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Title: B&K 1570 CH1 vertical adjustment seems to be stuck in X5 Mode
Post by: N9XTF on March 18, 2014, 12:33:22 PM
I just purchased a brand new, in the box, B&K 1570 70MHz scope. A local electronics store is going out of business and I found it on a back shelf. I made a low ball offer and they accepted (win win).

 Everything works as expected for the exception of Channel 1. When I test a voltage with this channel it is real close to 5X higher than it should. Channel 2 reads as it should. When I did some checking, pulling the vertical position knob, which should give 5X gain, has no effect whichever position it is in. I took the scope out of the case hoping that the pot / switch had a simple issue but it did not. I also disconnected the molex connector from the board, but there was no corrosion or other simple issue.

 I called Dynascan, they do not have a service manual for free, they directed me to a site that offers it for $65.00. I did not pay much more than that for the scope and seems extremely silly to buy it. I was not able to garner any other information from the web. Does anyone have an idea of where the problem might lie or where I might find a service manual for this animal?


 Doug - N9XTF