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 on: Yesterday at 03:58:38 PM 
Started by WK2Y - Last post by W6GX
A tree = critters that like to chew.  Check to see if the wire is still vertical before you transmit.

Jonathan W6GX

 on: Yesterday at 03:49:00 PM 
Started by W4TL - Last post by KD0REQ
well, one thing you COULD do is call the housing inspector... "Hey, all of these newfangled circuit breakers they tell me I gotta have are conking out all the time, and the electrician can't find anything wrong.  landlord says there ain't no problems.  he's not trying to run the heat or watch the TV.  how bout you send somebody over and make him make the power work?"

start running the inspectors ragged, things will start to happen.

 on: Yesterday at 03:48:56 PM 
Started by K9QR - Last post by WA3SKN
I would go with rg8x instead of the rg174, as it is more robust.  If you ever want to go multiband ladder line is the way to go.  You can get away without the balun on 20 meters and below, but I would plan to use one above 20 meters.  And to make it even lighter, try twinlead.  It does not take ice well, but is very lightweight.
There are small QRP tuners available and you can make your own... cheap too!


 on: Yesterday at 03:45:15 PM 
Started by K9QR - Last post by WX7G
Ok here are the results.  The dipole was trimmed to resonance then the ladder line was trimmed for impedance.  It ended up with fiddling with the antenna length to fine tune it but it works and was tested as an inverted V with the apex at 30'.  Ended up with 34' of ladder line.  No balun...ladder line is attached to radio with a binding post to UHF adapter.

14.150 R=44 X=18 SWR 1.5
14.250 R=47 X=3  SWR 1.0
14.350 R=51 X=7 SWR 1.1

First contact was 10W SSB to central FL from IN, 830 mi and the guy couldn't believe I was running 10W especially with the conditions right now.  Report was a 59.  This was a fun experiment and I learned a lot about balanced feedlines.

That was fast and the results good. Is a balun needed? The 34' ladder line has a common-mode impedance of about 1k ohm at 14.175 MHz there will be little common-mode current (about 1/30 the dipole current). But adding a radio at the end changes things a bit but if it's floating with a battery the CM current will be low enough.

 on: Yesterday at 03:44:34 PM 
Started by KE4JOY - Last post by KD0REQ
that's Admin work.  you and I can't lock, unlock, kill or reanimate threads.  some explanations have been posted now and again, and generally when the Admin responds, it's because of deterioration of the human nature through postings... Wink

 on: Yesterday at 03:41:40 PM 
Started by WK2Y - Last post by N8CBX
Actually some verticals are nothing more than a 43 ft length of wire. 
That is very true, even the military fiberglass whip verticals have just a thin wire inside.
(If you have a 43+ foot high tree, the way to go is an inverted-V dipole, in my mind)

 on: Yesterday at 03:37:48 PM 
Started by KB1IRC - Last post by KB1IRC
I'm getting ready to perform the bonding exercise and have been able to find only zinc coated steel lock washers (combination interior/exterior tooth as recommended).  Is it o.k. to use zinc washers and screws rather than stainless?

How does one remove the driver's side rocker panel wiring chase cover?  Does it just pop off or are special tools/technique required?

I am using a Breedlove high voltage stake pocket mount to attach the whip antenna - it fits nicely under the edge of the fiberglass truck cap.  Any suggestions for physically mounting the coupler near the left rear stake pocket and properly grounding it electrically to the antenna mount and truck bed?

I bought some 50KV silicone insulated 10 gauge stranded wire for the HF connection to antenna.  If I ensure it doesn't get compressed, is it o.k. to route the wire from the coupler inside the truck bed, under the truck cap using the gap between the cap and bed rail, and then over to the "hot" screw on the antenna mount?

 on: Yesterday at 03:33:56 PM 
Started by KB6HRT - Last post by N8CBX
80/40 trap dipole. You can homebrew the traps with PVC pipe and RG-58

73 de Jim, N2EY
trapped dipole design based on the Buxton (W8NX) article in QST (July '92).
I made them myself.
What is hard is making the 40' masts.

 on: Yesterday at 03:33:49 PM 
Started by GM4PLM - Last post by NU1O
I must agree!  LoTW has been a Godsend from the day it started!  I remember waiting months to years for a QSL...  Yesterday I worked 4S7, and yesterday I got a confirm from that 4S7...  If it takes a day, or two oh well...  LoTW is so much faster than the old card method, (but I do miss the paper), it is silly to carp about it being slow for a few days, for Gods sake-- we are not launching a space shuttle, it's a QSL card, and in the past it used to take months to get, now it takes hours...  I see no problem, other than I want it now, not in a few hours being the issue...

As a few of our foreign friends said, if they don't like it, they don't have to use it...  It would be nice if they did, but it is their choice.

Our foreign friends are the reason many of us in the USA use LoTW.  I have 290 countries confirmed via LoTW and I only had to bring 50 cards to my card checker so if LoTW was mainly being used for domestic verifications it would lose its appeal.

I don't think this current backlog was caused by the WAE contest.  I'm pretty sure LoTW was slowing down days, or perhaps a week before the contest.

They simply need to fix the problem and pronto.  LoTW is generating plenty of cash.


Chris  NU1O

 on: Yesterday at 03:32:26 PM 
Started by KB0OXD - Last post by KB0OXD
Just registered for this month's HamNation Grand Prize from ICOM, which is the ICOM D31A HT (Also registered for this week's upcoming prize since last week's has undoubtedly been sent to the winner )

Among the many features this radio has is a GPS RXer. Given this, I ask that since APRS is FAR more prevelent & mainstream in Ham Radio, would this radio be good for APRS as well as the D-Star equivelant DPRS or just DPRS ??

I wanna land this radio somehow Cheesy

Cheers & 73 Cheesy

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