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New Antenna Technology:

from University or Rhode Island, Department of Communications/News Bureau on June 3, 2004
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University of Rhode Island's Department of Communications/News Bureau has issued a press release regarding the development of a new antenna technology by Rob Vincent (K1DFT). Rob is a Physics Department employee at the University and is the developer of the technology.

The press release issued Wednesday, June 2, 2004, reports the new technology delivers a revolutionary antenna design presently submitted for patent. The new design dramatically reduces size while improving efficiency and maintaining broad bandwith.

Read the full press release at the URL below:

Member Comments:
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New Antenna Technology:  
by W3JJH on June 3, 2004 Mail this to a friend!
A former colleague in the loudspeaker business Paul Klipsch wore a bright yellow button under his lapel inscribed with the word "Bullshit!" Whenever someone made a fantastic claim for a loudspeaker, Paul would flash the button as his only response.

I await the publication of a paper in a refereed technical describing this new antenna and how it circumvents Maxwell's Equations and the Laws of Thermodynamics. Meanwhile, I have a genuine Paul Klipsch lapel button handy.
New Antenna Technology:  
by KG4GSC on June 3, 2004 Mail this to a friend!
Hmmm....100% efficient antenna.....maybe a superconductor? What's the date again? April 1st? It would be nice, but I'll wait for the field trials and technical descriptions before I get excited about it.

New Antenna Technology:  
by W0FMS on June 3, 2004 Mail this to a friend!
He should go bowling with that Fractenna guy... they are both hams, ya know..
RE: New Antenna Technology:  
by AC5E on June 3, 2004 Mail this to a friend!
Chuckle! Seems like I have heard that song before.

According to accepted theory, a very short antenna has very low radiation resistance and a whale of a lot of reactance. So compactness leads to grossly inefficent antenna systems. So I'm skeptical.

On the other hand - I hope he has something. A really efficent 30 foot tall 160 Meter monopole, one that would play with a 130 foot tower over an excellent radial field, would be the answer to a hams dreams. Particularly if you didn't have to dig up an acre lot to plant radials.

For that matter - a mobile antenna that is even 50 percent efficent on 75 and 40 would be a real help.

73 Pete Allen AC5E
Not the only snake-oil salespeople around ...  
by KZ1X on June 3, 2004 Mail this to a friend!
I had to go see this site:

and, lo and behold, they got my $60 ... and are now revising the site ...

I didn't get suckered, I had to see that it didn't work for myself.
RE: New Antenna Technology:  
by W2DUG on June 3, 2004 Mail this to a friend!
A search of the US patent application database at yielded nothing under the name of Robert J. Vincent related to the invention of an antenna. I would be interested in reading the application to learn more. Are any details of the application available, such as document number or title of application, etc.? Perhaps it hasn't been entered into the electronic database yet.
New Antenna Technology:  
by W6EZ on June 3, 2004 Mail this to a friend!
..and in RI the legal limit is 1000 watts and not 1.5KW?

ok now I"m really confused.
RE: New Antenna Technology:  
by N0CTI on June 3, 2004 Mail this to a friend!
The patent application takes six months or more to be available for review based on my experience with patent filings.
New Antenna Technology:  
by W3DCG on June 3, 2004 Mail this to a friend!
But I remember the day of TRS 80 tape drives, and the idea of the relatively inexpensive, unbelievable in the 80s processing ability we have now with computers was complete nonsense.
I remember when the idea of Star Trek communicators, known now days as cellular flip-phones were Far Out Man.

Well... I'm going to continue experimenting. Thus far everything that those who have "been there, done that..." have advised me on is proving to be true.

I guess I have a penchant for the non conventional.

So Keep Dreaming, I say. Keep trying. Never give in to failure and ridicule.

What if it were true? What if a 15m antenna that was very effective could be condensed into even only 36 inches, and HF quads for all, comes true? ha.
Well, not sure how good the things would snag weak signals from the world's atmosphere to our receivers, but maybe it would be adequate.

In the mean time, I'm paying a visit to the Wireman booth this week-end, for some good ole fashioned window-line. And some more wire.

What if hydrogen powered cars and trucks became the majority?
RE: New Antenna Technology:  
by VA6SZ on June 3, 2004 Mail this to a friend!
"Thermodynamics"/ ...really...?

RE: New Antenna Technology:  
by KC8VWM on June 3, 2004 Mail this to a friend!
Yup, I am skeptical alright. I wonder if it is just another marketing ploy.. you know like the commercials before the superbowl announcing the idea of a new "innovative & patent" AOL technology product is about to be announced on a certain date, before it is actually advertised during the superbowl.

This seems to be a growing marketing trend in advertising lately.

RE: New Antenna Technology:  
by N0HR on June 3, 2004 Mail this to a friend!
I was shocked to find this photo of the prototype on the MFJ website:

RE: New Antenna Technology:  
by KC8VWM on June 3, 2004 Mail this to a friend!

Ok guys, I found this link that appears to work. PDF reader required.

It describes the EH antenna concept in more technical clarity.


Charles - KC8VWM

RE: New Antenna Technology:  
by VK3KCG on June 4, 2004 Mail this to a friend!
Darn Typical !!! Now I will have to buy another set of Dr Kraus's Antenna engineering reference books when they publish this "new antenna technology" I hate to have books that get outdated by "new technology"

RE: New Antenna Technology:  
by WA4DOU on June 4, 2004 Mail this to a friend!
Newcomers can be forgiven for the fact that some of them display a zeal for new ideas that hasn't been tempered by several decades of realizing that new laws of physics regarding antennas just aren't manifesting themselves, and the amateur literature is chock full of now defunct antenna manufacturers who touted their products using such glowing terms as "revolutionary",
"a breakthru",etc. Many of us remember the "Joystick". It was a 6 or 7 ft. rod that used inductive loading and sat in a corner of the room. It was touted as performing on a par with and sometimes exceeding the performance of a triband yagi. On the face of it the EH antenna is a fraud. Its been debunked. A healthy degree of skepticism is properly applied anytime it seems that snake oil merchants appear. Money spent on antenna manuals and textbooks is well spent if it leads one to learn the principles that underly their operation. There is no "free lunch".
RE: New Antenna Technology:  
by K5DVW on June 4, 2004 Mail this to a friend!
By the way, anyone know where I can get a new set of flux capacitors for my cold fusion machine?
RE: New Antenna Technology:  
by K3AN on June 4, 2004 Mail this to a friend!
This antenna may be just what I need to couple the excitation energy into my tabletop cold fusion power generator!
RE: New Antenna Technology:  
by W9OY on June 4, 2004 Mail this to a friend!
Looks good to me. I've been meaning to replace my Gotham Vertical.
New Antenna Technology:  
by KA3TKZ on June 4, 2004 Mail this to a friend!
I could buy this if it was a gas plasma antenna!
New Antenna Technology:  
by WA1WLA on June 4, 2004 Mail this to a friend!
I know how they work, and they will be cheap too.
There is only one problem with this type of antenna, it has to be "waxed" regularly.
WA1WLA Constantine
RE: New Antenna Technology:  
by KG5JJ on June 5, 2004 Mail this to a friend!
Heh-heh-heh... ;-}

73 KG5JJ (Mike)
RE: New Antenna Technology:  
by KD5IR on June 5, 2004 Mail this to a friend!
..........Like Mae West said when her boyfriend , the Ham Operator showed up for a little code practice...."Is that a Full Wave vertical in your pocket, Big Boy or Are we going to get Horizontially Polarized??" s.kuteman , kd5ir
RE: New Antenna Technology:  
by K5TED on June 6, 2004 Mail this to a friend!
Holy carp. A bit cynical here, no? This guy supposedly has a 30 year engineering background with Raytheon and KVH plus teaches college physics?

We'll see.
RE: New Antenna Technology:  
by V73NS on June 7, 2004 Mail this to a friend!
*100W light bulb = antenna.
*Two 100W light bulbs and extension cord = co-phased array.
*Box of "Sting-O-Lights" = variable array.
*100W spot light = directional horn.
*Christmas tree = conical array for QRP.
*Grasswire antenna = why?
*Grasswire antenna with elevated radial = what a concept.
*Gap Super C antenna = open air dummy load.
*50 ohm resistor, paint can, mineral oil = dummy load.
*EH Antenna = waste of good PVC.
*Hamstick = 75 MPH dummy load.
*Lawnchair with auto tuner = recreational antenna.

Shall I go on?
RE: New Antenna Technology:  
by V73NS on June 7, 2004 Mail this to a friend!

Avoid the small compact antennas made by Bird. They look fantastic on VSWR from DC to light but don't radiate very well, too much metal and not enough places for it to escape.

RE: New Antenna Technology:  
by KB4MU on June 12, 2004 Mail this to a friend!
Best I can recall, the article stated that it was 100% efficient RELATIVE to a quarter wave antenna. Not 100% efficient!
New Antenna Technology:  
by KC0KNY on June 15, 2004 Mail this to a friend!
Its been a while since my college days, but I thought there had been a "proof" on the limits of electrically small antennas to be efficient. As I recall, it was independent of geometery, it was only related to the volume the antenna occupied as a function of wavelength dimensions. I think it was reported in the Sutzman and Thiele Antenna textbook.

So if this were true, it would revolutionize a lot of wireless products. I hope it is...
New Antenna Technology:  
by W4WB on June 16, 2004 Mail this to a friend!
In the recent NY TImes article, it stated

"When I started out to do this it was 10 percent theory and 90 percent black magic," he said. After reviewing much of the literature, Mr. Vincent started designing antennas with special simulation software on a personal computer.

Seems about the right mixture. :-)

Mr. Vincent was also quoted as saying

"I'm part of the technical staff to a whole bunch of Ph.D's," he said. "You can't fool these people."

If you look at the research interests of the Physics and the ECE Departments faculty at URI, try to locate any involved in antenna theory, etc. No antenna courses are offered ... okay, classical EM theory is offered. ;-) So it might well be easier to "fool these people" than Mr. Vincent might think.

Just remember all of the faculty, administrators, state and federal government officials, and so on that were fooled by the cold fusion "excitement." Of course $$$ and fame were the prizes and that often blinds simple reason.
RE: New Antenna Technology:  
by NADER on October 25, 2004 Mail this to a friend!
Dude, that's life, you should be happy that technology is advancing
RE: New Antenna Technology:  
by NADER on October 25, 2004 Mail this to a friend!
There is one thing that you should pay attention to:

these theoretical limits that you are talking about with respect to bandwidth and efficiency are for only a special case of single resonant antennas so it is possible to overcome that. In addition to that, even for single resonant antennas, these limits are very loose. It is like saying that the upper limit for human life is 1000 years, so big deal, we are struggling to increase it from 100 to 200 and that's the problem so I think that you are being too harsh on Mr. vincent.
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