Will Yaesu add D-star?


Richard Haskins:
I heard some scuttlebutt that Yaesu was going to get on the D-Star bandwagon, can anyone confirm this?  I've searched around but could not really substantiate this.

Thanks in advance!

Mark Filla:
Being that Motorola now has a vested interest in Yaesu and practicially owns the company, you may not see any interest in D*.

If anyone comes out with it next I would bet it would be Kenwood.

Greg Dean:
From conversations with Yeasue and Kenwood personnel at Dayton yesterday, D-Star is not well liked by the Yeasu folks.  Most likely they will go with P25.

Kenwood and ICOM have each a 5% interest in each other.  ICOM is working with Kenwood on D-Star.  Kenwood does have a D-Star unit for the Japanese market.

Last night I went to a Presentation on D-Star.
It was mentioned someone modified a Ft-897 for D-Star.

Would anyone know of a link for this?  Did a little
searching and found nothing.




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