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Title: Yagi
Post by: KD5GR on December 19, 2012, 04:27:23 PM
I am going to mount one of GOKSC's 2 meter LFA yagis on the top of a metal mast on a hinge that will let me select either vertical or horizontal configuration.  I want it grounded for noise reduction, so I don't want to use a nonconductive mast.

Since I don't want the mast to be "seen" by the elements, the "hinge" will place the antenna to the side of the mast when in vertical configuration.  Here's my question:  What is the minimum distance I should have between the antenna and the mast?  I know two yagis on the same mast should be at least 2' to 4' apart (2 meters) but does this rule of thumb apply when I'm only dealing with the mast rather than an array of elements on a second yagi?

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