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Title: CTHA Antenna
Post by: on September 06, 2000, 11:30:57 PM
Hello! My name is Cecilien an I am a hamradio since 1990. Recently, I have read more information about the CTHA antenna built by ISA Communication in Vancouver. You cant transmit very well by installing this antenna inside a hood car.

This antenna is not affected by building structure and you can transmit whith a heigt as low as than the ground level. CTHA is an anacronism of Counrawound Toroidal Helical Antenna and it works like an isotropic antenna. This antenna behond the information is ideal in appartment or if you don't have more space to install an HF dipole antenna because is lengt is about one sixtheent of a monopole antenna. This antenna is like an isoloop but she don't have a capacitor to match it.

If you have learned more about this antenna and you have tried it an you have satisfied for the performance, let me know.

Thank's to reply

C├ęcilien VE2MTS

P.S. Excuse-me for my english.