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Title: 1999 Buick Century tips wanted
Post by: KC4WMU on September 16, 2000, 10:35:52 PM
I am interested in tips for power supply and mobile antennas on a 1999 Buick Century company car.  I cannot drill a hole in the roof.  I would be operating HF phone, 10 to 80 meters, with my ICOM 747.  Thanks, Ted, KC4WMU

Title: 1999 Buick Century tips wanted
Post by: AC5WO on September 20, 2000, 01:13:43 PM
Heavy gauge wires can be routed from the battery to the passenger compartment using the unused clutch linkage hole in the firewall for cars with an automatic transmission.  (Not sure if this will work for this GM platform, but previous Pontiac Grand Prix had manual transmission available even though same platform Buick didn't.)  Oil resistant #8 and larger wire is available at Home Depot.  Drill a hole and install a gromet in a replacement cover for the clutch linkage cover.  Be sure to install in-line fuses at the battery end of the wires.  I also use a smaller wire gauge section between the fuses and the battery so that if all else fails, the smaller wire will melt first.

For the antenna, you might use an extra heavy duty magnetic mount on the trunk lid.  Coax can probably be routed through either a pass-through in the back seat or possibly under the seat.  Unlike the firewall, there should be many holes from the trunk into the passenger compartment.  Coaxial cable with a Teflon outer jacket is much more resistant to abrasion than cheaper PVC jacket coax.  I've used RG-142 coax with good results.  For Japanese cars with much smaller gaps between body panels, I've used short lengths of RG-316 coax.