Yaesu FNB-78 Battery Question


James Grove:
I purchased 2 batteries (FNB-78) for my FT-897D, can anyone tell me what i supposed to do with the sticky pad that comes in the box? Its only small but there is no mention of it in the very brief manual?

Does anyone know where they go? Theres one for each battery.

Many Thanks


Dieter Kuespert:
See page 6 of the manual. There is a detailed description as well as drawings.

James Grove:
There is no mention of the pad like sticker that was in each box, i have no idea where they go.

Dieter Kuespert:
Do you see the squares on the batteries in figure 3 of page 6? This is the orientation the pads should have.

James Grove:
Those squares are the yaesu labels, and they are way to big for the pads! These sticky pads are about the size 2cm long, 50mm high.


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