Its a sad day... destroyed my favorite test meter

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Tom Whitworth:
Yup blew up my favorite multimeter a radio shack 22-175. Not your top of the line stuff but it did a lot of things diode, capacitor, even transistor checking. The voltmeter sill works but the resistance, cap check, and diode check are all gone. So I am left with a voltmeter than can check transistors   :(

I did the unthinkable, applied 240V AC across the ohm input. Meter let out a horrible buzz and I knew instantly it was a goner!

So long old friend!  >:(  :(

ps: No the fuse did not go  :P

Nelson Derks:

Last fall I perma-zapped a Centech (Harbor Freight) cheapie doing the same thing. Except it was only 120 vac across the Ohms scale.

Which is one reason I prefer Harbor Freight to Duh'Shack. Achieved the exact same result at a fraction of the cost with only half the voltage......................   :P

Bob Lewis:
Did you open the case to let the smoke out?   ;D

Tom Whitworth:
LOL funny thing is I later borrowed (another) harbor freight meter to check things out once I realized my faith full friend had gotten toasted.

Why I was using my bench meter to check line voltages I will never understand... oh wait, yes I do, because the harbor freight meter that I borrowed from my dad had met the same death previously.

I had that Radio Shack meter for decades, it was a familiar comfortable unit I trusted and understood... What a shame.

Almost feel guilty replacing it with a 20 dollar meter from Chinese junk is us.  :D

ps: no smoke just an angry loud buzz. I popped it open and saw a resistor with a scorch on it but I am pretty sure its toast.

Steve Hutchison:
Years ago I acquired a RS multimeter from a guy at work who had tried to "measure the amps in his house." Apparently he had set the meter to the 10A current setting or some such thing, stuck the probes in a 110VAC receptacle and pow.

I opened it up, found a scorched precision resistor, went to the lab and had the tech dig up a replacement. Changed it out and the meter worked again. You might try replacing that fried resistor and maybe get your old friend back in the game.


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