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Title: WW8OH: OHIO STATE PARKS ON THE AIR (OSPOTA) Sep 7, 2013, noon-8 pm EDST
Post by: W3HKK on April 07, 2013, 11:34:59 AM
The guys at COOKEN ARC have decided to activate WW8OH at DILLON State Park for this year's OSPOTA event on Saturday, Sep. 7th.

Dillon SP is located in Muskingum County, for you county hunters.

This "fun"  contest is open to anyone anywhere.  Your goal is to work all 75 Ohio  state parks during this  8 hr event. You can make  only one contact per station per band, regardless of mode.  WW8OH will operate three stations: one  on 80/75m ssb, one on 40m cw/ssb, and one on 20-15-10m ssb. 

In the spirit of Ohio State Parks, we will be  staying at two cabins and one camp site for the entire weeeknd, greatly facilitating set up and tear down.  Before and after the contest we will be on the air for rag chewing purposes, as well as enjoying the park's hiking,  camping,  fishing and boating  opportunities.

Hope to see you there.

PS  This new contest is catching on like wildfire.  Indiana also has  their own contest this very same day.  Other states are organizing their own state parks contest.  See the OSPOTA website for details.