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Title: Simple Receiver
Post by: K8AXW on January 02, 2013, 09:49:33 AM
Greetings all:

Well, the holidays are over and this household is slowly returning to normal. 

An experiment, or perhaps a better description would be "a mind fart" failed.  I got the bright idea of letting and assisting my two grandsons in building two regenerative receivers while they were here from out of state.

I now refer to it as a "mind fart" because I failed to realize: ! - One can't compete with Xbox 360 and 2 - Kids get bored VERY quickly and what I find simple..... isn't!  As a consequence $60 worth of parts and great plans wound up in the crapper!

With that being said, and after completing one of the regenerative receivers that provides less than stellar results, I'm now looking for another receiver circuit that would be fairly easy to build at a reasonable cost and which would provide good single band reception.

Any suggestions??

Title: RE: Simple Receiver
Post by: WB6THE on January 02, 2013, 03:16:24 PM
DC receivers are simple and fun to play with.
A DC receiver is only a small hop and a skip
to a superhet receiver. There are dozens of
schematics on the internet.