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Title: Begali Simplex or Kent TP-1??
Post by: K3STX on April 27, 2010, 06:05:49 AM
I deserve a new toy. I am a CW only op, been so for over 30 years, and besides bugs my only currentl paddle is a W5JH Black Widow. It is a fine little key, but I have $150 burning a hole in my pocket and would like a new key. I USED to have a Kent TP-1 (long story), loved it, but thought the Begali Simplex should be considered too.

I ONLY use iambic keying, FWIW, and prefer sending in the 25-45 wpm range. I know they were reviewed in the latest QST but they were not really reviews. What do you think about the the choice between these two?

paul K3STX

Title: RE: Begali Simplex or Kent TP-1??
Post by: N3QE on April 27, 2010, 07:14:30 AM
I don't own the Kent but have briefly used one. It seemed nice enough but not exceptional.

Then I used a Begali Simplex and knew that it was the key for me so I bought one. Have had it for several years and am perfectly satisfied. It's probably been a year since I tweaked the springs or contact spacing, I am astonished at how physically stable it is. Mine came with both plastic and aluminum fingerpieces and I tried both, I preferred the aluminum. It's not clear to me if the aluminum ones are in the Simplex base price anymore but I recommend them.

I think either will come in over $150 shipped from Europe at current prices.


Title: RE: Begali Simplex or Kent TP-1??
Post by: IK0YGJ on April 30, 2010, 03:04:08 AM
They are both very good keys.
The Kent will allow you accessing to fastest speeds (50 WPM) but the magnets tend to collect dust over time, while the Simplex is best suited for starting.
The Kent is best suited for big hands, it has very wide palettes, while the Simplex has a smaller inter-palette distance.
Simplex paddles are definitely better, expecially the aluminium ones.
They are both very good value for money.
As far as the beauty side is concerned, the Simplex is simply outstanding IMHO.
73 Carlo IK0YGJ

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Title: RE: Begali Simplex or Kent TP-1??
Post by: K3STX on April 30, 2010, 08:53:00 AM
Ahh, too late for the Kent, although I DO want to use this key for QRQ.

I just ordered a Begali Simplex, so I'll let ya'll know how it goes.


Title: RE: Begali Simplex or Kent TP-1??
Post by: K0RS on April 30, 2010, 11:37:14 PM
I tend to agree with everything Carlo said.  I have both the Kent TP-1 and the single lever SP-1.  I think the action of both is very good.  I have a Begali Simplex Mono single lever and I'm not very happy with it.  The dual lever Simplex is a very different animal however and I don't think my experience with my Mono is directly transferable.  I've gotten a couple of emails about my Mono suggesting that it can be improved with careful adjustment.  I haven't disassembled it yet, but there may be more potential than I've realized.

I've never particularly liked Schurr paddles...I thought they looked like they were built by a talented high school senior in shop class.  Nice worksmanship, but no style.  Well, I stopped by Morse Express the other day and had a nice chat with Marshall, N1FN.  He just happened to have a couple of Scheunemanns (who purchased Schurr and are continuing to build them), an Einhebel (single lever) and a Dirigent (dual lever).  All I can say is "Wow!"  I've never tried a paddle that I enjoyed so much.  Smooth and light and can be adjusted down to microscopic points clearances if that's what turns you on.  Unfortunately they are a lot more than $150.  However if you're ever feeling flushed and want to give yourself a real treat....

Title: RE: Begali Simplex or Kent TP-1??
Post by: K3STX on May 21, 2010, 08:11:11 PM
Well, the Begali Simplex arrived in the mail yesterday and I just fired it up for my first QSO. It will take some getting used to, at 35 wpm I am getting some "bounce" in my characters (G is coming out as Q), I'll work on the spacing of contacts and tension, but it certainly LOOKS beautiful. More practice at 25-30 wpm for sure, I have spent the past year or so using bugs almost exclusively.

I am sure for $175 I will learn to love it! Funny how the more a key costs the more you love it!