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Title: Parachute Mobile SF Bay Area needs fox hunter(s)
Post by: SWL377 on September 30, 2009, 10:11:17 AM

Please register, go to forums, look at ground operations topic. We have a beacon and a commercial DF (ACR VECTA 2, link to manual is on the forum post) for jumper location in case of an off DZ landing. Would like to recruit fox hunters to operate the DF and participate in other aspects of the operation.

Will be doing some more practice jumps this Saturday October 3 2009 at Byron CA airport, directions can be found at Likely time for HAHO ham radio comm jumps is 2-6 PM depending on weather. If we have a low ceiling (below 13,000 ft) or high winds (gusts above 25) we will scrub the jumps and try the next weekend. Safety has to come first.

The big event planned for late Oct early Nov is a high alt HAHO HF ham comm jump from at least 18K and possibly 24K if the FAA will clear us. At those deployment altitudes unexpected winds aloft could carry us many miles from our intended landing area at the Byron Airport. If our oxygen gear fails, we could be impaired and unable to communicate or navigate our chutes. We have used APRS on prior jumps, but packets were not received at low altitudes in that area hence the need for a beacon and DF for max safety.

Contact our crew chief Jon K6OJ, for info. Join us, this is fun.

Mark AF6IM Jumper 1
Michael KF6WRW Jumper 2

Title: Parachute Mobile SF Bay Area needs fox hunter(s)
Post by: SWL377 on October 02, 2009, 04:56:24 PM
Sorry team, this just doesnt look HAHO jumpable.
Rather than have team members forfeit a good part of a weekend day waiting, Michael and Mark conferred, looked over the isobars, IR maps, NOAA predictions and Kristen's assessment and are scrubbing the Saturday Oct 3 2009 mission. Next weekend is a possibility.
Please spread the word.
Really looking forward to seeing you all at PAARA tonight for the Parachute Mobile talk. Non members welcome. 7 PM, tonight Oct 2 2009. Menlo Park CA recreation center. (meeting info)  (mission info)
Mark  AF6IM Jumper 1
Michael  KF6WRW  Jumper 2

Title: Parachute Mobile SF Bay Area needs fox hunter(s)
Post by: SWL377 on October 14, 2009, 03:17:47 PM
Mark (AF6IM) made 2 ham radio HAHO jumps from 14,000 ft on Saturday Oct 10 2009 over Byron CA. Worked QSOs on 2M DSTAR through the K6MDD repeater system, 2M FM simplex, and 1.2 GHz FM through the W6CYX repeater system. APRS gear gave good GPS data and also blood oxygen and pulse rate info from a fingertip pulseox sensor. APRS data can be see on forum posting at:

See photos at:

We used APRS successfully but still would like to have a SF Bay Area fox hunter on the team to track our locator beacon. I have a professional DF receiver the fox hunter can use.

We have a lot of fun on the parachute mobile jump practice missions.

Join us!