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FCC Warns Trucking Firms About Alleged Unlicensed 10-Meter Operation:

from The ARRL Letter, Vol 22, No 30 on August 2, 2003
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FCC Warns Trucking Firms About Alleged Unlicensed 10-Meter Operation:

The FCC Enforcement Bureau has sent Warning Notice letters to three highway transportation firms asserting that drivers of some of their vehicles may have transmitted without a license on 10 meters. The notices allege the unlicensed operations took place July 8 on Interstate highways in South Carolina.

Letters went out July 14 from FCC Special Counsel Riley Hollingsworth to Jolly Roger Capital Ltd of Columbia, South Carolina, Tidewater Transit Company of Kinston, North Carolina, and Shuford Lumber of Marion, North Carolina. He warned all three firms that operation of radio transmitting equipment without a license could lead to fines of up to $10,000, equipment seizure and even imprisonment.

Hollingsworth asked all three firms to get in touch with him to discuss the allegations. He told ARRL that one of the companies already had responded and required its driver to remove all radio gear from his truck.

In other enforcement news, the FCC warned two General class operators in Virginia against operating outside their privileges on 20 meters. Hollingsworth wrote Cody A. Stinson, KG4YKL, and Randall K. Stinson, KG4YKM, of Lebanon regarding alleged operation June 20 on 14.210 MHz--a frequency that's outside the General phone band. Hollingsworth cautioned the licensees that such operation could lead to revocation proceedings and fines and jeopardize attempts to upgrade. He asked both operators to contact him.

The FCC also forwarded a complaint to a New Jersey licensee alleging that a repeater bearing her call sign on 147.775 MHz "often fails to identify, drifts and often generates noise and locks into the transmit mode." The complaint further alleged that the repeater was no longer coordinated. Hollingsworth requested that Elizabeth I. Olsen, N2CTD, of Farmingdale review the complaint, indicate what steps she was taking to verify the repeater's proper operation and respond to a series of questions regarding the repeater.

Hollingsworth also notified Nibia M. Cedeno, ex-N2GRI, of Hollywood, Florida, that the FCC had canceled her General class Amateur Radio license after she failed to appear for reexamination on or before June 30, 2003, as requested last April.

Amateur Radio-related FCC Enforcement Bureau correspondence is available on the ARRL Web site


The ARRL Letter Vol. 22, No. 30 August 1, 2003

Member Comments:
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FCC Warns Trucking Firms About Alleged Unlicensed  
by WA2JJH on August 2, 2003 Mail this to a friend!
I now know where all that 10 meter activity, that sounded CB like came from.

However there a few companies selling 'ham amps" 10M
only! They were rated for 1200W. Cost $300. When I sent an email asking if they made one for 20 meters, no response of course. I do not think any car battary
would support a 1200W out amp. I guess a truck battary
RE: FCC Warns Trucking Firms About Alleged Unlicen  
by KG4VPV on August 2, 2003 Mail this to a friend!
2 deep cycle batteries in parallel with a high output alternator would though. I learned this a while back when a friend of mine got into copetition stereos. At that point, I threatened to invent the "Bass seeking missile"
FCC Warns Trucking Firms About Alleged Unlicensed  
by K7VO on August 3, 2003 Mail this to a friend!
Once again, my thanks to Mr. Hollingsworth. If he can cut down on the unlicensed operation that goes on then we all owe him our gratitude. Yes, I know it's the FCC's job, but for too long they took a hands-off attitude towards ham radio.
RE: FCC Warns Trucking Firms About Alleged Unlicen  
by KC8WCW on August 3, 2003 Mail this to a friend!

K7V0: I couldn't agree more. Mr.Hollingsworth is only one person. From what I've seen, he has certainly made more than a little effort to right the wrongs of days gone by. Regardless of the FCC's stance in days gone by, that doesn't make him responsible for matters prior to his appointment. I hear a lot of sarcasm on these threads whenever he requests licensed hams to identify or otherwise assist with enforcement issues. What's that about? Hams will sit back and cry to the FCC the moment someone steps on their little toe. We now have someone brave enough to take the bull by the horns and at least attempt to work through the issues. Yet, these people ridicule his every move.

I'd say, put up or shut up. Here's a man who by all accounts is making a concerted effort to better Amateur Radio for all. Regardless of the lack of past enforcement on the issues, that was not his doing. He definitely has a backbone to step into such a jungle, and is a better man than I. Hey, he's one of us. Stand behind him, rather than ridicule his every move.

RE: FCC Warns Trucking Firms About Alleged Unlicen  
by KI4BCL on August 3, 2003 Mail this to a friend!
Illegal operators is an effort that we can all contribute to the reduction of -- If you see and can confirm it - turn their asses in ...
or at the least - inform them that there's a nasty fine and forteiture of equipment if they don't cease.

Have a nice day all - Thanks to the hosts of this site.

RE: FCC Warns Trucking Firms About Alleged Unlicen  
by N6AJR on August 4, 2003 Mail this to a friend!
I have had one of those 1200 watt amps, they draw 160 to 180 amps, but I only drove it to about 800 watts so I could run it off of my 50 amp and 70 amp astrons tied together. ( there is a plug in the back you connect to synronise them). I had a friend look at it on his scope, he said it was fine on 40 meters, the band we checked.

I can order an amp from several hundred places on the net, any time day or nite. Most will woirk on 80 - 10 amd 40 -10 even more so. The circuit does not know if it is hooked to a cb or a ham rig. It is just electrons running around in circles. I had an old friend (?) who ran 15,000 watts mobile on the 11 meter band and he was a Ham also. Yup, fifteen thousand watts , on CB, in his blazer with 4 alternators, and two 110 volt generators and the back filled with amp and batteries. Go figure.

There is nothing intrinsincally wrong with the amps. It is the users who abuse them.

Lets have every time a truck crosses a scale, they look for illegal radios in the rig. OH, that won't work, we would have to teach cops the difference between ham and cb. Know what I mean vern.

So Mr. Riley , keep up the good work, and the rest of us, practice your cw on the air at 28000 to 28300 where it is legal for us, and annoys the illegal cb'er's there on our band cq cq cq
RE: FCC Warns Trucking Firms About Alleged Unlicen  
by N4GI on August 4, 2003 Mail this to a friend!
<<There is nothing intrinsincally wrong with the amps. It is the users who abuse them.>>

Yeah, for a few hundred bucks they are bargains.

....aside from the fact that they spew garbage all over the ham bands, and are illegal to use for either amateur or CB radio.

Firing up your new $199 SUPERTURBOTALKER 9000 is also a sure way to quickly make friends with your neighbors.

Blake N4GI

RE: FCC Warns Trucking Firms About Alleged Unlicen  
by KE1MB on August 4, 2003 Mail this to a friend!
yup, great job on the FCC's part. Wow! the goverment does something that we like! As far as the amps go, you do have to be careful with them. As they are out of the box most have no feedback and possably run in class B or even C. Whatever amp you use MUST meet FCC specifications on harmonic and non-harmonic emmissions. Chances are very high that a cheap CB amp would most likly require a modification to it's design meet these specs. Don't just pull one out of the box and run it on the ham bands without knowing for sure it is clean. Also if you run any HF amp below 28MHz you MUST have a low-pass filter attached or you will run into trouble.
FCC Warns Trucking Firms About Alleged Unlicensed  
by WA2JJH on August 7, 2003 Mail this to a friend!
I am sure Blake is right on those el cheapo amps.
The SKYWALKER is FCC certified for ham use. However it is over $600, and is only 500W pep.

If you want a good laugh and get angry at the same time, check out copper electronics sight.
They do sell 2m and 440 amps, I guess that is thier loop hole.

They sell so called 10M RADIO'S out of the box 50W.
Then they say add X dollars for 11m use.

The huge RF AMPS are on the next page. The 1200 watter is there. What I find amuzing and sickening is that they refer to the RF transistors used as ''PILLS''! VERY HIGH TECH TERM HERE.

Why the FCC allows this is beyond me. I guess one could buy one, and add multistage lowpass filters.
Add RF BYPASS caps for the lower bands. Some ferrite
beads, and properly bias the transistors.
Run it at a lower power, then see on a spectrum analyser. Then HOPE you meet the FCC SPECS.

Nothing illegal about that. HAMS can redesign equipment. However you are still supporting a US COMPANY that is resposible for much equipment sold at truck stops.

ANother poster had an excellent idea. Train the inspectors at the truck stops. Have an inspectore with a frequency counter just go up to a trucker and say...
hey good buddy I just want to check my scanner. Can you just key the mic up on 29mhz and then 26mhz. BUSTED!

Hate to say it. I bought a 24 foot all fibre glass vertical from them, 3 years ago. Works great 6-20 meters. Check out copper electronics on the web to their show case of illegal amps and 10-12 meter rigs.

You just cant make this stuff up!

RE: FCC Warns Trucking Firms About Alleged Unlicen  
by VE7AGW on August 7, 2003 Mail this to a friend!
Actually there are getting to be more of us trucker that are licenced amateurs. I use to run my 706 in the cab. Also had a cheap old Cobra for getting "
Smokie" and scale house reports and most of the Cold Storage Plants in California use them to control their loading docks. Other wise I was on the amateur bands. I was surprised to find a lot Hams were truckers, it sure passes the time when your stuck some where for a weekend or runing across the prairie states/provinces. I've been trucking for over 30 years and a ham for longer and I'm glad the technology finally caught up with the hobby. And mobile hf is great. I've also warned a lot of truckers who had equipment they shouldn't have had in their cabs. Of all the years and miles I've only been asked about the radio gear once in New Mexico at a Port of entry scale. Turned out this fellow was a ham
and just wanted to see my shack. But then I had my
Call sign on all four sides of the tractor and trailer. You would be surprised of the number of people I've meet motoring acroos and up/down North America. But there are always a few rotten apples in a bushel and we don't throw away the whole bushel.
73 (good Buddy) VE7AGW Al
FCC Warns Trucking Firms About Alleged Unlicensed  
by NH6ZB on August 9, 2003 Mail this to a friend!
Well in my opinion the first thing the FCC needs to do is stop the illegal radio distribution at the source. Copper Electronics, and the majority of the truck stops in the US sell illegal/export model radios such as the Galaxy. I drive truck for a living and I cannot count how many time that I have talk to and seen illegal equipment in truck. Another problem that maybe only specific for us in the northeast is that truckers are getting there hands on marine band radios and using them on land. Especially log trucks and primarily truckers from Quebec coming here.I have tried several times to caution them about using such equipment and the fines and penalties associated with such use but to no evail they keep right on going. Eventually they will get caught and pay the price.
RE: FCC Warns Trucking Firms About Alleged Unlicen  
by N8ZUX on August 10, 2003 Mail this to a friend!
The big problem is they have a plastic card to buy it, the HD truck industry has made adavnces for these linear amps to be handled by 110 Amp. alternators, as far as 4 alternators question I find that to be a real challenge to charge what ?? BCI 28 battery instead of a BCI 31 battery ? ( HD Trucks use BCI 31's in 4's for the current rating ) I used to work 12 years in Industry as matienance and a parts driver. Today I work in a Transportation ind. involving HD trucks, RV'S passenger cars, I am in process to file a complaint to the FCC against a Trucker for violation of the CFR 47 part 95 D of the rules. he was also busted by the State Police for non-radio offense, and In conjunction used his CB for Illeagle activity the FCC I am working on a complaint. also any Illeagle activity is fwd to the OO that I monitor on 10M. so I get to listen later High Speed CW since the offense was in the CW part ( 28.00-28.300 part of the band. we should all participate in monitoring besides the FCC has us doing that as part of Homeland Security anyway.
FCC Warns Trucking Firms About Alleged Unlicensed  
by KA5CVH on August 11, 2003 Mail this to a friend!
I have written the league a couple of times that they do just this. Get people who are smarter than I to go out and document with lab equipment, trucks that MUST have amps on their CB's. When I'm tooling down the road (60,000+ mi/yr) and I hear CB's on my AM/FM car radio never mind the ham bands I know without the aid of any test gear that one of those trucks is over legal limit power.

I've suggested that the league even equip a van to go into truck stops and monitor things. We all know that these truckers can't keep thier mouth's shut about running extra power so engage them in conversation and then forward that to the trucking company coping the FCC.

If we could get the top companies to self police themselves under the threat of the FCC inspecting their trucks if they don't, then I believe that most CEO's and operations managers will see the light. Will that get rid of all of them? Of course not.


What do you call 500 illegal CB amplifiers in the bottom of the ocean?

A good start.

FCC Warns Trucking Firms About Alleged Unlicensed  
by KM5QF on August 12, 2003 Mail this to a friend!
Try sending an email to in hopes things can improve. Is who I have dealt with and the more people that vox opinions to him the better. He really does care what you have to say.
As long as the truckstops sell these cheap export radios and linears, people will buy them. Have even seen a truckstop in ohio selling two meter radios to non ham truckers as 'private' radios. Eliminate the supply, the demand dries up. The idea of pulling into a truxtop w/ a FS meter is comical, even with a dozen attenuators in line it will still peg out full scale and stay there. Let the crooked states like ohio and california know that their bears can write tickets to truckers with linears and whooo boy! Open season on Galaxy radios! We have to find a way for enforcement to be lucrative for the FCC, or some other agency before they will do anything about it. I should hope no one believes the FCC, ARRL, or anyone else gives a toot about our spectrum beyond the dollars signs associated with it. As a truck driver myself, it angers me greatly to even be linked by association with these idiots that run the linears and bootleggers. I send emails, ive made phone calls, what have you done to help?
FCC Warns Trucking Firms About Alleged Unlicensed  
by KD5DFM on August 14, 2003 Mail this to a friend!
the sad thing i bet those truckers could do cw better than most new generals ;-)
FCC Warns Trucking Firms About Alleged Unlicensed  
by VE7AGW on January 22, 2006 Mail this to a friend!
I've also seen a lot of the truck-stops selling illegal 10 meter ham radios as CB's. I don't understand how they can get away with it. Even though I drove truck for over 1.5 million miles and I did have a CB in the cab, I still don't condone any illegal use of our amateur bands. I wouldn't use my 706 on the CB freqencies as it was not licensed for that band. Besides 4 watts is plenty of power to talk to a docking dispatcher at the end of a parking lot. I would like it a lot if the scale houses had the authority to sieze equipment that wasn't legally licenced. If we as licensed operators don't police our bands we will loss them. As for Quebec trucks using marine radios, well that doesn't surprise me at all. I've seen and hear of fishing boats using amateur hf radios for marine radio use. Also reported one to the RCMP, who have the authority to enforce the Communications Act in Canada. If we don't do something we will be the ones who will loose not the truckers or the fishing boats. We as amateurs have to police our own bands and keep on the authroites but to get them to act. I remember the days when the inspector in both Canada and USA would pay your station a visit and inspect your equipment, logs or what have you, not anymore though. I haven't seen an inspector in over 15 years now. I honestly don't think they care what happens to our bands.
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