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Title: Equivalent to Magnecor?
Post by: W9NL on May 07, 2001, 08:48:26 AM
OK, I have read the posts on Magnecor and talked to them ($125 for my vehicle).  My question is whether there are cheaper products that will give close to the same results.

Any thoughts?

Title: Equivalent to Magnecor?
Post by: WB2WIK on May 08, 2001, 11:34:15 AM
Are the "results" you're talking about with regard to EMI/RFI or just overall performance and operating life?


Title: Equivalent to Magnecor?
Post by: W9NL on May 08, 2001, 01:27:20 PM

EMI/RFI is the question.  I feel I have this issue in my HF install in my 97 Taurus.  I am just trying to justify the Magnecor price.  Belden seems to be a option also.

Just looking for some real life experiences

Title: Equivalent to Magnecor?
Post by: WB2WIK on May 10, 2001, 11:47:03 AM
I've used Magnecor purely for performance and longetivity...I had a neighbor who owned a NASCAR vehicle and recommended Magnecor wires based on his experience.  So, I bought them (years ago) and never changed them -- they are apparently very long-life products.  I didn't have ignition noise before, and I don't have any now, so I can't say I noted any change.

Before investing hundreds of dollars in wiring (unless your wires need replacement, anyway) you might try the usual & standard remedies of bonding the hood to the frame and block using wide, heavy copper strapping, etc.  I found in my Volvo that although the car was factory-equipped with a single, fairly large braided cable from the hood to the frame near the firewall, that apparently was inadequate; when I added a much heavier, wide copper strap to the other side of the hood (and grounded to the frame nearby) -- after a lot of scraping and wire brushing to expose metal under what was seemingly several layers of paint! -- the ignition noise I originally had when the vehicle was new completely disappeared.  The cost of this exercise was probably $5, but an hour or two of labor!

I installed the Magnecor wire set two years later and did not note any difference in noise (but, again, the hood bonding done years earlier seemed to take care of that).  But I could "feel" the extra power provided by the super wiring (yeah, right).  Only kidding about that...when one spends $120 on ignition wires, he definitely wants to feel something, other than a lighter wallet, hi.

73 & good luck!

Steve WB2WIK/6