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Title: Significance of 1.805 MHz
Post by: W8QAS on April 11, 2013, 08:42:17 AM
I discovered my radio tuned this morning to 1.805 MHz on AM.  When I disconnected last night due to the upcoming storms, I was on 3.816 on SSB.  My grandfather was an old CW guy.  His call sign was W8QAS.  I barely knew him and know very little about his experiences with ham radio.  I know he helped set up MARS in WWII in Cincinnati, OH.  I have a hand written letter of thanks from Harry Truman. Other than that, I no very little details.  So with that, can anyone tell me what might be significant about this frequency from back in the old days?  What brought this about.  I was awaken this morning during the storm with CW coming from my office.  As I neared my office, I could see my Kenwood TS-940 lit up but not other light coming from my office as I had shut everything down including my computer.  I also had disconnected everything (power, feed-lines, internet).  When I got to my office, the room when dark and no CW.  My wife and I both heard it loud and clear.  In fact she commented that she thought I had everything shut down for the weather.  One extra twist, my key was sitting in the center of my desk.  I haven't had it out in over a month.  My desk was cluttered with D-Star equipment as I am trying to master it.  It was all pushed aside and the key was front and center.  If anyone has any ideas, I sure would like to hear them.  Note: this wouldn't be a joke by my wife, she wouldn't know where to find my key, I keep stored behind my radio and one would have to know it was there.

Roy, W8QAS

Title: RE: Significance of 1.805 MHz
Post by: AC4RD on April 11, 2013, 09:16:47 AM
I'm guessing you are about to be visited in the night by three ghosts; the Spirits of DX Past, DX Present, and DX Future.  You will wake up the next morning, ask a neighborhood child to go buy a big goose, and send a QSL to Tiny Tim for your last QSO.  :-)

Title: RE: Significance of 1.805 MHz
Post by: AC4RD on April 11, 2013, 09:20:44 AM
Oh, there's another possibility.  Remember the story about the old shoemaker who was visited in the night by elves?  The elves entered his workshop while the shoemaker was asleep and made shoes for him to sell the next day.

Maybe the elves showed up in your shack with some sort of plan in mind, but got busy seeing what was happening on 160m and never did get around to making any shoes or whatever. 

Title: RE: Significance of 1.805 MHz
Post by: W8QAS on April 11, 2013, 09:28:33 AM
Really, that's the best you two could come up with? 

Title: RE: Significance of 1.805 MHz
Post by: AK4YH on April 11, 2013, 11:42:32 AM
Seriously, you might be sleep-walking...
Things don't move by themselves, so someone did it.
Most likely you. Why you have no recollection of it and why you might have done it is another matter..
People have done strange things while sleeping, even drive and commit murder. Not that you would, LOL.
My point is that people can perform complex tasks while sleeping and not remember.


Title: RE: Significance of 1.805 MHz
Post by: KV4BL on April 11, 2013, 12:06:31 PM
Hello Roy!  I'm guessing you have already at least considered the possibility that your grandfather (or other person) was trying to let you know they are there, or send you a message from the other side.   I am sure there will be no shortage of naysayers and haters on here in quick order, but I am comfortable enough with my experiences that I don't really care.

Friends, relatives, and others who have already made the transition DO stick around and check on us from time to time.  They do everything from engaging in mischief such as moving or hiding objects, to knocking on walls, to turning lights on or off (opposite of how you left them), to leaving little presents.  One lady of my acquaintance whose father used to give her dimes all the time when she was a little girl, said he apparently now leaves them laying around the house she lives alone in.  They turn up in odd places where there was no logical reason for them to be and where there were no dimes shortly before she found them.  This is the house she grew up in and which her dad was living in when he passed, some years ago.  

Do you know Morse well enough to copy it?  Were you able to make any of it out before it stopped?   I know, it is difficult for me to copy a repeater ID unless I am expecting it and "prepared" for it.  Did the Morse you heard sound like it was coming over the air, or from your side tone?   If from the side tone, that all the more would make me believe that my guess is correct.

Great story and thank you for sharing it with us!   Please keep us posted.


Ray  KV4BL

Title: RE: Significance of 1.805 MHz
Post by: KV4BL on April 11, 2013, 12:13:28 PM
One other thing Roy; you said that you don't have a lot of things that belonged to your grandfather, other than the letter from Harry Truman.  I know this is a long shot, but could ANYBODY in your family have any of his old radio logs?   Those might be helpful in the 1.805 mystery.

Title: RE: Significance of 1.805 MHz
Post by: W1JKA on April 11, 2013, 01:01:03 PM
   Don't completely discount your spiritual happening,remember rf from brainwaves while alive go on for eternity through space and who knows what shape,form or action possible receivers may take(we will all find out for sure once we get there).Until we do I'll put my money on the sleep walking theory,since I've done one or two strange things during the night myself.In the mean time enjoy your reacquainting with grand dad.

Title: RE: Significance of 1.805 MHz
Post by: W8QAS on April 11, 2013, 04:02:06 PM
Thanks for responses.  If it is okay, I'd like to group my replies.  As a pilot for over 20 years and a licensed aircraft mechanic for five, I am a creature of habit.  There is a place for everything and everything in its place.  When I get my key out, I use it.  When I am done, it gets put away.  I get it out about every six weeks to two months.  My wife's office is next to mine. our bedroom is at the other end of the house.  I was asleep in the bedroom.

I have checked and the logs were thrown away when they cleaned out the house.  Grandma died not long afterwards and the house was cleaned and sold.  At one point in the '80's I lived just a couple of doors away and stopped in and asked if they knew of anything.  I was told the house was gutted and remodeled before they moved in.

I wasn't able to copy any of the code. It wasn't a repeater.  The code was being hand sent.  It had inflections that weren't mechanical.  I wasn't sleep walking. My wife was up getting ready for work (in her office) and she was hollering at me because it was very loud and questioned what the radio was doing on during the storm.  All of the power and antenna connections were disconnected.  She was just about to come in and wake me to ask if should be left on.  I consider grandpa visited me.  I have often wondered who had contact with him, if he wrote any articles and submitted them for publication, or just if he had regular contacts that might still be around.  To my knowledge, he had no one he mentored.  I spent the day trying to prepare to record it if it happens again.    Hey Thanks.  If anything comes from this, I'll be sure to post it.

Title: RE: Significance of 1.805 MHz
Post by: AC4RD on April 11, 2013, 04:32:20 PM
... The code was being hand sent.  It had inflections that weren't mechanical. ...  I consider grandpa visited me. 

What if it was, not your grandpa, but some Evil Spirit who wanted you to THINK it was your grandfather?  Your ham shack isn't built over an old Indian grave site, is it?

Maybe it's Elvis, and you just couldn't read his code because of the Southern accent and the pills?

Title: RE: Significance of 1.805 MHz
Post by: W8QAS on April 11, 2013, 04:39:40 PM
Nope, no evil spirits or built over a graveyard or anything.  This property has been in my wife's family for a couple of weeks at least.  Seriously, they have owned/resided here for ore than 50 years.  The locals are just that, locals.  When I retired here, I almost needed a passport and papers.  The neighbors don't believe there is anything haunting here.  We have never experienced anything like this here before.  Before I moved here, I lived in 180 year old farm house that had it's share of stories but no ghosts.  nothing out of the ordinary other than the occasional illegal.  Again, thanks for the responses....

Title: RE: Significance of 1.805 MHz
Post by: NO2A on April 11, 2013, 08:19:54 PM
That`s a great story Roy. I`d say you did indeed get a visit from your grandfather. I don`t know of any significance of that frequency other than there`s a fishing beacon there(HV8E). Maybe he liked 160m. I`m sure your grandfather is happy you`re using his call. I`d look at it as a good positive thing,as I`m sure that`s what it was intended to be. Thanks for sharing that with us.

Title: RE: Significance of 1.805 MHz
Post by: W8QAS on April 11, 2013, 09:43:14 PM
Thanks.  I have tried to do my grandpa and his call sign proud.  I'll let you know if I get another visit.  I have gotten some email traffic on this as well.  It seems to be the majority that I should just enjoy the moment and keep doing what I am doing.  I'll say this; We were very fortunate to have been spared last night.  For those who weren't, you'll remain in our prayers for a speedy recovery.


Title: RE: Significance of 1.805 MHz
Post by: KV4BL on April 11, 2013, 09:57:20 PM
Hello again, Roy!   That is a shame that your grandfather's logs are lost to the ages.   Cool deal on the Morse being sent manually!  

Things to consider:
1)  Even though you did not know him very well, you have chosen to honor your grandfather by taking his call sign.

2)   I attempted to do a little research on your (his) call sign and discovered that you had done the same.

3)   You are both communicators.   Whether by trade, hobby, or both, that is what you do and what you are.

4)   Items 1 and 2 above, indicate to me that he has been on your mind over time, perhaps more than a little.

He is, no doubt, proud of you for your achievements in ham radio and he is honored that you cared enough about him to
have done the things you have.  Frequently, spirits are drawn closer to us when we are thinking of them and especially
when we are discussing that person (or entity) with others.

In my experience, sometimes it may take time for someone on the other side (friend, relative, or other) to get around to making contact.
Sometimes, they have attempted to make contact, but our logical, skeptical, mind tells us those attempts are "normal", everyday, things such as the house settling (sometimes it IS just that and nothing more, sometimes it is something else), our mind playing tricks on us, or some other form of denial.  For whatever reason, your grandfather (or maybe someone else) is trying to get your attention in the here and now, and they have found a very good way to do that.

As with those of us on this side of the grave, those on the other side like to be acknowledged and recognized.  If you think you feel your grandfather (or other person)'s presence around you, don't be ashamed to speak to them.  Call them by name or nickname (if known) if you feel a presence or are getting overt signs that someone is trying to get your attention.  Don't expect to see or hear them, unless you have special abilities and gifts that most of us do not.  If you are at work or some other place where talking to the empty air might get you in a bind, just acknowledge them mentally.   I have experienced things which lead me to believe they can and do read our thoughts.  Understand that many times, you may get no response from them at all.  The more open to this kind of thing you become, the more it may happen to you as time progresses.  There will also be times when such things seem to cease for weeks, months, even years, before resuming again.  I don't know why that is but it just happens that way at times.

Best of luck to you and I hope you can capture that Morse on tape or DV recorder.  


Ray  KV4BL

Title: RE: Significance of 1.805 MHz
Post by: W8QAS on April 11, 2013, 10:24:13 PM
Hey thanks Ray.  Other than the letter, I may have failed to mention one other item they kept.  How it came to be in our family is beyond me.  Mom doesn't know (or recall) and I didn't think to ask my dad before he passed.  Anyway, I also was given my grandpa's 1917 Vibroplex bug in the original wooden box.  I can't use it.  I am a straight key type of guy (who called him a piccolo player?).  Anyway, I cherish it.  It is pretty cool. I emailed Pete (NL7XM) ( )  to see if he any further data.  Hopefully, he'll come up with something.  Thanks again for your kind words.  It has been an experience and a different day for sure.


Roy, W8QAS

Title: RE: Significance of 1.805 MHz
Post by: AC2EU on April 12, 2013, 09:26:39 AM
Got ghosts on 1.805 Mhz? ...Who ya gonna call?...W8QAS !  ;D
Sorry, I couldn't help it.
There are weird "goings on" from time to time, like when my flashlight refused to work in a particular room in a old house that I was in yesterday. Nothing moved around or re-tuned my radio though.
" I ain't skeered of no ghost"  ::)

Title: RE: Significance of 1.805 MHz
Post by: N2UGB on April 12, 2013, 06:28:22 PM
Many years ago when I was a USAF radio operator, I was with a group sent to Australia on a several-city, good-will mission. Aircraft were set up and visitors walked around viewing it all.

In Darwin, a major storm occured. The radio was set up on the back of a 6x truck. Gear was Collins 75A4 and big KW. Antenna was a vertical. A flash of lightning hit some distance away. The truck and equipment became "hot". I shut down the station and killed the generator, then jumped down.

The rigs remained "live", the dial-lights glowed, and I think I could hear noise from the receiver.

Spirits, I think not.

Energy stored in the capacitors?

I don't remember the reason given at the time.

Title: RE: Significance of 1.805 MHz
Post by: N5XM on April 13, 2013, 02:57:14 AM
If you don't operate CW much, this is an easy one.  He's trying to get you to tune up your fist and use the first and oldest mode of all! 

Title: RE: Significance of 1.805 MHz
Post by: K4AHO on April 16, 2013, 05:20:35 PM

I agree with N5XM, time to put the microphone away and put the key where it belongs, Front and Center.  Learning to use the bug would be a challenge I am sure but He would love to hear it back in action. If you are not a member I would recommend you consider joining SKCC.  Great bunch of guys and will give you all the help you need. You may want to consider building a "Legacy Station" that replicates the radios your Granddad used. I am the third generation coder in my family and believe it is important to Honor our ancestors.   I have built a "Legacy Station" my Dad used when he returned from WWII.  I am using a HQ129X and a Homebrew TX using a 6AG7 and 807 TX.   What a ball to operate.

Speaking of Ghosts, have you considered "Long Delayed Echoes".   Some have been known to have delays of years.   Not only that, if you cant hear the originating signal, how would you know it is a "LDE". I work QRP and I sometimes wonder about those weak and fluttering signals I heard that don't respond to my call. When I have the opportunity I try to immediately check the call on QRZ.   Once in awhile it is not in the database. Did I copy it wrong or is there something else afoot??

Things to think about just before you go to sleep.



Title: RE: Significance of 1.805 MHz
Post by: N7DMA on April 30, 2013, 07:27:40 PM
I'm with KV4BL. My Dad passed away 4 years ago, and he occasionally stops by to let me know all is well, and he appreciates me taking care of Mom. He wasn't a ham, and I get no CW from the rig, but he has his ways!

Cherish the contacts. Don't get freaked out. There is more to this life than we can ever imagine!

Amazing story! Consider yourself one of the lucky ones!



Title: RE: Significance of 1.805 MHz
Post by: W8QAS on April 30, 2013, 07:54:25 PM
Hey thanks Karl.  It has caused me to try to learn more.  I have sent a letter to my cousins and hopefully I can get some answers.  No one in my immediate family has has any answers to questions such as what happened to the QSO cards, his license, when did he quit being a ham (is that even possible?).  How about did they ever see him use his equipment?  I have asked some good questions to start.  If I get answers, I will post them here.

I have been put in touch with a ham that has access to old records.  However, he wasn't able to offer anything new.  The cool part is that I may have information that he may not have that would help other people and hams locate information about hams.  That would be cool in and of itself just to help out someone else.  Either way, ham radio sure has been darn good to me and I relish every minute of it as well as every chance I get to pay it back or pay it forward.  I am not picky on either count.  Thanks for your thoughts.


Roy, W8QAS