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Title: Which rig?
Post by: K5STZ on March 22, 2010, 06:39:22 AM
I’ve made several hundred QSOs over the FM birds and would now like to try the SSB & CW sats.

I’d like to buy a new rig which has full duplex capability. Seems like the Icom 7000 fits the bill but are there any others? I’ve looked through a bunch of manuals but can’t find any others that state they have the full duplex capability I’m after.

Thanks for your help.


Title: RE: Which rig?
Post by: KO4MA on March 22, 2010, 01:41:35 PM
The 7000 is not full duplex. Take a look at the IC-910 (although it is discontinued), the IC-9100 (the replacement), or the TS-2000 (has issues with birdies) or any old two all mode capable rigs for 2m or 70cm. There are LOTs of used sat rigs around.

73, Drew KO4MA

Title: RE: Which rig?
Post by: XE1VE3OQC on March 23, 2010, 06:55:53 PM
Hi Stan,
If you don´t want to part with a lot of money you can go with several options. One, separate radios for TX and RX, ie., 435.230 up with 145.930 down and with these birds full duplex on the receive of your signal is mandatory. You don´t want to be transmitting all over the bandpass looking for a contact.This will generally set you back about $200 for both radios. Two, receive converters.
I have been using and recommending the circa 1985 Ten Tec 2510B, which is a 435 transmitter with a 2 meter receive converter whose output is at 29.1 mhz. Now I know this radio/transverter is 25 years old but for $100+- it is an exceptional deal. For example, my AO-52 station consists of a 2510B with a FT-817 receiver (HF output at 29 Mhz) a 5 element crossed yagi for receive and 10 crossed yagi for the uplink. Each time without fail, I have made constant contacts into the bird without hesitation.
My other station is a IC-290a for RX and a FT-790RII for transmit and the antenna is 40 elements crossed with an output of 8 watts.
My third station is a IC910H into a 40 element crossed yagi UHF with a 24 element for VHF with 10/20 watts.

I have other radio such as Collins and Drake but they are seldom used. Satellites have been a priority for me for over 31 years.
Whatever your choice, go with what you feel you are comfortable with and use that.

Glenn, XE1/VE3OQC