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Title: Array Solutions Issues
Post by: N8MWS on April 21, 2013, 06:50:30 PM
Hello all:

I'm wondering if others have had any issues with Array Solutions in regards to warranty service.

I sent a RigExpert AA-54 back to Array Solutions because the unit failed after a few uses tuning my Buddipole. They've had my unit now for well over a week without any contact from them. I called the day the unit was delivered and talked to I believe Bob N. I could tell right off from Bob's tone that my call was a bother to him. I just wanted to get an idea of normal turn around time for warranty repair because I had an opportunity the following week to take my portable setup on the road and the AA-54 makes tuning portable antennas much easier. Bob really wouldn't give me a straight answer. I asked that they use my FedEx account to ship the item back quicker and proceeded to give Bob my account number. You would think that would make them happy, since they would save some money on shipping. Again, I felt like I was a bother.

Now a week later, I have emailed Bob a couple times requesting a status update and no reply.

A group of local hams from NE Ohio meet every Saturday for lunch. So I asked the group if they had any experience with Array Solutions. The response from all was not good, so now I'm concerned my $350.00 AA-54 my be MIA for a while.

Anyone else having bad experiences with this vendor?

Thank you


Title: RE: Array Solutions Issues
Post by: KB4QAA on April 21, 2013, 09:50:45 PM
IMHO you are really riding their back. ;)

Title: RE: Array Solutions Issues
Post by: N8MWS on April 22, 2013, 04:27:14 AM
i believe your right and I should have a bit more patience. Thank you for making me realize the post was a bit too harsh.


Title: RE: Array Solutions Issues
Post by: K5RT on April 24, 2013, 05:18:59 AM
Please be careful when making generalized statements in a public forum. You commented that you asked a group of local hams about their experience with Array Solutions and the response was not good.
I'm glad you backed away in a later post, but this is the sort of remark that has no apparent basis in fact and only serves to hurt a reputable business.
In your note you didn't provide any sort of timeline about when conversations took place or emails were sent.
I know for a fact Jay and Bob were in Visalia April 18-21. And I know Bob was in the office on Monday the 22nd.
Array Solutions doesn't have a cast of thousands. Bob is on the phone all day, as is Jay. They have a couple gals handling all the billing and mailing and one tech building special projects. That's their team that you will find in the store on any given day.
I suggest you try reaching them via landline and I'm sure they will accommodate you very well. Array Solutions bends over backwards to ensure customer satisfaction. You won't find nicer people to deal with.
I'm not trying to "rip you a new one", but I am using your post to make a point. People, before you hit the ENTER key, or select POST, read what you typed one last time. Being honest, clear and polite and leaving our personal attacks and stating facts as YOU know them is always the best policy. Like someone much smarter than me once said, you can never be wrong if you stick to the truth.
Vy 73

Title: RE: Array Solutions Issues
Post by: SWMAN on April 24, 2013, 06:55:49 AM
 I live about 8 miles away from their shop here in the Dallas area. I can say that on the phone or in person I have only received nothing but good, honest and friendly service from them always.    Jim W5JJG