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Mike Heneghan:
I have 2 transformers from the Stanley Transformer Co.  Pri 115 V, Sec 2000 VCT @ 500 mA DC.
I want to get rid of these.  Do they have any market value?  An estimate of how much would be appreciated?

Same for 2 Collins Radio Co. transformers   Pri 115/230 V,  Sec 1100 VCT @ .212 A RMS

And again, same for 2 Eimac 3-400Z's.  These have been sort of tested.  Filaments are OK. 
They load up in an Ameritron AL-80.  Plate voltage was 2700 V and there was no arcing.
The output power seemed low to me but my HF rig won't drive the amp hard enough to really tell.

Comments please.
Mike  W7LKA

Chris J. Smith:
Just a suggestion, but take their specs and list them on e-bay.  There may be someone who is looking for such equipment, but other than that I would suspect they're good only for their scrap value.

Ditto!  eBay.

Don Jaster:
Seems  ideal for anyone building  tube type  amps or transmitters.
All the old   "tv"  power transformers are going away  and its hard to get   high voltage transformers andy more.
Put notice in   home brew BBS    and  for sale on  QRZ or  Eham.

dont scrap them..  They may be worth their weight in potato chips  to someone.

Brian Oldford:
Possibly useful to somebody building a K2RIW or a W1SL or similar. Read for details.


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