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 on: Today at 04:16:23 PM 
Started by KD8UEI - Last post by G8YMW
I've not come across that but I do know there is enhancement at dawn and dusk.
This is due to temperature change as the sun appears and disappears.
I don't know your circumstances but over here, noise steps up at 4:30 pm due to people getting home from work and putting the evening meal on.
Doesn't help that we have an electricity sub station at the bottom of our back garden

 on: Today at 04:15:40 PM 
Started by W8JX - Last post by W8JX
Moral is stay away from FTDI serial to USB chips unless you know they are genuine or use old drivers.

Also stay away from Windows Automatic Updates!

Maybe if you use XP (because it has no support for this) but to do so otherwise is a bit foolish. Nothing wrong with drivers, just fake hardware.

The problem is the a company writing software that will brick equipment they don't own instead of writing software that won't work counterfeit hardware.

I see nothing wrong with bricking a unlicensed clone. If they did more of it in the end you could have more reliable hardware driver support.

You see nothing wrong with a company writing software to brick a piece of hardware they do not own? Really? Says something, doesn't it?

Not at all but it does about you and not me. Not sure why you are defending a illegal clone. It does not brick any device, only cloned chips. What better way to stop inferior cloned chips than kill them when using a OEM driver. FTDI spend time and money on drivers why support clones for free.

I am not defending an illegally cloned chip. That is your incorrect inference. I don't appreciate the accusation.

FTDI's software did brick a device. A USB-Serial cable is a device. A USB-serial cable that once worked had settings changed by FCTI's software so that it would no longer work. That cable, with the chip inside, is not FTDI's property. This malicious act was performed consciously by FTDI. The action is possibly illegal.

As for not supporting clones, all FTDI had to do was do a check, and then not work with the clone chip. They could have generated system messages saying why the driver stopped working. Apparently, because of the backlash, they have rethought their actions.

While I am not a attorney I see nothing wrong with way they did it. All devices have a PID number for device ID for proper driver installation. The new new driver changes it to a number that is not valid for FDTI chips. I see nothing wrong with this as it just means that FDTI will no longer support bogus chips. There is nothing to stop bogus chip maker from making their own driver or properly licencing FDTI designs.

 on: Today at 04:12:40 PM 
Started by KB1WSY - Last post by W9KDX
I found the General to require a good amount of studying and the Extra to be quite difficult.

I still don't understand why so much of the tests subject matter that has little to do with most hams and nothing to do with the day to day operation and set up and maintenance of an amateur radio station.  Kind of like testing over the road truck drivers on the laws of physics instead of driving the truck.

 on: Today at 04:11:32 PM 
Started by K5TED - Last post by K5TED
Anyone hear from this?

The 4M-LXS amateur radio payload will transmit on 145.980 MHz ± 2.9kHz (-40°C to +125°C), Doppler max: -2200Hz, +1000Hz. The continuous transmissions will start 4670s (77.8 minutes) after launch (-0, +600s).
Five successive 1 minute sequences are sent during the 5 minutes cycle. The digital mode JT65B will be used, this can be decoded by radio amateurs using the free WJST software, there will also be ‘human readable’ tone transmissions.
The transmitter produces 1.5 watts to a simple Monopole antenna which should give a Signal to Noise ratio (S/N) comparable to amateur moon bounce (EME) signals at the Earth’s surface.

 on: Today at 04:07:42 PM 
Started by K4EZD - Last post by K4EZD
I live in a HOA area where antennas are not permitted but I currently have a vertical in the backyard that resembles a flagpole enough to avoid any issues so far.  I have the DX Engineering radial plate and 16 radials with the DX Engineering fold over mount.  So far I have 19 feet of aluminum tubing feeding into a 4:1 unun and direct burry coax.  I know that they have a 24 foot vertical for 10 – 40 meters but so far I have assembled only the 19 feet to avoid drawing too much attention.  With my autotuner and my Icom 7410 running barefoot (100 watts) I have been able to tune with acceptable SWR on all bands 10 – 40.  I have no test equipment to speak of but want to know if extending the vertical up to 24 feet would noticeably help.  I work mostly digital but some SSB.  Any helpful opinion would be appreciated.

 on: Today at 03:58:32 PM 
Started by KD0PO - Last post by VE3YF
after a 900 miles and 16 hour round trip run to Lincoln, Kansas I now have this in my driveway!

hope to get it up this weekend....

Stephen and the crew at U.S.T. were great!


Well worth the 900 Miles round trip. Can't wait to see what antennae you are putting on it. Looking
very good....

Curious about the # of limit switches, I would have though one at the top and one at the bottom of
the #8 Section

73 De Mike

 on: Today at 03:57:20 PM 
Started by AA4HA - Last post by AA4HA
Note to K1ZJH:  If you need any more proof the role of government is to serve corporations (who are now people) it wasn't too many years ago when the FCC forced the AM - FM - TV - Newspaper conglomerates to divest their holdings within each market.  And not even the big three networks could own more than seven stations of the same type nationwide.  Go back a little further to research the RCA / NBC Red and Blue networks, and why the Blue network was divested into what's now ABC because of anti-monopoly regs. 

Today the FCC wouldn't bat an eye.  Seven stations nationwide?  Clear Channel (now iHeart Media) owns more than seven stations in the major markets.  Each.  And all of them programmed within a niche intended to attract the lowest common denominator of an audience.  If you've heard one you've heard 'em all...   Tongue

There was some weirdness going on with Mutual at the time too. As far as the number of stations they were way ahead of every network out there but it was all in small markets. Then there was the entire fiasco with the directors acting as foreign agents.

 on: Today at 03:50:30 PM 
Started by N3QE - Last post by KD8MJR
Wow its at X3.1

For me the bands have not shown much improvement over the last week, but then again I have not been home at any of the prime times.

 on: Today at 03:28:15 PM 
Started by KD5GR - Last post by N4AAB
Emcomm, shmemcomm. Let's face it...using emergency communications capabilities as a reason for HR4969 is a mask. We want our HF antennas for DXing, contesting, and ragchewing....normal ham radio activities. Nothing wrong with a little "reasonable accommodation" (whatever that is) for our hobby.

Emergency communications, according to Part 97 is the first reason Amateur Radio exists in the United States. Our spectrum was not handed over to us simply to have a good time. Is that a large happy by-product? why, yes it is. but please remember Amateur Radio is used in emergencies and disasters all over the country and into both the Atlantic and Pacific. Yes, I understand the average Ham will never pass a single emergent message. But I'd be surprised if you picked 20 Hams at a large convention you wouldn't find one in the group that didn't know someone that has passed emergency traffic.

Understand, I'm not against Emcomm and other ham radio emergency preparedness activities, and I applaud those that take part in them. However, with today's technologies...cell phones, Internet, GPS, etc....the role of ham radio in major disasters and other emergencies has been greatly diminished in need and relevance. Our activities are mostly used in communications on parade and marathon routes. Police, fire, and other governmental agencies have their own means of reliable communications if telephone lines and cell towers are compromised, generally without the need for ham radio participation. Remember phone patches, making phone calls over repeaters, large participation in the Brass Pounders League (radiogram) and emergency nets? Some are still around, but you don't hear much about them as you used to (am I wrong?). How much coverage does QST now give to ARES, RACES, EMCOMM, BPL? Not much. Even Field Day is the result of long term club planning, not spur of the moment mostly a pseudo contest. Ham radio antennas can be destroyed in hurricanes and earthquakes, and how many of us have generators? Not trying to be a killjoy, but just trying to be realistic. We are viewed as just another hobby, rather than an emergency asset.

As a result, in my opinion, nowadays congress and the FCC don't recognize our hobby as a valuable emergency communications option anymore, and their decisions reflect as much. How many younger congressmen even know what ham radio is? Part 97 and it's intent is now largly outdated, based on advances in technology over the years. Relying on emergency preparedness as a major reason for the passage of HR4969 is a moot point for the most part.

After Hurricane Katrina hit; no cell phones, police/fire radios could talk to anyone. Their towers were down or had no electricity. Only ham radio operators could get on air for over a week. The first responders were very happy the hams were able to assist them.

So I do believe you are mistaken.

 on: Today at 03:25:26 PM 
Started by AK4YW - Last post by KD8MJR
#1. Title:  Best Log for QSL Mangement/ award tracking
Doesn't even have HRD or DXLab in the title, but you remained silent until someone mentioned the cost of HRD and you started with your normal, egotistical, self-centered so-called sales banter for DXLab Suite.,91966.15.html

I have to say that out of all of them this one is the one that clearly proves what is going on.,91966.0.html

Notice that within 24 hours 8 people made their first and only post on eHam!  They posted so that they could say DXLabs is the best software.  Then those guys disappeared  and have never been back.  All the posts are on page 1.

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