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Title: Knights of Columbus radio club
Post by: W0TLP on November 18, 2011, 06:28:11 AM
I am interested in finding Knights of Columbus members in the St. Louis metro area to talk radio radio perhaps to start a K of C amateur radio club.

If any STL area knights are interested please contact me via my callsign at arrl dot net.



Title: RE: Knights of Columbus radio club
Post by: KA5N on November 19, 2011, 04:55:44 AM
What's next?  An odd fellows radio club?

I can see it now:  A big law suit for excluding any but Knights of  Columbus.

It seems to me that most radio clubs manage to get a pretty homogenous
group simply by running off everyone they don't like, by snubbing and other


Title: RE: Knights of Columbus radio club
Post by: WB8NUT on December 01, 2011, 07:24:35 AM
That is an excellent idea! Maybe broaden out the area a bit or try to get a national KofC amateur group together. Forget the negativity in the previous post. It's not exclusion, it's bringing people together who have another common interest in addition to amateur. No different than a QRP specialty group, or a Masonic Amateur Group, or a Bible Study Amateur Group and there are more and all do very well. I am also a KofC member and there is another ham in out council and we like to talk radio after KofC meetings.

BTW, I lived in STL between 1986 and 1990. Enjoyed every minute of living there.

Keep me posted if you decide to broaden it out into a national group.


Title: RE: Knights of Columbus radio club
Post by: W0TLP on December 07, 2011, 06:31:27 PM
Thanks, Duffy.  Maybe we can get a K of C net up on 75/80 meters or 40 meters and branch out from there.


Title: RE: Knights of Columbus radio club
Post by: AK4QK on December 12, 2011, 12:39:34 PM
I would also be interested in a KofC net or group.  That would be cool!  Let me know if you want to pursue a national net.  I'm in the North East Alabama area.

Title: RE: Knights of Columbus radio club
Post by: KE9PP on December 17, 2011, 11:54:31 AM
Sorry to hear of your experiences with the "locals".  However, since you've already got privileges there, if you want to taste just a tad of the HF  (General Class) experience, get on 10 Meters during the daylight hours.  While every day is not as consistent as 20 Meters, 10 has just begun to come alive and, when it is open, man there are more DX stations with booming signals than you can shake a stick at.  Once you've tried HF on 10 Meters you'll want to get your General even more.  10 Meters is only going to get better over the next 2-3 years or so and then it will begin to quiet down again.  Just my two cents worth.....

Title: RE: Knights of Columbus radio club
Post by: KA3CTQ on January 11, 2012, 01:19:20 PM
There are several nets for the KofC.

Some found on ARRL site.

Knights of Columbus Net  7.234   M 0130   
Knights of Columbus Net  3.829   M 0200   
Knights of Columbus Net  14.239  M 0100   

Title: RE: Knights of Columbus radio club
Post by: KA3CTQ on January 11, 2012, 01:21:17 PM
Google is a good friend.


Saturdays: 0900 ET (1400 UTC): 7.193 MHz
Saturdays: 1500 ET (2000 UTC): 14.243 MHz

Welcome to the companion email group for the Knights of Columbus Net! This group was formed for the discussion and promotion of the K of C Net - an HF net for ham radio operators who also happen to be - or are interested in becoming - member brothers of the Knights of Columbus.

The Knights of Columbus is a Catholic men's fraternal benefit society that was formed to render financial aid to members and their families. Mutual aid and assistance are offered to sick, disabled and needy members and their families. Social and intellectual fellowship is promoted among members and their families through educational, charitable, religious, social welfare, war relief and public relief works. The Order has grown from several members in one council to more than 13,000 councils and 1.7 million members throughout the United States, Canada, the Philippines, Mexico, Poland, the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Panama, the Bahamas, the Virgin Islands, Guatemala, Guam and Saipan. Knights are Catholic men, 18 years of age and older, who are committed to making their community a better place while supporting their Church. Being a Knight is more than camaraderie; it is being involved with your community and also supporting your local Catholic Church.

Interested non-Knights are welcome to join the Net and this email group to learn more about the Knights of Columbus but discussion antithetical to the Holy See or the Magisterium or the Roman Catholic Church is not welcome. Also, Brother Knights should take care to not discuss any specific information regarding degree initiations.

(Also, check out our unofficial "companion" net, the St. Maximilian Kolbe (SP3RN) Net hosted by W3QT on 7.214 MHz on Saturday mornings at 8:00am ET and on 3.814 MHz on Sunday evenings at 7:00pm ET.)

Title: RE: Knights of Columbus radio club
Post by: KD0LMR on February 21, 2012, 04:49:51 PM
This is a great idea. I have been trying to start the very same thing!
I have been licensed only since 2010 and at present am a general operator. My equipment is a venerable Atlas 210X and two Kenwood 2 meter radios. This has enormous potential. We indeed could form a local group within a national scope. '73 KD0LMR ( Council 10490)  Please contact me at me profile email address.  ;D ;D

Title: RE: Knights of Columbus radio club
Post by: W0TLP on March 04, 2012, 06:24:21 AM
Felix, I did not see an email address associated with your profile on eham or QRZ. If you would please send me an email the address on my profile that would be great.


Title: RE: Knights of Columbus radio club
Post by: K1CJS on March 04, 2012, 09:06:16 AM
Just another reason that clubs are getting less and less members--someone joins an exclusive club and then others who want the thing opened wide up come and start trouble.  Want a K of C radio club--be prepared to be invaded if your club starts doing well!

One story is about a club had their own land and got a cell tower on it for a steady income--and before you knew it, out of towners came in.  They were welcomed with open arms--and soon took over the entire club!  Some of the regulars were run off, others threw up their hands and quit, and still others just sighed and did things the way the taker overs wanted it done.

People are never happy unless they're imposing their will on others.  Human nature?  Maybe--but we could well do better without such goings on.

Title: RE: Knights of Columbus radio club
Post by: N2JIE on March 15, 2012, 08:47:18 PM
I would also be interested in joining a K OF C net.  It's WAY too late now, but I would like to see a Special Event Station/Contest the end of the month, to celebrate the 130th anniversary of the Knights of Columbus, or in August, to celebrate Father McGivney's birth (160 years).  Points could be awarded for Knight-to-Knight contact, with points given for contact with all of the positions within the Knights of Columbus, with Supreme and everything in between.

If somebody would help me get my 10 meter whip antenna off of my gas grill in the back yard, I would love to sponsor the event.  Anyhow, I will probably write to Supreme and see what they think about it.  In the meantime, I'm up for getting on the nets listed here.  

03/7/2012--And of course I forgot to tune in to the K OF C nets mentioned in the earlier posts.

Title: RE: Knights of Columbus radio club
Post by: KA0SOH on March 28, 2012, 11:25:11 PM
Talk, talk, talk...but will he show up for the work!  Didn't for me.  Donn, KA0SOH