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Title: Wyong Field Day!
Post by: VK2JNA on February 22, 2013, 02:56:12 PM
Hams in the the eastern half of Oz will be quiet on the bands Sunday 24th Feb as we head to the Wyong Field Day hamfest, about 1.5 hr north of Sydney. This is our biggest swapmeet in Australia (potentially southern hemisphere) & anyone whos anyone will be there to trade old & new radio & electronic gear & have our annual face-to-face catchup. Locally, the bands are even quiet now as people prepare themsleves; organising cash, lines of credit, filling esky's & loading gear to offload at the hamfest. Fun for everyone.

Many members in our Sydney based club MWRS ( are driving up or hitching lifts obscenely early. Some are even attending the pre-hamfest "Contester University" to bone up on the finer points of contesting. One of our members takes his XYL every few years just to show her that he's not that weird after all !

See you there?