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Doug Franklin:
Saw this today and thought it might interest some of the folks around here:


"The $359 Red Pitaya, which can replace thousands of dollars worth of test equipment, will initially ship with apps for oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer, waveform generator, frequency response analyzer, and PID controller functions. [...] hoping to ship boards to supporters in December."

Peter Gant:
It's an interesting idea


I question the statement that it "can replace thousands of dollars worth of test equipment". A few years ago I spent 500 bucks on a USB based scope and spectrum analyzer and it now sits in the drawer unused because it just didn't do the job. There's not much that can beat a surplus Tektronix scope and a spectrum analyzer off Ebay even if they occupy more bench real estate.


Peter Chadwick:

So true!

Dennis Zabawa:
Same experience here.

Clark McDonald:
It is true that "there ain't nuthin' like the REAL THING, baby," - but I think there is room for the experimenters, homebrewers, tinkerers, etc. for these kind of "steampunk" projects, eh? 

If it keeps the kid off the streets, that alone has value IMO. 

And the "kid" can be of any age group, right? 

And think about this:  The experimenter who has gained experience with something like this is very likely to be able to better appreciate and likely better understand and utilize that, "real thing" when the time arrives...



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