An Interesting Transceiver Design


Peter Gant:
The following link shows an interesting design for a 6m transceiver, with a little bit of work it might be adapted for use on one or more of the HF bands:

The block diagram shows a unique switching arrangement for the RF and audio signals within the rig. Not only does the IF signal path completely reverse but the same connections carry both RF AND audio. Sure, we've seen bidirectional transceivers as far back as the FT101 but this, this is different.


Steve Hunt:
I don't see any "reversal" of signal flow in the IF - in his block diagram the flow is always Left to Right.

Take a look at the block diagram of an Atlas 180 from way back when:

Steve G3TXQ

I've built that and the RF always right to left.  Modulator is on the left (RX mixer) and
TXmixer is on the right(rx product detector).

Its a good design but far from unique.  It's big feature is the high level mixers (ad831s)
are far better than the much cheaper 602s.

I even published a similar design many years back similar using SA602s for lower total power



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