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Title: K4M kudos!
Post by: N3QE on October 19, 2009, 01:29:18 PM
I got through on 80M CW this morning at 1100UTC.

The QRM on the DX's frequency was intense but not at all malicious. Basically, every 30 seconds somebody new would tune up on top of the DX or start calling on the DX's frequency, and they would be responded to with a cacaphony of "UP UP" and some less polite remarks.

I'm pretty sure that K4M's op had to call me at least twice, maybe three times before I could hear him through all that. But he did have the patience to work it through. Thanks!

My guesstimate, based solely on the rate at which lids were tuning up on top of K4M, is that a dozen new stateside stations were entering the pileup every minute, yet K4M's rate was way less than one a minute - I'm guessing due to all the QRM. Even when K4M was hearing calls he would have to call back several times before the QSO was completed.