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Title: Internet, you miss it when gone.
Post by: W8JX on May 13, 2011, 05:12:13 PM
You never realize how much you depend on Internet access until you do not have it. I lost my 16Mbit drop feeding my house networks for 4 days and just got it restored. (took that long to get a tech out because of storms in area last few weeks) Other than a backup cellular adapter I could use on laptops I have had not access. My daughter was going into Netflick streaming video withdrawal so to speak. Turns out it was a bad "tap" box on pole where you tap into fiber cable. I have not even been on radio because no access for shack computer. (Like looking things up and such) I guess I am getting to dependent on technology. I would have really been lost without backup cellular broad band adapter.

Title: RE: Internet, you miss it when gone.
Post by: AE4RV on May 13, 2011, 05:23:08 PM
Wait, what?

Title: RE: Internet, you miss it when gone.
Post by: AE4RV on May 13, 2011, 05:44:39 PM
I was so very ready to sympathize with you. But, reading about your (possibly limited) laptop Internet access via cell adapter and unwillingness to get on the air without  being able to look stuff up changed my mind, sorry.

We had two, separate, week long power outages a few years ago. Lots of candles, flashlights, reading and trivial pursuit. No computers, radios, Internet, tv. The second one inspired me to get back in to ham radio after almost five years away. I was really wanting to do some QRP or even 2M with an HT but I was not set up back then.

So, now I have antennas, ample batteries, lanterns, low power-draw QRP rigs, a low power netbook (with a 12v adapter). Everything but a generator. Of course the power hasn't gone out since (knock on wood).

Next time it does I'll be on the air right away!

Anyway, glad you got your Internet back.

Title: RE: Internet, you miss it when gone.
Post by: W8JX on May 13, 2011, 06:28:18 PM
I was without power for 5 days 3 years ago. Reason I was not on air was mostly lack of Internet. Let me qualify it.  My lap scans news  feeds and many times I listen to radio for activity or CQ's while I am reading from web or doing some research. I was considering using cellular adapter with shack computer so I could listen while reading news and such. I would have likely done it if service had not been restored today. It was scheduled for next week Tuesday but I have been calling every morning before 9am to try get on cancellation list and found a hole and got on it today. They still have to come out and change tap box in fiber line. (different crew) Lucky I was only one on it and other un-used tap still had some life in it to get me back on until they can replace box in next week or so. Tech was at first concerned that the 270 feet of cable buried under road and in yard might be bad. I am the only house in my area that I know of that has a underground feed. Tech was asking me where it was feeding from because it was not easy to tell at first glance from driveway. I might add that when I got cable internet 7 years ago when it was first offered where I live in country, my house had never had cable TV and no feed as they had upgrade all feed to house when they installed fiber on road 7 years ago but not my house. They quickly determined that they needed to bore under road to give me access as going over was not a option due to limited clearance with old shorter pole that box was on. They wasted no time or expense getting a directional boring machine and underground cable layer on site and got me on line with no installation charge too.