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 on: Today at 11:21:34 AM 
Started by WB5AGF - Last post by K6JH
I built a couple of resonant CW speakers using cigar boxes.  These are quick, easy and cheap to make.  I used these plans

It isn't cheap if you have to go buy a box of cigars!  Grin

(Sorry, I couldn't resist!)


 on: Today at 11:17:18 AM 
Started by K0OD - Last post by WB2WIK
Rating 4/5

"My new IC-7300 arrived today from HRO.
Found the Radio was off exactly 1KHZ in the AM Mode on 80m and Broadcast Band. Didn't check other Bands,
Did a full Reset and this Solved the Problem. Frequency is Now right on. The IC-7300 is a very nice Radio . "

Resetting the CPU pulled the rig back onto the right frequency? Cheesy

 on: Today at 11:15:48 AM 
Started by K1YTG - Last post by WB2WIK

But I do wonder if another receiver could bring weak signals out of the noise. 

If your problem is man-made noise and another rig has a more effective noise blanker, it might.   If the problem is atmospheric noise and simply weak signals, another rig probably won't improve anything for you.

But...I see you're a short drive from HRO in Oakland.   Why not visit the store and spend some time tuning around on new rigs connected to antennas and see what you think?

 on: Today at 11:12:31 AM 
Started by DL8OV - Last post by WB2WIK
I taught code classes for years and years...probably more than 300 students over a period of time, in many classes.

First rule was:  Don't sweat the small stuff, and it's all small stuff.

Next rule:  No cash prize for solid copy.

Learn to recognize letters, then words and phrases, by their sound and not by dits and dahs.   In spoken language, if you hear "hello" you don't hear five separate letters, you hear a word.   Code becomes like that, it just takes some time.   

I never let students write anything down on paper.   I could tell if they copied by asking them questions about what was sent.

 on: Today at 11:09:59 AM 
Started by W7APM - Last post by K2FW
Has anyone owned or used the OM Power line of Amps using the FU-728f tube?

I own a OM Power 4000A that uses a pair of the FU-728f tubes.  Very well made, works great, automatic tune using presets, literally loafs at legal limit.  Fan on this version is very noticeable without wearing headphones. Otherwise, it's fine.  I've asked, and no one can hear the fan noise on phone.  Array solution supports the OM amps so service is great if you ever need that.

Someone I know purchased an Amptec amplifier that uses the same tube, output into a dummy load can surpass 2.5kw, but not recommend Smiley.  It's also very nice, and a bargain for what it costs.  

73, Jim AB4D

Hi Jim,
Thanks for the info!
I read on the Net that the anode dissipation on that tube is 1200 watts.  Is this tube larger then the 4cx1500 in size & does it have the same dissipation as the 4cx1500?  I know the filaments are a different voltage.  But other then that, are there any other differences?

Tks in advance!

 on: Today at 11:09:08 AM 
Started by WY7CHY - Last post by WY7CHY
So, you all don't think the 1600 volt plate voltage is a little low? You think the tubes; even though they look pretty gross like something melted on them, is ok?

I'll play with it this weekend making contacts and see how it does on all the bands. I have a PEP wattmeter, but it's not as accurate on the 3000 watt range as it is on the 300 watt range. Unfortunately, the 300 watt range is too low. But as long as it's push the 500 watts continuous; I'll "ASSUME" that the SSB PEP wattage is appropriate.

Thanks. Mike.

 on: Today at 11:02:31 AM 
Started by VE7ZN - Last post by KU3X
You make several valid points, Barry and I agree with you. However, I was not a new customer and they could easily have checked that AND that I'd bought several items from them before and paid/shipped them exactly the same way. That said, when I gave them the opportunity to clarify (so I might be given the opportunity to provide a solution) they chose to stick by their "policy". So, what else can I conclude? I choose to vote with my dollars and advise others of a errant "policy" or a good policy poorly executed. 73, Robert

Just because they sold to you before, this does not mean that they have to for the rest of your life. Policies change and so do sales people.
Get burnt once and you change your policy so it does not happen again. You could be the most honest person in the world, but as a business
owner, when I set a policy it is a blanket policy. In 21 years I got burnt two times. The first time, shame on him. The second time, "Shame on
me." I had to change that policy and it became a blanket policy........"For Everybody !"

Scammers are getting much smarter and it's hard to keep one step ahead of them.


 on: Today at 11:02:02 AM 
Started by KF7ZFC - Last post by WB6BYU
Quote from: KF7ZFC

...New setup is MFJ 17 SSB Transceiver...

It is fed with 50 feet of RG8/U with a 9:1 balun feeding a 45 foot end fed antenna about 12-15 feet in the air...

That may be an awkward combination.

My recommendation:  reduce the wire length to ~39' and remove the "balun" (which should be an "un-un" instead.)
Connect the wire directly to the coax center conductor.  That should make the antenna easier to match - you
might not even need a tuner, though that might require a bit of adjustment of the wire length.

An extra 13' radial attached to the coax shield and running in the opposite direction from the first one might
help, but try it and see.


I have a ground at the point the coax comes out of my house. I have a 13 foot counterpoise coming off of the balun ground, but I have not grounded this wire

You don't want to ground the end of the 13' wire.  Connecting a ground rod or radial system at that
point with a very short wire might also help, or adding a second "counterpoise" / radial wire
attached to the feedpoint ground.

 on: Today at 10:52:37 AM 
Started by N8XI - Last post by KU3X
Amprex is / was a good 3-500 tube. So now the question is, "Does Amprex still make 3-500 tubes and if they do, where can you get them?

Barry, KU3X

 on: Today at 10:50:51 AM 
Started by AA6YQ - Last post by AA6YQ
Time passes and spots accumulate.  We've had a surfeit of major DXpeditions this year, a bit more than normal.  But, the behavior you talks about lasts for a day or two, per DXpedition.  

That's demonstrably incorrect; two garbage P5DX spots were posted yesterday:

And nobody has convincingly answered why it isn't enough to have an option to simply remove the comments altogether.  

Because, as savvy DXers know, spot notes can provide useful information:

 - reported QSX frequencies that help reveal the DX station's pileup operating pattern

 - details about the DX station's location (zone, grid square, state, county, province, oblast, prefecture) not provided by a callbook lookup

Nobody really cares about the individual identities of the spotters.  

Knowing the callsign and location of each spotting station makes it possible to assess propagation in real time, enabling the diligent DXer to focus his or her time and attention where it is likely to yield a needed QSO.

Truth is, I don't pay attention.  I got software that divides it into "North American" and "everywhere else" so I can assess the likely utility of the spot.

That wide a geographic area is practically useless. East coast stations will be spotting low band DX hours before you can hear them at your Arizona QTH. A 6m opening reported by stations in Pacific Northwest may irrelevant in the Southwest; I only want to see 6M DX that's been spotted by an op within 500 miles of my QTH, and that's aggressive.

No wonder you're always campaigning to abolish #1 Honor Roll. Try reading Bob W9KNI's The Complete DX'er.

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