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Author Topic: Acom A600 Solid State 6-160 600W  (Read 12170 times)

Posts: 2044

« Reply #60 on: July 06, 2014, 12:12:40 PM »

Your talking about a large Dxpedition and even then it will depend on what you have to do with the equipment when you arrive at the location.  What if you have to carry it up some steep mountain like HK0NA or have to move it miles inland by hand or what about those tiny rock expeditions with limited space  Wink ?

Then you have the regular suitcase dxpedition, for these guys every inch of space counts.  Just try carrying a bunch of ham gear on a plane.  It can get very expensive.

I agree about reliability, but we won't know anything about the 600 until it gets into the hands of regular folks and some testing time has passed.

As for Amplifier Reliability being the reason for driving with low power, I am not sure if I understand you.  All SS amplifiers are doing some serious attenuation of the drive signal before it get to the finals.  The Acom is just doing much less.  In all cases the finals are seeing just a fraction of the input power.

« Last Edit: July 06, 2014, 12:15:55 PM by KD8MJR » Logged

Posts: 906

« Reply #61 on: July 07, 2014, 04:09:29 AM »

Yeah cb'ers dont care about IMD. Put your bandscope on the CB band and you can see the end result stupid  behavior and equipment choices.

Not all dx'peditions are inconsiderate ham citizens who  set about selecting equipment that causes deliberate interference.

Most expeditions do meticulous research on selecting quality and reliable equipment. Using 12 volt CB or mobile ham  amplifiers would rate as a very idiotic decision purely from a reliability point of view. This is before we consider the poor CW timing and other issues like ALC induced splatter from using such poor equipment.

Most serious dxpeditions are  a team effort with considerable resources. I dont know of any dx'pedition that  has selected cb or 12 volt amplifiers for a dx'pedition.
Frankly I cant recall a recent dx'pedition that had a horrible splattering signal. Most are smart enough to select well engineered equipment.

I have heard  plenty of IOTA and 1 man expeditions that uses a Icom 706 and a RM Italy CB type amps and their signals are normally horrendous.

Contesters will worry about IMD and keyclicks when someone comes alongside their dx'pedition  and causes QRM to their operation. Having equipment with high technical
standards services the interest of all hams. But I suppose if you want to be a dirty LID there are many ways you can go about doing this even with good equipment.

Fortunately most hams want to be 1st class operators and select equipment that has the best technical performance and show technical aptitude that is above
a brain dead CB op whose sole intentions is to cause mayhem to whoever uses the band. It seems you cant take the CB operator out of some hams when it comes
to their equipment selection and operating behavior. Certainly not caring about the quality of your signal ranks as appalling behavior for a  ham who is is supposed to
be technically literate.

Well I suppose of nobody cares about dx'pedition other hams  can also have a recalcitrant attitude and operate on top of them causing  deliberate interference.
This is not  the behavior expected from most hams. But if thats the slippery slope and attitude that you  are suggesting  should be the normal selfish operating  procedure for hams; then I cant agree with you. I still believe  most hams want to be gentlemen and maintain the  ham ethos and code of conduct. This code of conduct should also include selecting and using equipment that does not causes unnecessary interference. Why is this too much to ask for if you dont want to be selfish SOB?

Radios and amplifiers are getting better.  If hams made better technical consumers are asked the  question "how clean the transmitter is" eventually this wont be a issue.

These days any serious off grid or rural PV system will be running 48 volts or higher. You can run a nice clean FET amplifier of a  48 volt PV system.

The last thing a rare dx'pedition wants is a band full of splatter from sub standard radios and amplifiers that will make their lives much harder.  I just cant understand
why hams  find the subject of poor IMD so hard to digest. It simply means less QRM  on the bands  which  should be of the interest to every ham on the planet.

The size of an  amplifier on a dxpeditions is the least of your worries. Most dxpeditions I have been on ship everything in a cargo container. Reliability is another question. Antennas break, power fluctuations, shipping vibrations and operator error are what kill amplifiers.

For rural operations it is great to have the whole station run from 12 volts. You can always find a truck for power back up.

Oh if Zinki is lurking out there.....nobody cares about IMD on a DXpedition.

For amplifier reliability you always drive the amplifier with lower power.

Posts: 373


« Reply #62 on: July 08, 2014, 06:37:37 AM »

Well, time to start saving my money for one of these bad boys. I had planned to purchase a THP HL-1.5Kfx in the fall to compliment my existing HL-1.2Kfx but since THP is no longer this Acom looks to fit the bill. I realize it's not a KiloWatt but it will get the job done.

K2GWK Website

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…because sometimes, you just can’t dumb it down enough…

Posts: 575

« Reply #63 on: July 08, 2014, 06:23:04 PM »

Price $2,790 in the US, (Array), price $3,560 in Europe (GB Antennas). Anyone know the reason fo rthe difference? Is the US market being subsidized?

Posts: 575

« Reply #64 on: July 08, 2014, 07:14:58 PM »

Sorry, I half answered my own question, the EU price includes VAT (price less tax in EU is $2,942).

Still surprised at the differential, given the cost of air freight vs truck, not to mention handling.

Posts: 2044

« Reply #65 on: July 08, 2014, 08:15:17 PM »

My best guess would be that Americans have more cheaper choices like Ameritron and for you to get that same American amp into the EU it's going to cost more than the Acom.

Posts: 575

« Reply #66 on: July 09, 2014, 06:10:37 AM »

That could be right. I just checked CQ and the Ameritron 500 watt amp, 12v, is selling below $1,000. Makes you wonder how much (aka how little) margin there is on these ham items, at least for the general market.

If Acom provide their UD dealer with a service manual, so the amp does not have to be returned to EU for attention, I would regard the US price as ok.

Posts: 2044

« Reply #67 on: July 09, 2014, 08:48:25 AM »

Looking at the amount of time that they spent on making this Amp modular I suspect that they plan on having local service centers just replace modules and send the dead one's back to the factory for repair.

Posts: 3471

« Reply #68 on: July 09, 2014, 10:05:54 AM »

An interesting video from ON4VP on the A600  amplifier.  The microprocessors give a lot of information and the setup of the unit is very simple. Impressive operational display. No need for an external watt meter.

I wish they had a 1200 watt version but the amplifier would grow another 60% with the doubling of the power supply and amplifier deck. At that point it would be larger than the Alpha 9500 or ACOM 2000

You can see the video at:

One large caveat for this product is the operation on 6 Meters. Cost is in the right market spot for the performance. There does seem to be some head room of about 1 dB. I would hold your voice peaks to under 600 watts.

The product looks to be well laid out and servicing does not appear to be a problem. Each section slides out in pancake fashion. It would be interesting to see the performance with a spectrum analyzer in line. One thing I noticed is you obtain full output with 25 watts of drive. I wonder how many hams know where their power control is located. If you over drive the unit it goes into standby.
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