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Author Topic: QRZ Hams  (Read 1705 times)

Posts: 77

« on: May 10, 2007, 09:34:25 AM »

QRZ Hams= ?
Ham Ops that got their Ticket via using the quiz online only, and not going to formal classes, ETC!

It would be very nice if many of the new QRZ Hams would not practice their CB radio Cuss Words over  Ham Radio! Also pick your subjects you talk about please! This is an Open Forum Ham Radio. Everyone from all walks of life listen. People have radios on in their homes, Women,  and Children are around. They hear what you say!

I don't want my kids subject to CB radio, and that is why I'm a Ham Op. I don't have a CB blaring in my home. Never will! It's a bad thing to have around my Kids And Yours! Lets not let Ham radio sound like that please! People need to step up to the plate and admit this! To many people let things that are Bad be around their Children! This is bad parenting! Oh, did I say that? My goodness! Yeah I did! It’s about time some one does!

We have a local QRZ Ham in Springfield Illinois that is the typical CB operator, and his mouth is BAD, Has a poor choice of subjects he talks about, and loves to push peoples buttons just to start a fight. I won't be brought into a fight over it, by him. But I will tend to ignore this person, and not offer to help him on any projects etc. I’ll tend to also look the other way at Ham fests, so as to not look at him. This is wrong to subject my family to these people. Yeah I could turn the radio off. But I did not get into this hobby, and spend tons of money to have equipment I can't use, because of improper language on the air waves.

I believe that it's time we come up with a new testing idea. If these people can simply just study QRZ over and over then go take the test, then on top of that, not really know the subject. Well to me that is not proper. They need to have formal classes or be mentored as in the past. This new testing idea is breading new Hams who could really care one way or the other what is proper on the radio! I guess they must act this way in person to huh?

I believe getting your Ham ticket is a License to learn, not to stop learning! I don't believe a person has to know everything about this hobby to be here. But I do ask that they give a little respect to other people!

Also I tend to believe that since they have gotten their tickets we need to treat them with respect back, as anyone would on an open forum. Or like sitting down to dinner with strangers for the first time. The subjects you talk about must be kept light and the language you use must be proper! Also you never know what SWL is out their! I got into helping settle a mess on 75 meters, over this exact type thing. People disrespecting each other. I gave out my phone number to Todd Hill. He was going to call me right away so we could discuss the problem. The first ring and I was on the phone. It was a SWL from Missouri telling me I was correct, and everything. Not Todd! So this proves you never know who is listening. It could even be a child with a Radio Shack Short-wave radio. So please give the rest of us a break on the language, Oh, and the subjects you talk about. Think before you key the microphone, and choose your words more carefully. Remember the rest of us can't see your body language, which tends to leave out part of the communications between you and the other people listening.

As for Communications on the radio, another thing! It does not help to crank the microphone to the right. It does not help to yell into the microphone! It does not help to transmit over people! It does not make you transmit further on FM by yelling or distorting your modulation. On SSB read your manual and watch the audio so you don’t over drive things etc! It’s a situation that from the CB people they might think turn everything to the right. That is not true. Read your Op Manual for your radio!

Jimmy:( WX9DX

Posts: 1190

« Reply #1 on: May 10, 2007, 09:51:21 AM »

 I wager it has little to do with the path to licensing, more so the general lack of civility in the world we must live in.
      I understand your frustration, however it reminds me of a personal experience with a person who complained to  me about , "If you stand right here and look at this angle across the 4 lane highway you can see into the front door of that adult book store over there." .....

          Remember the "Serenity Prayer"

    As an aside I bet those breaded new hams are tasty.   ;o)

Posts: 4

« Reply #2 on: May 21, 2007, 04:59:06 PM »

I used QRZ to aid in  getting my license,and I don't beleive it is the manner in which a person obtains the license. In fact you said it perfectly in this line from your post. "I guess they must act this way in person to huh?" I have heard seasoned Hams on local repeaters acting and talking more "CB" language than I have new techs. In fact most new techs try so hard to do it right they get slammed for doing it so formally.
  One that erks me the most is the phonetic alphabet, and I here this from the oldtimers the most is the use of zed instead of zulu.
       Just thought I would throw my 2 cents in.
             Bob KC2NTQ  


Posts: 1524

« Reply #3 on: May 22, 2007, 11:50:00 AM »

Are you sure that they are using zed instead of zulu as part of the phonetic alphabet?  Or are they instead simply using zed as the name of the letter "z"?  Zed instead of zee is the actually letter name in many English speaking countries outside the US.  So it is not uncommon for US hams to adopt that convention.

So with letter names and using the letter name zed for z, my call would sound something like:
     en eight you zed ee

Phonetically, my call would still be:
     November eight uniform zulu echo

Posts: 4

« Reply #4 on: May 22, 2007, 03:49:50 PM »

Yes I am sure when they say their call phonetically they use zed instead of zulu. As in your call they would say November eight Uniform Zed Echo. I realize it really is not that big a deal. Just one of my peeves I guess.
         Bob KC2NTQ
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