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 on: Yesterday at 11:06:21 PM 
Started by KD6OJG - Last post by WZ7U
Even the electrical grade plastic conduit will have uv issues over time, but will probably suffice for a reasonable amount of time. I don't think a metal pole is absolutely necessary for the antenna to function but a ground wire is probably a good idea. Can you link a picture of the antenna in question?

 on: Yesterday at 10:37:40 PM 
Started by KA4NMA - Last post by K6LCS
“50W mobile with a j-pole” ... I read that. We’re accomplishing he same with a Watt or two and home brew, sub-$20 beams.

 on: Yesterday at 10:32:56 PM 
Started by KB7FXJ - Last post by KB7FXJ
My eyesight is ok not sure about my soldering skills.  What were the problems?  New out of the and it didn’t work. Somethings not right.  Thanks

 on: Yesterday at 09:25:52 PM 
Started by N1UR - Last post by ZENKI
Amazing how hams who have never operated from a station with very high antennas always cast dispersion's on another hams character just because they dont have the technical understanding or knowledge how antennas really work.  Get Terrain Analyzer and run Lew's location and  antennas through TA. You will quickly understand why he is 10 to 20 db louder than most stations running their antennas at 70ft and lower.  The only thing that CB'ers can understand is illegal power and they automatically assume that anyone with a good performing  station is running illegal power. These are the same people who buy G5RV's off Ebay and string a dipole up at 6 meters. This is  nasty and stupid CB mentality that has permeated into ham radio when they cant understand why he has a big signal,  "he must be running a big illegal amplifier"

This same crap  and bullying was routinely used on the late Seymour W6CCP who had an excellent station. I operated from his station on 15 meters once running  200 watts from his FT1000D and the Pileups and reports into the Pacific was incredible S9+ 20 to 40db from VK's and ZL's. Not hard to understand when you are on top of a mountain and can see the Pacifc Ocean. I also operated from the late K6UA's locations  and the result was much the same. High antennas, stacked antennas and a fantastic terrain location that produced very high  gain at low angles.

Again your maths is rusty Assuming he was running 10kw its only a miserable 10db better than 1kw. Using your lousy calibrated ham s-meter that probably has 300 to 500% inaccuracy you want to act as judge jury and executioner? How accurate is your S-meter. All that you can say is that you heard a strong signal. How do you measure power output of another station with a crap uncalibrated s-meter?

I run a  triple stack of 20 meter monobanders and 20 to 30db over S9 with 200 watts of output is the norm. I routinely get 40 over S9 reports into the  East Coast of the USA. Its just  an excellent path not illegal power. When K3LR or W3LPL comes on  in contests they record 0Dbm signal strength levels on a calibrated measuring receiver. These are honest stations running 1.5kw legal limit. Nobody in Europe accuses them of running 20kw just because they strong.

This constant berating and accusing  hams who run excellent stations of running illegal power has to stop. Its only stupid hams with poor technically understanding of antennas and things like terrain who accuse hams with big signals of running excessive power because they dont understand that there is very valid reasons why they are strong.

Even with those impressive antennas - you don't become 40 - 50dB stronger than others in the region.  My guess is that Lou is running 10kW and of course can't hear many who are calling.  Remote receivers fill the gap.

Making up callsigns being worked does sound plausible when one is being heckled.  However, in this case, there really wasn't heckling going on.  And he "worked" probably half a dozen mixed in with real contacts in the 15 mins I was listening.  

Back in the day he was loud but couldn't hear.

Ed  N1UR

 on: Yesterday at 09:17:10 PM 
Started by WA7NB - Last post by KE7YD
Be very careful using some club as volunteer labor.  Who is responsible if the tower gets away from them and comes through your house or your neighbors house?  What happens if someone gets hurt or worse?  Who is fiscally responsible?  I've helped a couple of people but I have them pay a dollar and I write up a quote through my business. That way I'm covered by my business liability.   "just giving someone a hand with a tower" can be filled with legal landmines if something goes wrong.  Hire someone with a legit business, and be sure to ask for a copy of their works comp certificate and liability.  Businesses supply this info all the time for customers.  I do this even for contractors that come to my house for various remodeling projects.

 on: Yesterday at 09:15:57 PM 
Started by N1UR - Last post by ZENKI
EA3JE has got a  very good location and antennas.

This excellent station  cant combat S9+20db deliberate interference.

The ham bands like 40 meters  has become a band full of CB operators who install ham stations just to behave like CB'ers. Lou has to combat all the usual DQRM mostly from Southern Europeans whose countries  I wont mention.  If its not the microphone scratching, music, burps,  tripping of the  VOX Lou has to put up with some horrific jealous behavior. Just because these stations cant hear the DX that he is working they think that he is talking to himself. These are typical the stations who have their antennas clipped onto the house gutter who are jealous of a station with a beam at 150 ft that sits on top of a hill that works DX any time that he wants.

What is nauseating about this bad behavior is that you dont hear it on the CB band because its so dead. So the CB'ers cant find any victims on the CB bands to cause deliberate interference too so they  get a ham license just to be pests and jammers on the ham bands. There is also a lot of outright pirate operatorss whose main aim is to cause interference to hams only because they cant even get a basic ham license.

Hams in North America have no idea how bad  the  behavior is in places like Europe. If using a remote receiver helps combat interference and idiots so be it. We cant let them win.

On every band EA3JE has got antennas and tower heights that most hams can only dream of. It just a pity that the new generation of CB hams have become so bitter and spiteful. This bad behavior is occurring all around the world especially since the licence standards have dropped.

You can sometimes here the station he is working on a one second delay being retransmitted by his open mic.

Remote receiver audio was spilling onto the air.

Ed  N1UR

 on: Yesterday at 09:07:20 PM 
Started by VK3YP - Last post by VK3HJ

I can't see where this question was ever answered.  Does anybody know if the DXpedition will happen in the near future???

No, but we know all about getting QSL cards checked now!

I would not be holding my breath for a DXpedition.

Macquarie Island has only had amateur activity when a member of the scientific team is an amateur operator.

 on: Yesterday at 08:59:40 PM 
Started by KW4CQ - Last post by VK3HJ
NA sunrise is late evening into early hours of the morning on the east coast VK and therefore two hours later in ZL. Propagation to NA during our summer time (now) from VK3, is very poor, and I would expect, similar in ZL.
I thought it was a few years since the big German activation from Kermedec, but nearly ten years - time flies!

 on: Yesterday at 08:57:49 PM 
Started by K5TED - Last post by ZENKI
What a pathetic  attempt to release a new radio.

They did not even try and harness the latest technology. The pathetic LCD  display could have been replaced with a TFT color screen or some other screen technology rather than 1980's technology.

Even more embarrassing is the lack of new features or any attempt to make the radio better or  have  better battery life.  With great batteries around like the 18650 cells why not more power and longer lasting battery technology?

Then lets talk about QRP. Why not a nice small Auto ATU that tunes everything from random wires to short vertical? They could have built a small motor driver circuit that could drive a magnetic loop tuning capacitor.

Then they could have increased the power output, 20 to 25 watts would have been ideal considering where we are in the Sunspot cycle.

I suppose we will have the same crap receiver and transmitter specifications as the FT817.

There was so much Yaesu could have done to make a  better QRP/portable radio design. They not even trying. This is just a rehash design for cash flow. Most of the Chinese radios put this  new Yaesu to shame. Then to think that theres Ebay Kit radio like the McHf that makes  new Yaesu look like terrible value for money.

Its pathetic attempt at a new radio design. I am sure they will sell and they destined to lay in the ham shack desk draw like most HT's

 on: Yesterday at 08:47:36 PM 
Started by W1KSZ - Last post by W1KSZ
I see both versions listed but I cannot find what the differences are.

Does anyone know ??

Tnx, Dick, W1KSZ

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