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Title: TH-F6A Serial Data Protocol
Post by: KI6SZ on June 24, 2002, 04:01:06 PM
Does anyone know the data protocol used for programming the TH-F6A?  In addition to the basics (data rate, parity/non-parity), I would like to know the command sequence sequence(s) and the length of the accociated data streams.  This is a slick radio, but for a myriad of reasons (cost, bugs, security flaws, viruses, etc.) my house is now a 100% totally Micro$oft-Free-Zone.

I would like to write some Linux code to program this radio.  Kenwood isn't going to release a Non-Window$ version, so that leaves us Linux users and our Mac brethern out of luck.  Any code I write will be Open-Source (FREE) under the terms of the GPL.

Any information would be appreciated.

73 de KI6SZ (Don)

Title: TH-F6A Serial Data Protocol
Post by: M3BBZ on August 24, 2002, 11:45:17 AM
I have recently bought the TH-F7E (UK version) I have built the interface (for interest !) and have briefly run the software under Windows. But I really want to run it under linux. I have found a few sites that document the interface and software commands quite well, so it should be possible to write at least a basic Linux version. I would be happy to help with this project. Anyone interested ?

Title: TH-F6A Serial Data Protocol
Post by: F8CFE on November 27, 2002, 07:58:55 AM
Good news everyone! The TH-F7E (and TH-F6A) are supported by Hamlib, a radio control library for Linux systems (and others).
Hamlib is an open source project, and we'd be happy to count you in the developer team. Testers and contributors are also welcome.

The web site is at

For more information, join the hamlib-developer mailing list at