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Title: Antenna Feedback
Post by: KE4IZA on February 16, 2003, 03:09:12 PM

A little while back I posted a problem I was having and recieved numerous responses as to what the problem was. Now i need some advice on what to do about it. Summary: I have a wire loop antenna around the ceiling of my apartment. I have it connected to the balanced wire terminals of my MFM-949E tuner. When I transmit my SWR need responds correctly however my forward need goes to 100w even though I am only transmitting 25w - 30w. The anomoly varies in severity by band. If I use more than 40w the forward power need is pegged. I have tried ferrite beads, 10 to be exact, on the cable between the rig and tuner with no results. I have tried movie the radio away from the tuner with no results. Is this only going to stop when i get the tuner away from the antenna field?
Then I am out of luck as I can not put up an outside antenna on the owners orders.