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 on: Today at 03:53:19 AM 
Started by W6GX - Last post by K3NRX
I really hope the magenetic fields quiet down before this weekend......I haven't been able to hear squat!.....


 on: Today at 03:43:15 AM 
Started by KS2G - Last post by ZENKI
A bipartisan decision would  disqualify all operators from submitting logs if they operated from the disputed area, thats it. I am not taking sides here on who is right or wrong.
Sometimes its better just to leave politics out of amateur radio.

If CQ magazine wants to be start making moral judgement they would not accept  entrants from many countries that abuse human rights and  breach many international laws.

They have really opened a can of worms with this decision.

 on: Today at 03:39:43 AM 
Started by K9IUQ - Last post by ZENKI
If the WRTC committee made the decision to use any one brand of radio, the outcome would have seen a similar spread of winners and losers irrespective of the radio brand or model.

Look at the  multi multi contest results for any one contest.  Take the super contest stations of K3LR, W3LPL, KC1XX, NQ4I etc etc If the rig made such a obvious difference they would all be using Icom IC7800's like K3LR. The winner is not dominated by 1 super contest station using  1 model of radio all the time in all contests that would make you conclude  that radio played such a pivotal role. This is especially so when you consider that almost all are using equally potent antennas and locations

The IC7800 and IC7700 has a very good ergonomic interface that  even  when someone who has not used this radio they could sit down and figure the radio out. The same could not be said for the K3. You have very little chance of using a K3 as effectively as a Icom 7800 if you have not used a K3 before hand. A K3 would drive a first time user nuts.  In my opinion the K3  has the worst ergonomics of any radio.  The IC7800 has the best ergonomic layout for a radio that integrates a display. The organization of the controls and knobs has been well thought out.  I believe manufacturers are heading in the wrong direction with the ergonomics of their new radios. Icom has a winning recipe that is  very appealing to many operators. When you consider how good the specifications of the K3 is and how it seems to just lack  appeal  at  attracting elite operators you can only surmise that its the ergonomics that is the biggest driver for contest rig selection.

The FT1000 series of radios have similar appeal today, despite their vintage and horrible problems like Keyclicks and other receiver problems they still a fairly popular mainstay radio in contest circles. Its surprising how popular the FT1000D, TS930S and TS850S is despite their less than spectacular receiver performance. What this tells you is that the   good ergonomics  of these radios are far more important. Many a  CW OP has commented that modern radios turn a weak CW pileup into a mush and radios like the TS930S beat many of the top rated contest radios. Having a radio  that is not fatiguing of ones ears can go a long way to making a good contest radio.

Its amazing sometimes after playing with  SDR's, K3's and other top end radios to turn on a TenTec Corsai, Omni 6, TS930S and many other older analog radios and be blown out of your chair. There is just something about the sound of analog radio that leaves modern radios for dead. Its not about ultimate dynamic range specifications. It could be group, delay and distortion in filters, Audio inband RX IMD, AGC or whatever it is, the difference is very noticeable. Even some DC receivers have a very non fatiguing sound that  make them a delight to use on CW. The Icom 7800 and  very non fatiguing sound to it. So whatever it is about analog radios  they do have appeal that some operators do not want to part with the technology despite not having the best receiver dynamic range specifications.

The Icom 7800 has good ergonomics thats really  what has made the Icom such a popular choice. Besides the Icom has good enough receiver performance for any  contest operator so who really cares about a fantasy set of receiver numbers who potential can not be used especially when the competition offers such a lousy none ergonomic interface, poor TX  IMD and a receiver that is full of birdies and RX IMD? If the Icom 7800 had a calibrated S-meter, No ALC compression splatter, ultra linear PA and a AGC that does not cause snap crackle and pop or  a audio hole when the band is not noisy or filled with fence clicks, I would buy one. The IC7900 may be this radio...

 on: Today at 03:35:19 AM 
Started by ON4CKM - Last post by ON4CKM
I'm investigating the possibilities to make a telescopic mast go up and down with a motor. The mast is only 2 x 6 meter long, so not too heavy.

The problem is that the electrical winches I find, run on 12V and need between 70 and 120 amps! That requires a heavy power supply. Everything that runs on 220V (mains) are electric hoists, not winches. I was wondering if such a hoist could be mounted up side down as the cable would have to run up on the outside of the mast and than go over a wheel back down again inside the mast. Also not sure if a hoist is suited to be used outside in the cold and the rain.

All experiences and advice are welcome.


 on: Today at 03:29:52 AM 
Started by KN0MMV - Last post by K0RS
Can't afford one.  Wrecked the family minivan Friday night.

Now see there?  There's part of the problem.  DXers don't drive mininvans.  SSB DXers tend to favor Corvettes.  CW DXers usually drive AMGs with a minimum of 600hp.  DXers on the honor roll may well have an Italian exotic or two tucked away in the garage.  You can't succeed in a pileup with an inferiority complex.

The answer is religion.  Or rather enlightenment.  Read the scriptures: and heed the lessons contained therein.

Those who seek answers amidst the rabble of the cluster shall be sorely disappointed, but for those that tune carefully, all shall be revealed.

Remain on 27 mHz until assigned a callsign that can be found in the most holy databases of the FCC.

One must understand the Tao of DX.  P5 comes when it is least expected.

 on: Today at 03:12:32 AM 
Started by K1PJR - Last post by K1PJR
Yes there were 4spots on Funcluster. Tnx so much.
I'll contact one of the ops to see if they have any info.


 on: Today at 03:10:42 AM 
Started by W6GX - Last post by BA4TB
I'd like to work more states in the contest for my WAS totals.
I'll be in the contest anyway as Multi-Single HP using my call sign,hope the conditions help.

Dale BA4TB

 on: Today at 03:06:18 AM 
Started by W0BTU - Last post by ZENKI
It does however work if you wide awake and alert and just let the CW run in the background.  Practicing  CW while you think you not practicing CW does help you to relax and just causally copy CW in your head. Any CW listening  does help while alert does help develop your speed.

I do have a secret tape I can you for  a 100 dollars. It will make you  a billionaire while you sleep.

You dont become a billionaire laying in bed, neither do you become  a CW HS OP while sleeping!

 on: Today at 02:38:52 AM 
Started by AK0B - Last post by VK3YE
Some people had problems with its sensitivity. 

From memory the antenna was applied at a point that was almost a dead short to ground (very low impedance).

Look up AA7EE

 on: Today at 02:23:14 AM 
Started by VA3GUY - Last post by K2DC
It was down yesterday, but no problems here now.  22-Oct-14 0922Z


Don, K2DC

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