. It's a place where you WILL end up, sooner or later, if you live long enough. Have you ever noticed how thick the yellow pages are under the "Attorney" section? They don't hang shingles out for a service for which there is no need or demand...the same as ANY business.

And I have yet to observe a court case where the Judge rules, and one party is VERY happy, and the other party is VERY unhappy.

It's much more likely that if both parties come out of the Arena BOTH Slightly Unhappy, that the Right and Fair decesion was made.

As far as the Lawyers arguing about the words vs. realities, that's what they DO.

These kind of conflicts can drag on for YEARS.
Most aren't necessary, and are about as important as determining if you should break the wide end vs. the narrow end of a hard boiled egg first. (I'm a "break the narrow end first" man myself. How about you, Bob?)

As far as individual Lawyers arguing over the words?

Put a Lawyer in a room alone, and soon he will begin arguing with himself.

You just have to read, weigh, evaluate, and decide.
I'm going with the ARRL President on this one, and supporting the Amateur Radio Parity Act.

Sure, the ARRL isn't right on everything: It's a Human Institution. But then again, so is Congress. And the Courts.

But THIS time? The ARRL got it EXACTLY RIGHT.
THIS Bill gives us a seat at the table.

And the CAI BLINKED. That's why they negotiated with us.
It's the ONLY reason that they negotiated with us.

That's just how it is, Bob!

And the CAI would LOVE it if we all got bogged down and didn't pass it.

We Need To Take The Deal.

73 and All the Best!
DE W8LV Bill

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