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Title: Kent Versus Bengali Single Lever Paddle
Post by: WB2PJH on November 29, 2006, 08:16:35 PM
I currently have a Brown BTL and a Bencher BY-1 paddle and while I prefer the lighter touch of the Bencher, the spring seems to shift often and so it feels "off" unless I play with the spring tension to make it equal between the two paddles, a problem as my speed has increased.  

I don't use iambic keying, so I thought it might be a good idea to purchase a quality single lever paddle.  Both Kent and Bengali have well regarded single lever paddles, but the Bengali, with shipping, is about $70 more.  If anyone here has experience with any or both of these paddles and can make a recommendation and/or comparison with my BY-1, I'd appreciate it.


Dave  WB2PJH

Title: Kent Versus Bengali Single Lever Paddle
Post by: K7NHB on December 05, 2006, 05:05:46 PM
I have a kent single and a Bengali dual and am going to make your decision even more complicated - in a minute. First, You can't go wrong with either one - the Kent certainly feels more sold and refined compared to the Vibroplex Vibrokeyer. The Bengali is also more refined will stay put better than the kent if you are "heavy" on the key.

But consider this - in a brasspounders discussion, many came to the conclusion that they didn't like a dual paddle not because of the paddle per say, but because they didn't like the iambic action of the keyer.

Now there at least two/three keyers that support Ultramatic mode. This is an OLD mode that was used by Ten Tec and mostly dropped as iambic became popular. But these days it's supported by Jackson Harbor, the the Pico keyer and is incorporated into the Palm mini-cube (which uses the Jackson Harbor chip).

In Ultramatic, the last paddle wins. So if you are holding the dah paddle, you get dah dah dah. If you then squeese the dit paddle you get dit dit dit (even though the dah paddle is still closed). if you release the dit paddle you return to dah dah dah.

The contingent in the brasspounders forum found this more predicable as less prone to timing errors with the dit dah dit dah dit dah on a squeese.

So if you get the right keyer, you can consider the MANY quality dual paddle keys - including the Kent and Bengali.


Title: Kent Versus Bengali Single Lever Paddle
Post by: DG3YCC on December 14, 2006, 03:20:34 AM
I use the Kent single paddle in my car when I'm cw mobile. I also took a look at the bengali single paddle but what I dislike is the relatively large gap between thump and index finger:  The bengal provides two paddles although only one is needed. With the kent you only have one paddle between finger and thump, and thas feels better  - at least for me.  With paddles it's all about personal feeling, isn't it?  73 de Chris