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 on: Today at 10:11:56 AM 
Started by MM0NDX - Last post by W6DXO
The full Dxpedition videos will be completed in late June. These are just small parts of what was shot. Stay tuned.....

Thanks all regards well done!

73 de harry, W6DXO

 on: Today at 10:11:48 AM 
Started by KI8DJ - Last post by N3QE
Yes, I noticed that the band was open to Hong Kong on 17M just before going to work--that path is right over the North Pole.  Polar paths are very unreliable.

(All times below East Coast localtime):

I fully agree that the short path to that part of Asia, is over the north pole.

My experience is that the afternoon high band openings are short path (or a slight skew from short path)

I believe many of the morning summertime high band openings are long path (or at least, taking a path that is much different than the short path).

That 30M opening I mentioned... not sure I would lump it in with the high band openings. It seems more like a low band dark-path or greyline opening and it is open for 4 hours to JA each morning. Sometimes 20M will open "like" 30M.

 on: Today at 10:08:44 AM 
Started by KI8DJ - Last post by N3QE
Holy moley! I just finished a little repair on the QRP rig, hooked up the antenna for a check, and 17 meters was absolutely raining DX like I have not heard in the year I have been on the air on that band. The US East Coast is booming in, which is really unusual recently.

From about a month before to a month after summer solstice, 20M and 17M (and higher bands if we have good solar flux) have this reliable opening morning east coast US time almost every morning.

30M has a similar opening in peak summertime from about 2AM to 6AM my localtime.

There are similar (but in my experience less reliable) openings on summer afternoons.

 on: Today at 10:08:42 AM 
Started by KB3LIX - Last post by KB3LIX
I got a bit of an unexpected surprize in this mornings e-mail.

I got an e-mail from K9EL with an attached certificate for the DX Marathon.

Per the certificate,

I took 1st place in the Formula-100w category
in the USA Third Call District with 216 points.

I thought 216 was a poor score for this year. (2015)

Just goes to demonstrate what I know.....NOTHING !!!

 on: Today at 09:55:45 AM 
Started by KN6SD - Last post by K1ZJH
Give me a break, will ya? Since when does a "legally licensed hobby" override a legally binding contract obligation agreed to by the homeowner? As you say, it's just a hobby...

Since watching TV is (I presume) a legally licensed hobby, do  you agree that the legislation that allowed satellite dishes should not have been passed?    As you say, "it's just a hobby..."

Since clotheslines, solar panels, flag poles are just "hobbies," the legislation that overrode legally binging contract obligations agreed to by the homeowner should never have been passed, correct?  As you say, "it's just a hobby..."

Tom, you will find that most of the opponents for against Federal exemption for FCC licensed hams have "theirs" and are just trying stir up conflict. You'll discover that most of them have massive towers, large antenna arrays and run QRO... they indeed "have theirs."  One wonders if they give a darn what their neighbors' think about living next door to unsightly towers, dealing with interference issues to their radios, TV sets, etc.?  I guess it doesn't matter to them. But, no one needs TV service, since a basic AM or FM radio will provide all the information needed in case of an emergency. It would seem being able to watch Green Acres reruns is more valuable than what can be provided by a PROVEN, licensed, emergency radio service when disasters happen??   I'd be the first to laugh when their neighbors file nuisance lawsuits because of property devaluation, interference issues, etc... but of course,  they'd be the first  cry about Federal Preemption because it suits their purpose. It is funny how one shoe should only fit one foot.


and, as info... I have mine... I had up to three towers at one with mono-banders, I run QRO, etc.  But I have empathy for other hams who are duly licensed, and who are entitled to the same rights granted to flag poles, clothes lines, and OTA TV aerials.

 on: Today at 09:49:50 AM 
Started by W0WCA - Last post by KD0REQ
once a juggler gets all his balls in the air, it starts getting busy.  real busy.  that's the stage it sounds like he's in.  but it's not a one-man shop per reports, like it appears The New Heathkit is.

 on: Today at 09:47:26 AM 
Started by KI8DJ - Last post by NK7Z
Yes, I noticed that the band was open to Hong Kong on 17M just before going to work--that path is right over the North Pole.  Polar paths are very unreliable.

Zack W1VT
Still open for DX here in Oregon.

 on: Today at 09:44:50 AM 
Started by WB0CJB - Last post by NK7Z
No I am not shunned at all, in fact I am asked to help as I was one of a subset of club members who were always willing to get things done.  When I looked around to see how others would arrive just on time to operate a station they didn't help build, or just in time for the meal, or just sit around and watch me and a few others sweating through the work I made the decision not to be involved anymore.  I am not as tolerant as a few others here are when absolute laziness and cheapness emerge.  I don't have to be a member of any club to enjoy the core hobby.  
Hmm...  "I WAS asked", "I WAS one of the subset of club members who WERE willing...", "I made the decision not to be involved ANYMORE", seems all of your club activities are now past tense...  Not surprising...  Probably better for all involved you "made the decision", to leave.  Silly me for asking about the shunning, I erroneously assumed you were still in a club...

 on: Today at 09:44:35 AM 
Started by AC7CW - Last post by K9IUQ
Not sure but an SDR covering all the bands to 10GHz seems possible.

I want one - if it has knobs AND it does not have a Flexradio nameplate.....

 Wink Smiley Smiley Smiley Smiley

Stan K9IUQ

 on: Today at 09:43:04 AM 
Started by MATTJ - Last post by KX4O
A Slim Jim is NOT a J-pole!...Firstly, a J-Pole has a much higher angle of radiation than a Slim Jim resulting in lower gain...The Slim Jim has higher gain but it is a "freespace" antenna, which means it must be kept at least 1/4 wave away from metal and other conductive objects, preferably more...This means you need to mount a Slim Jim on a fibreglass mast (or a metal mast with at least 1/4 wavelength of fibreglass between the base of the Slim Jim and the top of the metl mast.  A J-Pole, on the other hand, can be mounted directly onto a metal mast. The Slim Jim also has a wider bandwidth.  

The Wikipedia article on the J antenna is a well referenced account of the history and relationships of the various J antennas.  This will help folks challenge the assertions of G7VGG...

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