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Title: Bird 4391 wattmeter question
Post by: WY3X on September 20, 2011, 11:39:41 AM
I purchased a Bird 4391 RF analyst meter several years ago, and never really paid much attention to the rear panel. Today I noticed a data jack on the rear panel near the fuse, after seeing one on eBay for sale that had a blank plate across this same spot. The owners manual does not address what this jack is for, but I do see that some type of cable was sold at one time that mates to this jack, although there is zero information available on the internet about this cable and/or what the other end connects to (Computer? Some unknown accessory?). Also, there is an accessory for a recommended "yearly calibration" that I have not done since I had the meter that allows DC current to flow to the meter for calibration purposes. My questions are:

1. What is the cable for, and where might one be purchased?
Bird part number is: 4380-514 i/o cable

2. Where might I purchase the DC adapter used in calibration?
Bird part number is: 4381-050

3. If the i/o cable connects to a computer, what software is required?

Thanks, -WY3X

Title: RE: Bird 4391 wattmeter question
Post by: KE4DRN on September 20, 2011, 07:26:12 PM
hi Web,

not sure if this document can help.

73 james

Title: RE: Bird 4391 wattmeter question
Post by: WY3X on September 21, 2011, 07:10:23 AM
Thanks very much! In my mind, it appears to be a "stretch of the imagination" to associate this (data logging unit?) with the 4391, but there it is, right in the manual, shown connected to the 4391 in a line drawing! Looks like I have a feature I'll never use. I don't know what Bird was thinking when they designed this interface- perhaps they thought "how can we make a simple feature more complex so we can soak our buyers out of more money?". I was hoping it was serial RS-232 compatible and that some software might be available to store the measurements it takes, but I guess that was wishful thinking on my part. Thank you for your diligent expertise in finding this document!!!

73, -WY3X