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Title: Android APRS set up
Post by: KE7EYX on April 23, 2013, 05:37:46 PM
Need some help on how to go about this project and if it will work the way i want it to.

Current set up
Yaesu ft-8900 w kenwood RC-D710 Head  works great :)

Now here is the fun part/challenge.
I want to interface the TNC-Pi module and create a cheaper version of the AVMAP-G5 set up but tied somehow back into the current set up so dont have to run a separate 2m rig just for mapping purposes only. I would think it would be possible to come off the back of the radio an create a dual DIN port interface and run aprs on one side and mapping display on the other side.  Can it be done or am just dreaming that it can and in reality it can't and am totally over looking something.

I have the raspberry pi and ordered the TNC-Pi the other day and waiting for it. In the mean time figured would ask this question and see if anyone knows if it can be done or not.  Don't care if it will look ugly, can always clean it up later.

ALL Advice and suggestions are welcomed  ;D

Title: RE: Android APRS set up
Post by: K0JEG on April 26, 2013, 05:57:35 AM
Much easier to put the TNC in KISS mode and let the android device run the whole show. Get a bluetooth to serial converter and use DroidAPRS in bluetooth TNC mode. Note that because it uses Google maps for the basemap you'll need to have cellular coverage.