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Title: mobile antenna for 1296 MHz?
Post by: K3TD on March 10, 2004, 10:42:08 PM
I'm looking for a commercial mobile antenna (vertical) for 1296 MHz. Would prefer something with a little gain over a 1/4 wave, but I don't want anything taller than my 1/4 wave for 2 meters and I don't need anything that is multiband.  Something like a base loaded 5/8 wave or even 5/8 over 5/8 would be fine.

Everything I've seen on the commercial market is too tall for my application and has too much gain, or is too tall because it is multiband.

Thanks in advance and 73,

Title: mobile antenna for 1296 MHz?
Post by: K0BG on March 11, 2004, 11:25:12 AM
I don't tun 1296 FM any more, but when I did I found 1/4 wave more than adequate. Some of the guys in Denver, where I used to live use two phased 1/4 waves, but I'm not convinced they are any better.

Alan, KØBG

Title: mobile antenna for 1296 MHz?
Post by: K7IHC on March 19, 2004, 07:27:57 AM
There are only a few choices for 1296 MHz (23 cm band) commercial mobile antennas.  Diamond and Comet each make a tri-band 2m/70cm/23cm antenna.  The Diamond NR-124 monoband mobile antenna is not currently cataloged, but may be available from some vendors.  I believe Comet still makes their monoband 23cm antenna.  Larsen used to offer an NMO mount 23cm mobile antenna.  You can find them on the used equip market occasionally.  All these antennas are gain-type whips, that are at least 24" or more tall.  You could also make a 1/4 wave whip for 23 cm from a male N or TNC connector and an appropriately sized piece of wire.  This could be mounted on the vehicle and function quite well as a mobile antenna.

I built a 1/2 wave vertical dipole antenna for 23 cm out of a female N connector (bulkhead-type w/ four- hole mounting flange), a piece of #12 AWG solid copper wire, and four sections of brass rod, sized to fit in the flange holes.  Once tuned, the antenna works quite well for FM ops on the 1200 MHz ham band.  It can be used as a base or mobile antenna.

Title: RE: mobile antenna for 1296 MHz?
Post by: KE6GDA on January 15, 2013, 08:05:17 PM
Erik, what were the specs for that vertical dipole you made? I'd like to make one. Thanks,

Steve KE6GDA