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Title: Which Ten Tec rig?
Post by: WB5PGX on September 28, 2013, 03:19:18 PM
I am trying to choose between a Ten Tec Eagle and Omni 7. I have varied operating interests with ssb and cw (some contesting but not very serious- ittle
Dx chasing and a little rag chewing) and I like ease of operation and don't like menus.

Title: RE: Which Ten Tec rig?
Post by: K2TPZ on September 29, 2013, 08:26:02 AM
I was looking at both rigs several months back and I decided on the Eagle. My reasons had to do more with size than features. Either rig will serve your needs as you explained them. I personally think the Eagle is an easier rig to use and somewhat more refined than the Omni 7. But the Omni 7 has more features.

I currently have on my operating desk an Eagle, Elecraft KX3 and a Kenwood TS 590. The Eagle has the quietest receiver and the best receive audio of the three followed by the KX3 and TS 590. I miss not having a CW notch filter, memory keyer, convenient RIT and several other features when I am using the Eagle. With that said, I most often turn on the Eagle first as it is so pleasant to listen to and the receiver itself matches the other two rigs.

With the RITTY contest going on yesterday and today it was nice to have the KX3 as that rig allows you to copy the Ritty/PSK3 and even participate in the contest. That is a nice built in feature that the Eagle doesn't have. I like the bandstacking feature, built in keyer and the great NR on the TS 590. I'm thinking of getting an amp for the KX3 as I also enjoy that rig and its many features, especially as a QRP take anywhere rig. And I have taken it everywhere with great success.

But just comparing the Eagle and the Omni 7 I made the right choice for me as I have the other two rigs to make up for any deficiencies in the Eagle. My final word on this is the Eagle is a newer, more refined rig but the Omni 7 has more features you may find useful.

73, Mike

Title: RE: Which Ten Tec rig?
Post by: N4DOV on September 30, 2013, 08:53:13 AM
I agree with Mike K2TPZ. I traded my Omni 7 for the Eagle and could not be happier. I am basically a ragchewer with some DX chasing and the quiet very pleasant audio is a dream. The rig has all the "bells and whistles" I need in such an easy to use radio. Easy 100 watts out and excellent transmit audio reports, as you would expect from a TenTec radio.  I do have a current superb $3500 radio sitting next to it with more than enough knobs and menus to keep me happy, but its with the Eagle that I put my feet up, put on my Radiosports headset boom-mic and I am in "ragchewing heaven". Incidently, I bought mine with the ATU and the extra 1.8kHz SSB filter and use a Jetstream JTPS31MD power supply. I do notice that the rig is sold out at present (not surprised) but I believe its well worth waiting for.
Good luck with your decision.  David N4DOV.