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Title: FDC FD-150 or FD-160 HT
Post by: SV1ENS on July 04, 2008, 03:59:01 AM
Hi all,
I need a low budget HT and from the looks of things the FDC FD-150/160 is a good candidate...

I have seen reviews of this HT, but I have a couple of questions hopefully someone here can answer:

1) Do either of the models have an external power jack ?

3) What is the difference between the FD-150 and FD-160 ?

2) Does anyone have the manual in electronic form for me to have a look at ?

Demetre - SV1ENS

Title: FDC FD-150 or FD-160 HT
Post by: KA4DQJ on June 12, 2009, 07:26:40 PM
Whoa!  Old request for information that no one answered.  I'll answer it anyway.  

For the money you can't go wrong. No DMTF tones for phone patching, but with the proliferation of cell phones the lack of DMTF is no deal for me.  You do have the full range of CTCSS/DCS tones.

One thing to remember is that the little h/t is NOT an amateur transceiver.  It covers TX/RX from 136mhz to 174mhz, and is probably designed for commercial work.

There is no power jack... the h/t comes with a desktop charger.

The FD-160 I don't own, but the specs are available no the Web.

Don't know about an online manual, sorry.  But, for $45 dollars... you can't go wrong!

Title: RE: FDC FD-150 or FD-160 HT
Post by: WB5GEO on February 11, 2013, 03:51:50 PM
I have a few of the FDC FD-150A & 450A and found them to be very good little radios and well worth the money. One thing, if the number pad stops working, there is not much to clean. Also, I can not find a mic/speaker pinout to make a data cable to make a packet radio out of them, and I emailed the manufacturer with no answer.

As a stright talkie they are good little radios, but if you try to find info, well,,, good luck.

Karen - WB5GEO