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Title: SATPC32
Post by: KA7RRA on October 31, 2012, 02:42:43 AM
I got this program while I was at Pacifcon in California,and all I canget it to do is track just one satellite  I think it is AO-29.

How do I get it to track other satellites? I see them in the list,and click ok but I just keep coming back to AO-29 and YES I paid the 55 dollars donation,but I have not receive the  reg code for the program



Title: RE: SATPC32
Post by: KA1MDA on October 31, 2012, 04:51:32 AM
At the top of the main program screen, click on SATELLITES. In the SATELLITES pop-up window, select which satellites you want to track from the AVAILABLE column in the middle of the box. Double click the mouse on each one of the sats you want to track.

When you double click on a sat, you will see it appear in the SELECTED column in the right hand side of the box. Click on the sats you are most interested in first, and work your way down. This will place the sats you're interested in the most at the top of the list. The letters between the AVAILABLE and SELECTED columns match the little letter boxes which appear on the bottom right hand side of the main screen. When finished, click OK and the SATELLITES window should close.

In the main program screen, clicking on any of those little letter boxes on lower right hand side will track the satellite associated with that letter (as selected above). If the box is highlighted, that satellite is currently visible. If the box is greyed, out, that sat is below the horizon. If the letter in the box is greyed out, it means that position does not have a sat associated with it (free slot).

Hovering the mouse pointer over each letter will cause a little baloon to pop up with the associated satellite name. The top of the main program screen (title bar) shows the name of the satellite that is currently being tracked (right after SatPC32).

Hope that helps

Title: RE: SATPC32
Post by: KA1MDA on October 31, 2012, 06:51:34 AM
I forgot to mention in the last post- to remove a satellite from the SELECTED column, just double click on it, and it will move back into the AVAILABLE column.

Title: RE: SATPC32
Post by: K5MF on November 13, 2012, 04:45:46 PM
I had this problem also -  operator error.  When you build your list of satellites in the Satellite menu, be sure to click the "show on/off" button for each satellite you want to see on the display.  When properly selected for display, there should be an asterisk beside the letter designation for each satellite.