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Author Topic: Advice to women interested in Ham radio...  (Read 6201 times)

Posts: 115

« Reply #30 on: August 07, 2006, 05:53:37 AM »

In our area there is a fair amount of women with licenses, my daughter being one of them.

My observation is that they only talk to the men folk for some reason, and very seldom talk to each other.  On the air at least.

Could it be that we are so worried about being PC that we are afraid to suggest a women's only club, net or an activity or two?  Way back in the day when CB radio was a respectable form of communication the ladies would get together during the day and have 'coffee clutches<sic>'.  They would also get together on the air during the day for informal ladies nets.

Perhaps it is due to the lack of numbers, but I think that such nets and activities would help bring in more lady folk and provide a little more fun for the one's that are already here.

Posts: 14

« Reply #31 on: August 07, 2006, 12:27:08 PM »

There is a great ham in the valley in which I live... Her name is Maureen, also known as K6BSC, and she is known as one of the "great ones" here in the Coachella Valley... On the local repeaters, she is one of the "Go to ops..."

Maureen was one of the VEs at the session where I passed the written General Test(I did not pass the code test-but I will!).

As for my response(I am male); I say, GO WOMEN! The ARS needs more diversity and I do NOT believe that women are sufficiently represented in this fine service. I DO believe that women can "Get it..."

OTOH, my wife has absolutely NO INTEREST (her emphasis-but she understands the "whys and wherefors") in attaining an ARS license, but she understands that there are women on the bands who are smart, articulate and do contribute to the art.

I agree with my wife.

She and I enjoy FRS, MURS, CB(don't hate!) and cell to facilitate our RF communications needs. She gets "it", but is not interested in being licensed.

She does, however, support my radio "jones" and says, "I want you to be as happy in my hobbies as I am in yours..."

She and I assemble jigsaw puzzles... And we do crosswords(she has better vocabulary skills than do I ...) We do other stuff, too.

It must be a trade-off between our two genders.

As far as "gender-dominated" hobbies: there are some; that is okay. But amateur radio does not have to be one of them, and I don't believe it is. ARS is for everyone that wants it.

There are momen who can out-do men in "SomeStuff" and there are men who can out-do women in "OtherStuff."

W6WBJ, are you listening? Or just trolling?
Bitter, old-school, divorced, sexist pigs can "munch a bunch of coax."



Posts: 15


« Reply #32 on: August 09, 2006, 02:32:45 PM »

Wow.  I just looked into this W6WBJ thing.

What a complete waste of time.  There's five minutes I'll never get back.  Ever.

Mr Crowell, I can only hope that your posts in this thread were tongue-in-cheek.  From the look of your website, there's a chance they might be.  =)

If they're not, you worry me.  And from the bio you listed on QRZ, there's just as much circumstantial evidence that you're a bitter old man, so wrapped up in the past that you have no idea of the present and no hope for the future.  

I'm sorry you got burnt so badly by a woman - or women - in your past.  It's patently obvious that this happened to you or someone very, very close to you.

I'm even more sorry that it might have turned you into a misogynistic sonuvabitch (that is, if your rants were serious).  Such a senseless waste of emotion.



Posts: 313


« Reply #33 on: August 27, 2006, 09:57:10 AM »

I want to re-post a nice quote from 'WW5AA's XYL':

"To all you HAM's, show this to your XYL. I'd still Rather have him in the "SHACK" with all the funny noises coming out of the speakers than down at the pool hall"

Another point related to the topics is it lets you have another connection to your husband if he is in Ham radio.

Any more advice to women interested in Ham radio?

Martin Brossman

Posts: 1


« Reply #34 on: September 11, 2006, 07:31:43 PM »

You guys are so sadly deluded.  You have absolutely no idea what kind of man you would be if you didn't let your wives and girlfriends lead you around by the nose, telling you what you should do, what you should want and how you should behave.  Even if I am overstating the issue, you must admit that you ARE required to care about what she wants you to do, want, and behave in order to maintain the relationship, right?  Then you aren't being yourself, and you don't know what you really feel.  I feel sorry for you.

Posts: 165

« Reply #35 on: September 14, 2006, 06:39:13 AM »

Ref W6WBJ: Man you're a mess. It's about those homemade cathead biscuits and gravy. It's about a best friend that'll never let you down and always be there. From your post it seems you married a "material" girl. You did it to yourself om. Nothing in the world like a long leg'd, long hair down to the crack, tomboy of a rednecked mountain gal. 115 pounds with a six pack, and i ain't talk'n about beer either. Come out to the country and find yourself one. Yeah i'm a "whipped" man and love every damn minute of it too. All you gals interested in this hobby should just go for it. We honestly don't pick on women and i can't understand this W6's problems. He must of just got burned recently and very bad at that. Some of the best cw op's i've ever ran into are women too. Run across some high speed code sent perfectly and lots of times it's a gal doing it. Just my two cents: 73 John WR8D

Posts: 313


« Reply #36 on: September 14, 2006, 02:59:11 PM »

I think it is important to know their are men like W6WBJ that won't get help, won't get over it, and it is best he stay out of a relationship because in his condition he would just attract another woman just like the next. I am just happy he has his cars to keep him company! I enjoyed looking at them. Actually sad life for he looses and annoys people around him or just ‘collects evidence that he is right’ and never learns anything form his mistakes. Again, sad existence.  I hope sometime you get help W6WBJ, I really do!

Started a discussion just in his honor:

The funny thing is, if he had the personal stills to make friends, in person, with other men then he may get over this and be happy. W6WBJ.. your X is till winning when you lash out at women. You still don't understand what I am saying do you? She may not be in your house but she is still driving your reactions! Looks like she still has hooks in YOU or you would be over this!

I second that women add a lot to this as they do business  and other things. At the same time it is fine for men to just do things together and a good idea too.

Any other comments about Advice to women interested in Ham radio...
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