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 on: Today at 10:13:30 AM 
Started by K0JEG - Last post by K0JEG
Thanks all for the advice. This project has been a learning experience in what is needed to take the next step up from a loaded vertical or tossing a dipole in the trees. For the record here are the specs:

33ft (10m) Spiderbeam portable aluminum mast specifications:   Extracted length 33 feet.  Collapsed transport length: 53" (4 ft 5 in).  Weight, 20 lbs.  Bottom diameter 70mm (2.75").  Top diameter 30mm (1 1/6").  Wall thickness 2mm (1/12").  9 segments.  Anodized aluminum mast with stainless steel custom interlock clamps.

I'm also thinking I might not be using it fully extended all the time, except maybe if I'm going to be set up for an extended period like at a campsite over a weekend. Top guying will also give me a place to hang an 80M dipole too. The mast seems like it's a lot more stable than the military sectional masts, maybe because the sections get smaller as they get higher, so there's less weight in the sky? There's also a "warning mark" on the tubes that keeps a lot more of the mast inside the larger/lower section than the military types. I've messed around with the AB-86 style masts and they are much less rigid than this one.

 on: Today at 10:10:29 AM 
Started by W4TL - Last post by W6GX
As I had said earlier I think there's a good reason for Eaton to continue to manufacture the 'bad' breakers despite the high costs of spending money on labor and parts to remedy false tripping by RF.  I have the older style ham-friendly version.  This version doesn't appear to be sold and perhaps it's the same ones that are being supplied to ham operators.  Eaton's biggest headache IMHO isn't ham radio but a myriad of other household electrical equipment that cause false trippings, such as treadmills, vacuums, etc.  I wonder if anyone who has the ham-friendly breakers has seen false trips on common household equipment?  I don't own a treadmill and my vacuum is hard-wired to a non-AFCI outlet.

Jonathan W6GX

 on: Today at 10:09:41 AM 
Started by WOJ - Last post by K9YLI
 Kagnew station  59 - 61   but not a  ditty catcher.
perhpas peruse  off the wall  supplus locatins..   fair radio  etc.
and   flea markets..

 on: Today at 10:08:32 AM 
Started by N3DT - Last post by W8JX
I have a #10 3 wire plus ground coming into a double outlet in the shack. Each hot side is wired to a 20A breaker in the panel and a 20A outlet in the outlet box.  Nothing else on the circuit.  I've been using it as 2 duplex outlets, both 115V with a common white.  Can I take make one side of it 220?  That is use the common white for both the 115 and 220?  I have an extra slot in the same side on the panel so can I put a 220 breaker in place of one of the 115 and just move everything else down one?  Or is that a no-no? I know it sounds kind of nuts.

If 230 is being feed out and each leg is using a neutral and a hot for 115 you can safely use two hots for 230. If both legs are being feed from same side of box (not likely) then their will be no 230. Simplest way to check is put a volt meter between two hot legs of the two circuits. It will either show 230 or nothing. If 230 shows you have your feed. I have two 230v circuits in my garage. One for welder exclusively and other is split and feeds two 20 amp circuits and also a 230 compressor across two circuits.

 on: Today at 10:05:35 AM 
Started by N3DT - Last post by AC5UP
If you should have a fire that's traced to an electrical issue with the added power drop... And you cannot prove the wiring was done to code by a licensed electrician... You're screwed when it comes to an insurance claim.

What KF7VXA said.

 on: Today at 09:59:09 AM 
Started by AF5DN - Last post by KB1NXE
I keep hearing HRD is bloated.  What exactly does one mean by "Bloated"?  Does it use too much disk space?  Does it use too much memory or CPU?  Is there a lot of unnecessary applications for you?

 on: Today at 09:58:21 AM 
Started by K0OD - Last post by N5INP
And it would probably be a heck of a lot cheaper online.

Of course. Best Buy is having the same problem. People go in to look at products up close, but they then go home and order online (without the hassle of salespeople in your face badgering you to buy that extended warranty).

 on: Today at 09:57:04 AM 
Started by N4JTE - Last post by NU4B
What do you think if the W3LPL 'robo' spots?   I think the little pistols had enough of them.

I wonder if Frank turns off his service during a major CW contest Wink

Jonathan W6GX

I think he thinks he's helping us.  Sad  You can filter it out, but the effect is the same when your in a QSO and the hordes don't have the knowledge, courtesy, or decency to wait until the QSO is over.

 on: Today at 09:56:35 AM 
Started by N3DT - Last post by KF7VXA
Ask a licensed Electrician. I don't think anyone here wants to go out on a limb here, not having seen exactly how everything is wired. Safety is the most important thing. At least your asking, not just cobbling something together that may not be safe of cause a serious problem if used.

73's John KF7VXA

 on: Today at 09:55:56 AM 
Started by KB1NXE - Last post by KB1NXE
As stated.  The League changed something and it caused HRD to lose functionality with LoTW.

Someone from HRD with access to the source code did work with someone at the League to find out what that something was. 

According to the dates and times in the E-Mail thread I have from the HRD staff to the ARRL staff, communications started on Thursday Morning the 24th, very soon after we were made aware of the problem.  Yes, the code was sent at about 2 AM this morning.  It was part of a back and forth exchange of E-Mails and not an initial E-Mail as suggested.

All version of HRD with LoTW lost upload and download functionality.  Those still using version 5 will not be afforded a patch to fix as this code is no longer supported.  The only option for those is to upgrade.

Again, it was the ARRL who made the change.  Whether this week (as posted it was removing old news items) or back in 2009 (when the case changed), it was code that had worked since Simon first wrote it.

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