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 on: Today at 09:38:51 AM 
Started by DL8OV - Last post by W8JI
Passing FCC in a filing has little to do with how the radio actually performs in a two-tone test, just as a two-tone doesn't mean much for voice. I can build a pretty crappy SSB voice amplifier that looks excellent on a two tone, or do the opposite.

For example, an unregulated screen or bias supply in a tetrode can look great in a two tone test but totally fall apart with voice.

The IMD vs. load issue is not simple SWR. The load issue is how the PA behaves with different load impedances. It can get better, worse, or not change much as impedance changes.

The whole measurement method and system is such a mess, it might be premature to worry about getting a number. If you recall, receivers were pretty much designed to look OK using the ARRL testing method. Keyclicks were the same. For many years the Handbook showed a horrible waveform as "ideal" for CW.

Unless the test method means something, nothing really matters. Why not work through the test method first, before comparing things?

 on: Today at 09:37:59 AM 
Started by KK4MRN - Last post by N6JSX
If you find him, unless it's a young teenage punk, I wouldn't confront him, record him, the location, anything you can to identify, then call the FCC, or local sheriff may be helpful. I have found the FCC is very lenient on unintended interferers, but can be very harsh on those intentionally disrupting communications. 


Typically, the Sheriff will not get involved unless it is on their repeaters and even then their hands are tied as it is a FCC Code violation.

I've only seen the local FCC get involved if it is unintended RFI by some commercial entity as the FINES are high to commercial sloppy engineering/maintenance/self-monitoring.

 on: Today at 09:35:30 AM 
Started by WA2ISE - Last post by N9LCD
I got N9LCD when I was licensed in '92.  The phonetics are "... Lima Charlie Delta" but "... Liquid Crystal Display" sounded better on the nets.


 on: Today at 09:33:11 AM 
Started by VE3TMT - Last post by K9IUQ
This probably is not fair as a ham could cheat. Not likely for a QSO with a Canada Ham but if you were EP6T, I could see a lot of hams rushing to send you a email. Whether they made a QSO or not.  Wink  Cheesy

No, you were not in my log.

Stan K9IUQ

 on: Today at 09:32:24 AM 
Started by K3NRX - Last post by K3NRX
It could also be an intermittent short in a capacitor or other component that is failing.

Running the rig at half power should help to determine whether the problem is overloading the
supply (the problem should clear up) or an intermittent short in a cable or component somewhere
(the problem would still occur.)

I shall try this and everything else....thanks for all of the input......


 on: Today at 09:27:36 AM 
Started by ZS5WC - Last post by AA4HA
I would suspect that you do not find many people who are comfortable saying "I spent $3000 on a new radio and it is a piece of junk, I was a fool".

So you end up with some that get a little pathological about it and become VERY defensive when there ends up being ten or fifteen other people who way "that thing really sucked". Then, no matter how much proof you throw at it they will NEVER admit they made a mistake in the first place. They are going to stick with it and we are all going to suffer for it for the next few years.

 on: Today at 09:27:24 AM 
Started by KC8KTN - Last post by W8JI
Here is the tuner I have picked .Palstar AT2K 2000 Watt Antenna Tuner.  And also here is the amplifier Ameritron HF Power Amplifiers AL-811H or the AL-811 Thanks to everyone for all the help except for the smartass snarky reply from K7PEH. There is allways one in the bunch except if it is somthing he or she is interested about.

Be aware that tuners numbers are usually not tuner ratings, and how you adjust the tuner means often as much as anything else for rating (unless it is an L network), and you will be fine. That tuner will, unless the load is really low impedance or highly capacitive reactance or you mis-adjust it, will handle the 811 no issues.

Tubes are cheap for the 811.

 on: Today at 09:26:37 AM 
Started by KK4MRN - Last post by N6JSX
There is also another location to find lots of very good RDF info and many of the So Cal (and K0OV) and other RDF'ers monitor.

It is my YGroups RDF-USA        Grin

You may also try to contact your ARRL SM to get to the area OO team alerted. They maybe already on it, just collecting evidence/data. I was once a WI & Los Angles OO Coordinator (in the worst jamming area of the USA with an estimated 50K HAMs). The only issue we had was the lack of ARRL SM support/integrity and with the Govt priorities placed on the small LA  FCC Office, HAMdom was not even on their priority list just considered a nuisance to them (its all politics & budget vs. manpower).

However, by 1990 THEE ARRL HQ took away any/all direct OOC contacting with area FCC offices - everything must go through ARRL HQ (to be filtered for political gains and PR splash). This is when I forever quit the ARRL understanding their real goal [memberships to secure HQ $alaries], an organization that wants to be everything to every one focusing on memberships but failing on items that can reduce memberships, i.e. OO enforcement - making the OO group a mere paper toothless neutered potential tiger.     

Soon you will locate the problem/LID - then comes another layer of frustrations - how (legally) to get this LID off the air..... Here is where I advise all to start your paper trail.... sequentially begin the required process that the FCC mandates before they will act (if they act):
1st write the ARRL SM, with your evidence/data - you may get a placating response/meeting.  Huh
After 1 month nothing changed then;

2nd write ARRL HQ (cc: SM), w/evidence/data and SM letter/minutes, they will refer you back to the SM.  Lips sealed
After 1 month and nothing changed then;

Here is where I add steps to improve successTongue

3rd write WDC FCC (cc:ARRL & your local Mayor/City Counsel/County Commissioners), w/evidence/data and ARRL letters, they will likely refer you back to the ARRL.
After 1 month and nothing changed then;  Undecided

4th write all your Congress-persons (cc:FCC, Mayor/Counselors/Commissioners), w/evidence/data and all letters. HERE is when, with luck, your Congress types will send a query to the FCC - the FCC HATE Congressional queries - who gives them their salaries - this is the only REAL power we have to get FCC to action but you need to arm the Congress-types with all the info proving you worked the system unsuccessfully. Until you get a Congress reply keep sending sending/resending your package to your Congress-persons - get your whole group to send letters to Congress-persons.  Shocked

This is the only game I found that works and I've been advising HAMdom for decades how to play this game. Even then with your perseverance and overcoming frustrations it takes months to maybe get this LID off the air.  Cool

 on: Today at 09:23:33 AM 
Started by KA4LFP - Last post by W8JI
Scopes typically have a few dB ripple in sensitivity with frequency. The upper frequency rating is typically the 3 dB roll off point with a perfectly calibrated and compensated probe. Flatness with frequency is often not even specified.

This all becomes much worse when the scope has cables or attenuators that are not matched to the scope's input impedance. Get standing waves on the connectors or misterminate a cable or pad, and it all falls apart rapidly.

You'd be doing really well to get within two dB.

Two dB won't be milliwatts of error. You are getting close to half.

Generally, you would do better with a diode detector and the proper resistor divider.

 on: Today at 09:21:00 AM 
Started by VK2HK - Last post by AA4HA
I might suggest that you place an order with Universal Radio or one of the US suppliers and have the antennas delivered to your hotel a day or so before you arrive. Most hotels will do that for their guests, they will accept your package delivery and when you check-in you will be able to pick it up at the front desk.

Another choice would be to contact one of the larger, more established amateur radio clubs in the area and see if they can accept delivery for you. They would probably even have some folks who would love to go out to dinner with you on a night and to help you get set up for your cross-country trip.

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