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Title: Icom 275 vs Kenwood 255
Post by: N9SRL on February 13, 2003, 12:14:06 AM
Having recently sold my 746, I am in the market for a "stand alone" VHF all mode rig.  I have read all the reviews here on site and have narrowed my choices to two rigs; the Icom 275h and the Kenwood 255.  I am on a budget, which is why there are no late model rigs in my selection, and I am hoping to find these two on the used market reasonably priced.  I would like to know all opinions concerning the above two rigs.  What were the good points and bad points, if any?  Is it user friendly, how is the RX performance for casual contesting, and anything else that might help me decide on which one is the right choice.  Who knows, maybe they are both equal and either one would be an excellent choice.

Thank you all for your help

Title: Icom 275 vs Kenwood 255
Post by: WB2WIK on February 13, 2003, 01:43:38 PM
They're both good rigs, but the IC-275H is more powerful (100W) and more fully featured and is truly a "base station" for two meters; the TM-255 is only 40W and doesn't have some of the 275H's advanced features but is also smaller and could be used mobile pretty easily.

Having used both many times, and having owned the IC-275H for a few years, my preference would strongly favor the Icom; however, I doubt you'll find one "inexpensively."  It was an expensive rig new in '87 or so, and they are in high demand.