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Title: Casement Window passthru ideas
Post by: KB8HOC on January 06, 2009, 10:19:24 AM
Hi all,

My house has casement windows (vertically mounted, open with a crank). I would like to get some coax out the window to install an inverted L in the yard. Drilling through the brick is out of the question at this time (don't ask) so the only way out seems to be through the window.

Does anyone have this type of window and have some kind of solution for getting RG-8 size coax through it?

Ryan - KB8HOC

Title: Casement Window passthru ideas
Post by: W3LK on January 06, 2009, 11:29:40 AM
You might consider replacing one of the panes with a sheet of plexiglas and drill a hole for the coax.


Lon - W3LK
Naugatuck, Connecticut

Title: Casement Window passthru ideas
Post by: NA0AA on January 06, 2009, 05:42:11 PM
Could you go under the floor and out a sub-floor vent?

Plexiglas will work but is not great to look at.  Could you go overhead and out a soffitt vent?

Sometimes you can drill thru the window frame but I'm guessing that's going to be a no-go...<G>

Title: Casement Window passthru ideas
Post by: KB8HOC on January 07, 2009, 05:05:50 AM
Thanks for the replies. The house is a bi-level (1-1/2 stories in the front, downstairs opens into back yard) and the shack is on the back corner. I can't go into the subfloor because aside from ductwork, it's pretty much a concrete floor. I could do the plexiglas replacement though. The window is on the back of the house, so nobody would notice if the color is a little different.

Title: Casement Window passthru ideas
Post by: WA7NCL on January 07, 2009, 07:55:58 AM
It's not pretty, but I have run teflon RG-174 mini coax out the window and closed the window on it.  It deforms a little but teflon is very tough stuff.  You need to mound some coax connectors on either end to mate with your RG8.  You can't run huge power but works fine at 100W.

Another possiblity is to run copper tape as a pass through.  You could layer some kapton over the conductors to insulate it.  You would get an impedance bump but for short runs of a few inches in might be tolerable at HF.

Title: Casement Window passthru ideas
Post by: NA0AA on January 07, 2009, 03:16:16 PM
No one will notice - when I did my shack, I had to bust out a glass window to install a grounding panel and replaced 1/2 the glass with a piece of plexi - you cannot tell except that the reflection is a bit more wavy.  It's just not very scratch resistant, hopefully you have only a small pane rather than the whole panel.

BTW, you can use long threaded fittings as pass thrus that look much neater...or use lighting arresters, as I did.

Title: Casement Window passthru ideas
Post by: W0GLB on January 08, 2009, 09:29:36 AM
You could remove the glass, cut the bottom 2 inches or so off, cut an appropriate piece of pine of plywood to fit, dado or rabbet the top edge of the wood to accomodate the glass, and drill the wood to accomodate your passthru of choice.  A careful paint job and use of glazier's putty, and you will have a neat looking and weatherproof job of it.

Title: Casement Window passthru ideas
Post by: N8TCZ on January 08, 2009, 12:37:29 PM
If you are going to remove the glass it might be best to replace it with Lexan.  Much stronger than plexiglass and will last much longer.

Title: Casement Window passthru ideas
Post by: K8AC on January 09, 2009, 08:14:22 AM
I have casement windows as well, but have never seen a design that made it possible to remove the glass and replace it with anything.  When you break one of these windows, you go to the window distributor and order a new panel - frame and glass.  Don't get hung up on RG8 size - there are many smaller alternatives that you can use to get through the wall.  You can very likely drill through a mortar joint in the brick with a 1/4" masonry bit.  Check out the normal wire sources (Wiremand, for example) for the small diameter teflon coax, which will easily handle the legal limit.  Just run that through the small hole, install connector on each end, and attach your RG8 to that.  You can easily patch the small hole in the mortar line when you remove the antenna.  Another option is to go up through the ceiling and come down through the roof overhang.  Route the coax through the downspout if necessary to hide it.  

Title: Casement Window passthru ideas
Post by: K6REA on January 11, 2009, 02:00:17 PM
just drill through the wall next to the window.
keep it simple.
or, down at a level where it cannot be seen.
i did this in my old radio shack, and it had 13" thick concrete block walls.


Title: Casement Window passthru ideas
Post by: W1YB on January 12, 2009, 11:08:11 AM
I used Lexan. Just drill it out at slow speed or it will start to melt.


Title: Casement Window passthru ideas
Post by: VE3VID on January 12, 2009, 11:03:37 PM
2 ideas:

Easy - drill a hole through the window frame.  Either the plastic or wood around the casement. Or, just to the bottom or side where one of the wall studs exists.  Yes, this means going thru any window trim.

Hard - carefully cut through the drywall in a good spot.  6x6" is lots. Dont use a drill, you could snag the insulation and cause an aweful mess :).  Then use an exacto to trim away the insulation.  Drill a large hole 1-2"dia through the outter plywood and siding.  Install a service box outside over the hole - caulk well around it.  On the inside use a similar enclosure, or a nice piece of wood cut to cover the hole.  Before you're done, repack some insulation into the cavity and cover with a piece of 6 mil plastic vapour barrier.


Title: Casement Window passthru ideas
Post by: WA9AFM on January 13, 2009, 08:55:10 AM

     You didn't mention if the window was double-pane, type of frame, or the brand.  Had a similar problem, so I routed the cables down to the basement through a return-air duct and out a basement window.

Title: Casement Window passthru ideas
Post by: KE1HA on January 14, 2009, 03:53:49 PM
The house I'm currently residing in is a 1950's vintage and has a window sill that's about 4" so I needed something as well, as I didn't want to drill through concrete blocks. I was at my local HRO shop last week and one of guys showed me a neat little feed through system from MFJ.

Looks pretty nifty !! Could be a solution for you as well.

Model: MFJ-4602
Description: Antenna Feedthrough Panel


Title: Casement Window passthru ideas
Post by: KE1HA on January 14, 2009, 04:07:02 PM
Forgot to add, the picture of the MFJ-4602 looks like it's cut into the sill on the picture, but it's not. The panel merely sits at the bottom of the the sill and you close the window down onto the top sruface of the panel.

Quote from their site:

"Weather-proof Antenna Feedthrough Panel mounts in your window sill. Lets you feed three coax-fed antennas, balanced line, random wire and ground without drilling through walls.

Simply place in window sill and close window. One cut customizes it for any window up to 48 inches. Use horizontally or vertically. High-quality pressure-treated wood with excellent 3/4 inch thick insulating properties is painted with a heavy coat of white outdoor enamel paint. Edges sealed by weather-stripping. Seals and insulates against all weather conditions. Gives years of trouble-free service. 3/4Dx31/2Hx48W inches.

Inside/outside stainless steel plates bond all coax shields to ground. Stainless steel ground post brings outside ground connection inside. Three Teflon(R) SO-239 coax connectors, ceramic balanced line/randomwire feedthru insulators."


Title: Casement Window passthru ideas
Post by: KB8HOC on January 29, 2009, 09:22:13 AM
Wow I haven't checked this thread in a little while. I didn't know how many replies there were! Thanks everyone! The window is an Andersen casement window. They are double pane. I don't really want to damage the existing window too much, since someday I'll have to put it back when I sell the house. The windows appear to be manufactured in a way that replacing the glass is not a trivial exercise. The best way to go is a hole through a mortar joint and into the wall with a box on the outside. For domestic happiness reasons that's not going to happen very soon (or until she owes me one, at least). I am going to look at using a piece of small teflon coax with connectors on both ends (excellent idea!) or even the copper strips and just go out the window with that. A friend here at work also suggested that I keep my eye out at builders' surplus places for a window, modify that, and keep the original. Also not a bad idea.

As for going up through the attic and out the roof, That's what I'm doing with my loop. I have the coax going up through the wall into the attic, then out the gable vent to my 160m horizontal loop. I also want a put a vertical in the back yard, which is why I'm exploring getting coax out the window.

Thanks everyone for the suggestions!