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Title: QCWA Sell-out
Post by: W2AGN on June 13, 2003, 02:37:27 PM
It is getting increasingly frustrating, trying to at least limit SPAM.
For example, for those of you members of QCWA, in the Summer newsletter,
it shows the QCWA BoD voted in October to SELL the member's database to a

bulk email outfit! I contacted the GM and President, as I have been a
Life Member for 20+ years. Sure enough, it was true, but they cancelled
the plan...not because of concern for member's privacy, but because it
turned out "they didn't need the money." Needless to say I told them to
expunge my records and cancel my membership. Probably useless, but it's
bad enough having spammers gathering our data with robots, but having a
trusted organization SELLING it was too much.