Cordless soldering irons?

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Doug Turner:
Anyone have any advice or experience with rechargeable, cordless soldering irons. I need one for kit building, component soldering. I don't plan on using it outdoors on wire antenna's or for PL 259's and such. I did check the archives but didn't find anything helpful.   Thanks, Doug

Clark McDonald:
If you don't have to use it outdoors or where there is no AC available, why go cordless? 

Having tried the cordless rechargeable irons, I find that they are not all that good. 

One time, the battery died while soldering to a PCB and the iron tip ended up soldered to the PCB copper when the solder hardened rather suddenly.  Had to hold the iron up there carefully while using the other hand and a screwdriver to remove the tip to prevent damage to the PCB. 

For portable iron today, I prefer the use of butane soldering pen. 

But in the house, the AC powered iron is my first choice.


Steve Hutchison:
Unless you have a specific need for a cordless soldering iron I would avoid them. The rechargeable one I had several years ago created more frustration than good solder joints.

Doug:  Understand this..... I REALLY hate the way this sounds but, I've been melting solder for over 50 years..... using the very same iron for 45 of those years. 

I just bought a new Hakko variable temperature soldering station that was on sale.  It was one of those spur of the moment, knee jerk, it what you will.....things.  You know, like a woman spending $80.00 because she can save $10.00.  I really didn't NEED a new iron, especially at 77 years of age.... but....

I was so blown away by the Hakko after using it for just a couple hours that I've been mentally kicking myself for not buying a variable temperature iron years ago. 

My advice?  Forget the cordless, rechargeable 'toy' and get a nice iron that heats up fast, has the variable temperature option and tips of various shapes and sizes readily available.

Enjoy your building with a good iron. It will infinitely pay for itself.

Dieter Kuespert:
Evan though the general tendency is quite clear, let add that I also vote for cord powered soldering iron. In case you need one outside you most of the time will have your car close by and could use an inverter for powering it.


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