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Author Topic: I'm HOOKED!  (Read 1491 times)

Posts: 137

« on: March 22, 2006, 06:49:33 PM »

I have struggled through 5 or 6 CW QSOs now, and each one seems a bit easier. My hands dont sweat as much, and I am not worn out after a 8 or 10 minute QSO, like I was on the first one.. Whew!  I am positively hooked!  I like SSB too, but I am NO FAN of the Homer and Jethro and Bubba types that seem to permeate the bands on phone. I am an ACTIVE 65 years old, but I honestly believe most of thes guys must be in their 90s! All they talk about is the weather (They have ham radio, dont they have TV and the Weather Channel?) and their aches/pains/maladies, etc.  There are a few who do discuss the finer points of antennas, rigs, etc. and some are interesting. But, for the most part, the afternoon phone nets bore the hell out of me. I have worked a little SSB DX and I do enjoy/like the challenge. I am not ready for CW/DX pileups just yet, but I'll get there!  Anyway, I find CW a small kinda "gated community" away from all the BS and "Depends" crowd who are mostly crying the blues about something or someone who has something or lost something. I realize that some of them may be the very same ones I QSO with on CW, but their CW "voice" is not at all like their SSB conversations I hear. CW is THE way to go.. No Doubt about it! 73, de K3ASA  (Gene)

Posts: 8

« Reply #1 on: March 23, 2006, 09:34:08 AM »

Welcome to the wonderful world of CW.  After a 30 year absence, I got back into Ham radio again.  As A Novice I used to work 40 meters CW, but now with my new General license I planned on doing a lot of SSB work.  I started to piddle around with CW and found it very enjoyable!  So now I do 90% CW and the rest is 2 meters and SSB.  Cw Ops, are the any level and speed.   I'm on 40-10 Meters.  Enjoy!
 73's. K0WAM

Posts: 173

« Reply #2 on: March 24, 2006, 05:39:17 AM »

I guess, at the risk of being flamed later, I will chime in and second the notion that the CW bands are a lot more like ham radio was when I first joined the ranks some 40+ years ago.  I, too, was QRT for a lengthy period with family and career responsibilities and have recently rejoined the active ranks.  To me, the phone bands are a wasteland of QRM and a lot of bad stuff.  CW, on the other hand, is just as I remembered it -- a community of many civil people who are, by and large, good to great operators.  I'll stay there on CW (except for the occasional club net on 2m FM) and enjoy myself.  I will also continue to invite and welcome other similarly inclined hams to join us.  To me, this is what ham radio is all about.  (steps down from soapbox. . . )

73 es glad you found us
Steve  WA9FZB
FISTS 11276

Posts: 729


« Reply #3 on: March 25, 2006, 10:34:29 AM »

They are a LOT more like ham radio of old.  Those of us who joined decades ago HAD to use CW.  There were no "instant Extras" on the bands.  We shifted to AM phone when we got our General tickets but a whole lot of us, and I was one, continued using CW as well.  In fact, years after getting my General I had owned just one AM transmitter and had sold it, so was still only CW.  

I got the feel for ham radio.  I knew what it was really about.  Today the problem, and this is not being picky, is the vast majority of hams who entered this hobby from the late 1980s on, came into it from CB.  They had learned a completely different type of radio, and they applied that to their ham ticket.  Many (not all) were unwilling to learn OUR ways, but simply brought their "years of experience" to ham radio.  Only that "experience" was in illegal, rude behavior, deliberate intereference, profanity, handles, ten-codes, REACT mentality, and "extry channels."  The integrity of ham radio was disrupted, the respect for it gone, equal to the respect they had had for CB radio.  

That isn't true of all who came to us from CB, I admit.  But it was a sizable number, a very large percentage, who refused to adapt.  To them, the ham bands were just more CB bands.  That continues today.  

When the "education" is in bad attitudes, horrible "operating" practices, and "up yours" behavior, it is difficult to get that out of the system and get into ham radio.  Today many of those are the so-called old timers heard on 75 meters, as well as to some extent on 40 and 20.  They are the example the ham just coming into this hobby hears.  But they are not representative of the REAL ham radio in its heyday.  

CW is.


Posts: 137

« Reply #4 on: March 28, 2006, 07:24:24 AM »

Well said! Now, perhaps I understand a little better why the obvious lack of manners, etc. in so many of the SSB ragchews.  I went down to the shack this AM, thinking I might get a chance at a SSB DX QSO, but, as usual, the bands are full of REDNECKS, giving each other weather reports, and talking about their pickup trucks and hunting dogs. Or their dentures hurting them..  Once again, DONT THESE JERKS HAVE THE WEATHER CHANNEL OR WEATHER.COM?HuhHuhHuh  I REALIZE they have the right to talk about WHATEVER (as long as its not profane, etc..) and WHENEVER they choose. But can someone explain their choice of topics to me..  I guess I am just not one for "Idle Chatter"....  Kinda reminds me of the guys down at the local bar talking about their jobs after working at them all day. An obvious lack of intelligence = obvious lack of topics.   I mean they discuss the SAME things, day after day... Confuses and irritates the heck out of me. And before you say "Just Spin the Dial", it does not make a heck of a lot of difference, turn the dial, and get another group of the same old stuff.. I am going to upgrade to EXTRA as soon as I can, and INCREASE my CW speed so I can get away from that garbage on the SSB nets..... In retrospect, IF I had known that junk was SO prevalent on the Ham bands, I am not sure if I would have bothered to study and get a Ham license. 73, de K3ASA  Gene

Posts: 0

« Reply #5 on: March 29, 2006, 11:00:05 AM »

Congrats !!! and Welcome

Posts: 2645


« Reply #6 on: May 31, 2006, 01:32:55 PM »

Congrats on getting hooked on CW! Im very rarely on SSB anymore and based on what I hear these days I'm probably not missing out on much. I personally enjoy building and operating CW rigs. I've built everything from a K2 to 1920's breadboard stuff. It's fun to build a simple circuit and have someone come back to you on something you put together yourself. I also enjoy a fair bit of CW contesting here and there. I'm more of a casual contester, nothing serious. I just like to get on and have fun at it. When I was more active on SSB I enjoyed chasing DX or the occasional contest (Field Day, mostly). Hope to hear you on the bands.. 73, James KB2FCV
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